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Date: 2010-03-24 04:59 am (UTC)
Your sister has good taste! Why do all my flisters have cool-sounding siblings, it makes me jealous!

Okay, let me be honest, the movie by itself isn't anything special- the plot's pretty shaky, but as a sci-fi fan used to wacky out-there concepts, it sits all right with me. The Screamers irritate the hell out of me, and they look pretty stupid, but that's as bad as it gets.

Dakota is super awesome, I love that girl, and her interactions with Chris...seriously, she acts mature beyond her years, it ain't just a cliche. The thing with this ship is that it hits my 'older dude acts all protective and caring of young but feisty and independent chick' kink, it's just so sweet and adorable and I could just stab the writers for giving me this perfect plot with an underage girl. *sighs* Still, there's always future!fic...

The Runaways? I must check that out. I seem to be going through all the movies she's been in, and if you're obsessed with it, I'll probably like it!

Emma is so gorgeous, jesus. I'm jealous of her life :(

IKR? *envies*
But whoa, she's dating? How come that's never in the papers and magazines? I'm impressed that she's somehow avoiding the media. Lol @ your description of the dude. I must find a pic of him. *intends to hit trusty ol' google next*

ZOMG, I'm just d/l it now, very excited! Wtf, though, I heard a bit of discussion, but only bits and pieces, so I'm like- OMG, someone shoots at Beckett? Or she's missing or there's this psycho after her, WHAT? Is this a Criminal Minds crossover? Lol. Can't wait!
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