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Date: 2010-03-24 11:05 pm (UTC)
Hi hi! Hope you got a good night's sleep! *squishes*

Lol, why would I think less of you just for not seeing the HP movies? I only watch for Hermione and Snape, and I hate on everyone else. In fact, whenever I finish watching them, I sit and rant there for hours on end about the stupidity of pretty much the entire cast and plot, so really, it's not a big deal. I'm in the fandom for the fanon, not the canon. Canon is a dirty word, lol.

I think Emma Watson is GORGEOUS!! My middle name is Emma..well 1 of them anyway ;)

She is so stunning, I adore her!
And really, that's your middle name? I'm so envious! I wish I had cool fandom-connected names. *pouts*

Oh, I did get the dvds from you a while back, thanks, bb. They weren't as clear as the first season discs, but they still worked perfectly, so it's all good. ^_^ I feel so ungrateful, I haven't even sent your post-card yet, RL's just a mess but I will send you something special in the mail soon! Promise. *hugs you*

Okay, I was really interested in the movie when it came out and was so disappointed I never got the chance to see it at the cinemas, so seeing the dvd was pretty satisfying. Look, the plot isn't all that special, but as a sci-fi fan, it hooked me in, even as outlandish and somewhat far-fetched as it was at times. Dakota and Chris are great actors and really made me invest in the story, even if it was a little ridiculous at times. Dakota's just such a great actress, I admire her. And Chris is great eye candy, lol!
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