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Date: 2010-04-22 04:39 am (UTC)
Hee, my arteries must hate me. Oh, well, may as well enjoy it while I'm young. When I develop heart disease and other ailments I'll regret it then. Cross my bridges when I get to them and all that. [My doc last year did warn me my cholesterol was getting worrisome and to watch my diet...oops?]

OMG, I'm going to miss Sonya when I'm finished- I only get six government-funded sessions, and I'm too much of a cheapskate to pay my own way [$150!] so that'll be the end for us. *wibbles* Look at me, borrowing trouble, I've still got four to go. *looks on the bright side*

But- but- I like my nails long! *determinedly grows them* :P That clacking sound on keyboards, I like it. This is why I liked Katherine's ex-boyfriend, Chris, he was the first and only person to be kinda awestruck by the nails and how cool they sounded on the keyboard.

*joins in kicking the author* The first novel was brilliant, I rec'd it to mother and she's halfway through it now. I can't bring myself to ruin it for her, but...I'll just be like, 'Oh, we should wait for the library to get it' and then hope she'll forget it over time.

What I thought was neat was how:


*totally agrees on the marry/shag/cliff picks*

Bwahaha. Much as I love Snape, I'm totally not the right type of personality to deal with him. *sads* I'm better off as a helplessly devoted fangirl!
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