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Date: 2010-04-22 04:51 am (UTC)
Indeed. It's been an easy ride so far, I'm rather unnerved by how well we're getting along.

KFC for FOUR days. I had leftovers on Monday. :P I don't think I could ever get sick of it. A little weary at the lack of variety, perhaps, but I'd always welcome it! Me turning down junk food is the standard my family uses to judge how ill I am- if I say no to KFC or McD's, they know that means I really am feeling crappy!

Your nails are not just long, they are enormously long compared the the majority of people!

*bats eyelashes modestly* Why, thank you, thank you! :P
I don't care that a lot of people turn their noses up at them and say I need to cut them. [Tends to be adults, though not always- random Safeway check out chicks compliment me, lol] I like them long, and it helps that I don't play sports. Good for you that you play, but OUCH, I'm wincing at the idea of tearing a nail in the middle of a game. *shudders* Another reason for me to avoid sport, lol.

Also I played on the red entou cas courts so when it was wet/windy the grit would stick to the ball and get lodge under my nails. Which felt horrible to play in!

Jeez, you really are dedicated! I mean, I knew you had a thing for tennis, what with all the entries on your journal, but wrecking your nails over it? YOU GO TOO FAR. ;P

, no one really looks at my hands in school more my face or what i'm saying or my shool work! ;

Are you still in high school? I'm just curious, 'coz people at uni tend to say uni rather than school, so... *quirks eyebrow*

But yeah, you're right, people don't look at random places, they look at your face or what you're doing, right? I try to convince my cousin that nobody looks at her thighs- she's model thin but isn't happy with her body 'coz of her thighs, and like, I would kill for her waist and really, that's what girls look at, in my experience, so it's just GRR, BE HAPPY, DAMN IT. *shakes head*

Like the fridge magnet says: Please, god, if you cant' make me thin, make my friends fat. Lol.

It also gets harder/different to hold/write with pens or pencils at a certain point,

Yah, you're right about that, but luckily, I don't tend to write very often! Or if I do, I just scrawl messily. I'd be hopeless sitting an exam these days, my examiners would have NO clue what I was writing!

The main issue I face is turning on lights. That's how I've broken nails, pressing down on switches, ugh. My poor nails.

Oh, your meme! Well, I'm doing it in the next one- I had Hermione in one of my options here, so I thought I'd save it for later. *squishes* I ain't forgotten! but thanks for the link, I hadn't saved it to my file of Things to LJ About, so that's in there now.
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