Dec. 15th, 2020

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Marguerite: A gentleman’s duty is to believe what a lady tells him.

Roxton: Don’t let the title fool you. I’m as far from being a gentleman as you are from being a lady.


On the 8th of January, I began my insidious campaign to lure [ profile] odakota_rose  down the rabbit hole into the Abyss of Brain-Eating Addiction that is The Lost World. I swamped her with LOTR-epic-length comments extolling its virtues [and excusing its faults under the rationalization commonly known as 'it's part of its charm'], links to youtube clips featuring the awesomeness that is the above ship, made pointed comments in memes#1 and #2 [mentioning no names was pretty obvious, lol] and getting her to watch a music vid, knowing that Lenka would be a strong temptation to ditch this caution about not wanting to lose grip on reality by losing oneself to fandom obsession.

On the 20th of Febuary, my campaign was won. Now, my dear, since I love random fandom comments, and anything vaguely related to TLW is never unwelcome [perish the thought! Now!], I thought I'd try out a sticky post for randomness. Part of this is so you feel welcome and not worried about spamminess. So you know, feel free to just incoherently babble or analytically ponder or flat out FLAIL here any time. But of course, being devious, this is also out of my own self-interests. I like the idea of a TLW page where I can bolster myself on the peppiness and squee of ep discussion, lol. *g* >:D


*randomness be here* )


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