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Date: 2010-04-19 07:13 am (UTC)
Sounds like a good time with your mother. :)

KFC for three days? YUM. I think I'd get sick of it after anymore than that though...

Your nails are not just long, they are enormously long compared the the majority of people! I've often wanted to try and grow mine that long or longer like those freaky people who sit around all day for the records. But it was just impossible to do because I played sports like tennis which you need a tight grip on the racket and at certain points your nail starts to dig into your palm. :/

But when I was off-season it was a bit better. Also I played on the red entou cas courts so when it was wet/windy the grit would stick to the ball and get lodge under my nails. Which felt horrible to play in!

My friend wanted longish claw like nails and liked how I was probably the one in my group to gorw my nails the most usually. Yes, i'd cut them every so often (because they often start breaking as soon as they get to the length I like and they'd look a bit short/stubby but I generally think my fingers look long enough. Plus, no one really looks at my hands in school more my face or what i'm saying or my shool work! ;D

It also gets harder/different to hold/write with pens or pencils at a certain point, and I've realised only recently that I have trouble/dislike it when they are longer and I have to travel on public transport a lot because I oftern have to hold onto the poles/hand rails and typing gets a bit awkward also, so I haven't been having nails the length I used to like getting them to. *pouts*

BTW where are the answers to my questions of the marry/shag/cliff meme? :P
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