Jan. 27th, 2010

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Happymaking List of Win.

#1. OMG OMG OMG. I renewed my account for another year and just found out I got five userpic spaces! I totally forgot about the bonus userpics, this is so awesome! Just in time for me to express my love for my new fandom, too! *giddybounces*

#2. Ha, I think I've come across a term that near-accurately describes my taste in ships: Foe Yay. *gigglesnort*
Foe Yay implies that there are certain sexual emotions that have been sublimated by the characters, in this case, two nemeses. The idea being that because of their defined roles, the two characters must fight, but would subconsciously rather be doing something else that starts with an "F".
Okay, so that's more applicable to anime and comic books where the hero/villain battle it out for ten million seasons, but it does address my OTPs' initial interactions very well- I do adore shipping two people that seem to absolutely loathe each other at first. :D Every single ship of mine has started off snapping and snarling at each other before ultimately deciding they do kinda have a thing for one another.

Just a brief snapshot )

#3. Saw Up in the Air the other day.

It was supposed to be just the adult women, but I guess mother took pity on me and let me tag along with her, Ma and my aunt. Aren't I special? *preens*

My thoughts )

#4. Sense and Sensibility. Pretty decent movie, though I admit I'd never pay attention to it were it not for Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon. I always thought his relationship with Marianne got shortchanged- one minute, she's mooning over the dastardly Willoughby, the next she's with Brandon. Imagine my delight at stumbling across Colonel Brandon’s Diary by Amanda Grange.

I have to say, my first reaction was ‘who is the dude on the cover and why is it not Alan Rickman?!’

Because I am utterly lacking in bias when it comes to my choice of cover model, lol.

'To your sister I wish all imaginable happiness; to Willoughby that he may endeavour to deserve her...' )

#5. How do you disable author alerts on ff.net? I think I should, before I get into more trouble. *facepalm*

Apart from the annoyance of getting messages for fics you're not interested in, there's the threat of being taken over by a new fandom if one isn't careful- and I am so weak that way. I kept getting random emails about some author posting Labyrinth fics- I deleted each one, but the name imprinted on my brain, and now and then I'd wonder what the big deal was about this Sarah and Jareth [it was his name that caught my eye, since it reminded me of Pretender's Jarod] and why the hell that author wasn't writing for the fandom I put them on alert for, right?

The other day, I wiki'd it, figured 'oh, teenage girl takes on Goblin King in epic fantasy quest to save her brother from his evil clutches'. Hmm, it has potential, why not? I was intrigued, since it's so rare for fantasy movies to be made these days starring girls, let alone letting them be the sole protagonist instead of sharing the limelight with an undeserving, less capable and immature guy. *coughHARRYPOTTERcough*

And now...I am hopelessly enchanted. I haven't seen the movie yet, but dear god, the fanfic is incredible. I am so in love!

'Everything that you wanted, I have done. You asked that the child be taken; I took him. You cowered before me; I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you!' )

But yes, I fully realize that my ships have officially become creepy. woodchoc_magnum and I were talking a while back about 'appropriate age-differences'; she was for them, I was...how do I put it so that I don't sound like a perverted sicko? Um...more open-minded, shall we say?

And on the bright side, doesn't this make Hermione/Snape look more normal in comparison? :P No? I'm just twisted, end of story? Righty then...

30 Day Meme: snurched from labrt2004.

Day 03 → Your favourite television programme

I'm gonna go with Castle. I love having a show-approved ship, instead of fighting against TPTB, it's such a relief when they agree that my couple is meant to be. I would have said Mentalist just a few months ago, but I love that the whole team gets to shine here, with Beckett actually cracking cases along with Castle instead of standing back and admiring his genius the way Lisbon's forced to, plus as mother says, 'There's a lot more blatant UST'. *g* I love it when my mother talks like a fangirl!


This was the first Labyrinth vid I saw, and convinced me that I definitely needed to join in the fandom. It's so very well constructed, especially considering the limited amount of material to work with, and it's so full of emotion and thrills and excitement, I love it!


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