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Date: 2010-04-21 01:23 am (UTC)
I'm totally on the same page with you now, when you say how good it is to see a professional. It's just such a relief, and it's easier for me to talk to her in some ways because I know that it's her job and that she's there for me to unburden myself to, y'know? As lovely as you all are, and as much as I've leaned on you in the past, it's good not to feel guilty about being so emo and wibbling about things, because hey, that's what she gets paid to deal with!

OMG, I'm still not sure whether there WAS a rodent or not! The funny thing is, when I went to Netty's the next day, there was a dead rat/mouse [?] on her front porch and I was like, 'Hey, did Emmy travel up to Ma's place to kill it and bring it back as a prize?!' LOL.

my cat catches them....she's totally useful that way.

I need to keep a list of which flisters have a cat. I can't remember if I knew you had one or not...I went through this huge cat-loving phase; I had pictures, calendars, t-shirts and everything except the real deal. *sighs wistfully* Maybe one day, when I'm older and have my own place...

Lol, sorry for stirring up your cravings! I was so ecstatic! I had a whole bunch of eps on my laptop: Castle, LotS, and then watching Fringe on Foxtel with Ma so that was awesome. TV + junk food = HEAVEN!

I'm turning...22 this year. *flails* I'm so ooold! :P I'm just getting used to saying I'm 21 and remembering that and then I'll have to change...I always seem to near my birthday when I've finally gotten the hang of my age. *eyeroll*

I love your love of fandom, I really really do.

:D *hugglesquish*
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