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I know I have a bunch of Hermione and/or Snape fans on my flist, so I’m going to appeal for some help. If you have any links to some pretty wallpapers, can you share them with me? I’d like to get a t-shirt printed for each of them, since they’re such a massive part of my life and I’d like to wear my heart on my sleeve, so to speak. :P [Yes, I know I butchered that metaphor, just go with it]



Please keep in mind that these are going to be worn in public, so you know. Keep it PG. :P

Also, while I have your attention, if you have any ideas for something character-appropriate that I could use in place of the ‘post a comment/X-number comments’, let me know. I suck at that. It took me months to come up with TLW-relevant phrases, and I’m so stuck with HP.

This shouldn't disappoint me so much but it does- Rachelle Lefevre is dumped from Twilight, so that Bryce Dallas Howard can take over the role of Victoria in Eclipse. One of the best scenes in New Moon was with Rachelle, running through the woods to Hearing Damage [epic song!] and pwning the werewolves. She was just kickass as Victoria, and I hate to see her leave. I think it’s supremely sucky that BDH turned down the role initially because it wasn’t big enough for her, apparently, but now that the franchise is so huge and the role is expanded in the third book, now it’s good enough for her. Poor Rachelle. *squishes her*

I was surprised and pleased at this short one-line review to an old ST:V fic I wrote years ago.
This story makes me love Seven even more ^-^

How shocking! When I think back to my Voyager days, I mainly recall hating Seven’s guts. Heck, I actually wrote a parody fic killing her off just to get it off my chest! So the review made me decide to re-read my own fic. *winces*

I so wanted to be able to claim I wrote it around, like, 13, as an excuse for any suckitude, but I was actually 17 and that’s less excusable. Still, re-reading it wasn’t as horrible as I had feared. It was- decent, I’ll give myself some credit. Not entirely in character, but I didn’t butcher them. I kinda- liked it. How unexpected…

Oh, I miss the days when I wrote prolific amounts of fic. I mean, a 5000 one-shot, that’s just unbelievable, I’m way too lazy to write half that these days! 

Doctor Who:

'k, so, was anyone other than me a little squicked out at the creepy guy in kid’s bedroom? I know, I know, it's THE DOCTOR, he's the good guy, he won't bring harm to anyone, especially not little girls, but still...I'm picturing kids watching this and thinking it's cool when really...still kind of creepy to my cynical, jaded eyes.
And what was with that cheesy pick-up line?
Doctor: What do you think?
Amy: What?
Doctor: Other planets, want to check some out? 

Okay, maybe that's petty of me and I'm not  giving him a fair go, but a few clunky lines like that just made me shake my head.

Also, did she have to be marrying another man, I know she and Eleven probably weren’t going to end up together but I love shipping and it ruins the fantasy romance aspect of it all for her to be marrying someone else- she waited for him for fourteen years and then she’s got other commitments, really?

That was my main issue with the new Doctor/companion, the fact that they’re so cute together and it would take so little to nudge me over the edge into becoming a shipper but I can’t stand infidelity, and emotional infidelity still counts, so this bothers me.

The other main problem was the ramped up grossness factor. Seriously, who’s running this show, ten year old boys? First the regurgitating of food as the Doctor tested his taste buds in the pilot, then him and Amy being covered in vomit…BLEURGH. That really ruined that huge emotional moment for me. I know we were supposed to be overcome with sentimentality and all misty-eyed at their heartwarming hug, but all I could think was…’She’s covered in vomit…she must smell absolutely TERRIBLE…and he’s burying his nose in her shoulder, just inhaling all the gross vomit fumes…’ *iz queasy*

I thought they banged on about the ‘old, kind and the last of his kind’ part ad nauseum, it was overkill, really. I got it the first time, it’d’ve been more poignant and evocative if they’d considered the possibility of an audience that wasn’t 90% ADD and just left it at that instead of repeating it so many times that it lost impact.

But the underlying message was still rather lovely, that after everything was said and done, the space whale chose to save them and preserve them. If I was that whale, I’d’ve hurled them into the nearest sun for torturing me for three centuries. But doesn’t that just speak volumes about mankind? Someone comes at the hour of our greatest need and instead of considering ethics or morality, the response is to capture it and inflict unceasing pain upon it, when the poor thing came to do us a good turn. Ugh. 

After watching The Red Box, during which my appreciation for The Mentalist took yet another beating, with the introduction of the ghastly Madeline Hightower [honestly, what a high school mean girl she is, she's not so much a character as a caricature conjured up to inject some unnecessary tension and conflict into the plot but resoundingly fails to enhance the show in any way at all], I yearningly thought back to the magnificient Agent Shaw of Castle's epic two-parter, Tick Tick Tick and Boom.

Jordan Picspam: Part One.

Jordan doesn't show up just to put down Beckett and stomp her into the ground and make her feel persecuted in her own workplace. She actually has a job to do and tension arises from her habit of ordering people around to do her bidding without stopping to confer with Beckett. Obviously, as Beckett is the star of the show, we're going to share her unease about this briskly confident new agent who waltzes in and seizes control.

But I adore her because of her sense of humor, the way she seamlessly fits into the team with a delightful snarky presence and doesn't overdo the aggressive arrogance but tempers it with hints of respect and concern towards Beckett. She manages to be the boss in charge without being a bitch. Yes, she'll make unilateral decisions, but you don't get the sense that she's doing it to be petty, there are reasonable motives behind her actions and Beckett acknowledges as much. The two women may disagree professionally, but there is a warmth and camaraderie that develops between them as they work together, and it's just so lovely to have a show that bucks the trend of women constantly backstabbing each other to get ahead when I see the way they join forces to form a kick-ass team of infinite awesome.

Jordan: Rope off a ten foot circumference around the carousel. Sweep for prints and trace evidence. Close off the park entrance at 6. Work up the entire foot path.

Jordan: Nikki Heat, I presume.
Beckett: It’s Beckett, Detective Kate Beckett.

Jordan: Yeah, read all about you in Cosmo.

Jordan: And you must be the celebrity writer tagalong, Richard Castle. Special Agent Jordan Shaw.
Castle: Jordan Shaw? The same Jordan Shaw that broke the Hudson Valley Strangler case back in 1991.

Jordan: I also play a mean game of Scrabble.

Beckett: There’s a print here and it’s too large to be our victim’s- let’s get it to the lab for- what are you doing?

Jordan: That print is already at the lab and being processed. No muss, no fuss, no black powder on your clothes.

Castle: Wow, there’s an app for that?
Jordan: That’s why I joined the FBI, Mr Castle, for the toys.

Jordan: I’m really eager to see that body.

Hee. Not sure why but her delivery of that line just makes me giggle. She's attempted to view the body twice but gotten held up with establishing dominance and then the fingerprint 'breakthrough', but just...'eager to see the body'. Sounds funny the way she says it! *g*

Beckett: Wow, sounds like it does your job for you.

Jordan: A machine can collate, it can’t think. Takes a mind to hunt a mind.

She is amused by Castle.

Avery: In the end when the killer is revealed, it turns out it’s actually-
Castle: Oh-ohhh-oh. Spoiler alert.

Jordan: In deference to Mr Castle’s artistic sensitivity, you can all read the book to find out the identity of the killer.

Castle: Thank you. And if you want me to autograph those for you, just form a single file line right- here. Or not.

Jordan: What is he doing?
Beckett: He, uh- touches things.

Castle: Night vision goggles. I think I have the newer model, though. maybe in my third book, Nikki Heat will cross swords with a good-looking yet cold-heart FBI profiler.

Castle: Call it Federal Heat. Or maybe not.

Jordan: So how long have you two been sleeping together?

Beckett: I’m- we’re not sleeping together. He just observes me.
Jordan: Yeah, I’ve seen how he observes you.
Castle: No, she’s right. Aside from my second wife, this is the most sexless relationship I’ve ever been in.

Jordan: I’ve been profiling people for a long time, I’m hardly ever wrong.
Beckett: Well, this time you are. Wrong.

Jordan: So if you’re not sleeping together, then why do you keep him around?
Castle: You know I can- hear you?

Beckett: He’s actually proven to be surprisingly helpful.

Jordan: Huh. I’ll take your word on that. Put the taser down.

See, I’m helping.

Yeah. Buy you an ice-cream later.

Avery: Lab results came back on that bandage- tested positive for formaldehyde, methanol and [insert chemical here].

Jordan and Castle: Embalming fluid.

Castle: Our killer works at a mortuary.
Beckett; Or he could be a hospital employee or a janitor at a morgue.

Jordan: No, Castle’s theory is more likely. Bring up all the mortuaries in the city.
Castle: Can you cross-reference mortuary experience with criminal records?

Jordan: Our job finder groups are ex-cons…
Castle: Yes.

Jordan: I see what you mean about him being helpful.

Poor Beckett, left out of the brainstorming process while Shaw and Castle chat it up! Did you notice that she actually patted him on the chest? I didn't think she actually touched him, but she totally feels him up! Lol.


Jordan: ...If he stole [the car] tonight, he might not have had time to switch the plates. We put out an APB.
Beckett: I’ll get my guys to get a roster of all the people who had monthlies on this floor.

Jordan: My people are already on it and I got way more people than you do.

Jordan: Your captain has a unit on your apartment, go home and get some rest.
Beckett: That’s not necess-
Jordan: No argument. You’re no good to me if you’re burned out.

Okay, so yes, a little harsh, but again, I didn't feel like she was out to get Beckett, I think she legitimately felt that it was better to regroup and that she'd be better off at home instead of getting all frustrated over this psycho that's messing with her mind.

Jordan: Now we know why he took the body.
Beckett: I know where you live. This was a threat.

Jordan: More than that. He’s saying he’s disappointed in you. In his mind, he gave you fair warning that he was going to kill again. If you were smarter, you’d’ve been able to stop him. He’s saying this was is on you.

Jordan: I’m profiling him, detective, not agreeing with him.

Jordan: The guy’s a freakin’ nutbar. Don’t let him get to you.

Aww! So sweet, I love the way she's reassuring Beckett here. She can see that her words made Beckett feel guilty and she just cracks a joke and tells her to lighten up, it's not her fault. Jordan's sorta...maternal here, I love it. Sort of a mentor role, I am so squeeful over that dynamic! And look at those smiles, d'aww!

Jordan: Why don’t you two escort the body to the morgue and let me know what you find?

Jordan: Once you’re- dressed, of course.

*gigglesnort* Castle's all, 'You hate me just a little, don't you?' Oh, Beckett will never hear the end of this!'

Jordan: Okay, sweetie, okay, mommy’s gotta go arrest somebody. I’ll be home for dinner. All right, I love you.

Beckett: You’re a mom?
Jordan: Yeah. And you can holster your gun, you’re both staying here.
Love that switch from warm mommy to hard-as-nails agent. She's softened and smiling, then all of a sudden, SNAP, back to business as usual, and the other two are so thrown by it!

Castle: Wha- no- come on, this is the final takedown. You can’t let her do this to us.
Beckett: No, Agent Shaw’s right. I’m his target. I can’t compromise your team by walking in his line of fire.

Jordan: We’ll take him down, it’ll still be your collar.
This is awesome. Yes, she swooped in and assumed control- though only on orders herself- but she's still willing to play ball and allow Beckett in on it. She's not gonna take all the credit, she's letting Beckett know that she'll have a role to play, even if she's benched for the moment. So cool of her.

Jordan: I just wouldn’t have pegged this guy as suicidal. I guess once we found him, it was the only way he could control the situation.

Beckett: Well, at least Conrad saved us the trouble of a trial.
And the best news is, I’m outta your hair.
Thankfully for us, this isn't the last we'll see of Jordan! More to come! *twirls gleefully*




Snurched from sunny_serenity:

1. Harry Potter [what? That’s a series, isn’t it? Hush]
2. Legend of the Seeker
3. Criminal Minds
4. Castle
5. Leverage

1. Which is your favorite series from your list? And why?

Because so far, it’s been bloody damn near perfect. Hasn’t set a foot wrong once.

It has wonderful shippy banter, hilarious team dynamics- Ryan and Esposito are so funny and while they may not be the center of the show, they excel at their portion of it- and ridiculously improbable but entertaining cases.

Castle may be a womanizer, but he’s amazingly sweet and caring. He doesn’t use and abuse women, yes, he enjoys them but he is also good to the main females in his life- he’s a supportive son who lets his mother live with him when she’s in need, he’s an affectionate and invested father who is there for his daughter 100% and he would do anything for Beckett, from getting her coffee and fixing her father’s watch for the sentimental value to loaning her $100, 000.

And Beckett! She's thrown into a partnership with her favorite author and manages not to give into rampant fangirliness, the strenght of her willpower is phenomenal! She's able to wisecrack with the best of them and put him in his place, but not do it as the strident ball-busting uber!feminist that irritates me, but a strong, capable woman who can accept help when she needs it and isn't afraid to let him in past her defenses and to go for those sentimental moments when it's called for. A wonderful cop, a decent human being and a stunningly gorgeous woman. Wow!

2. If you were to pair two characters from 1 and 4, who would they be?
Not in a shippy sense, but I would pair Hermione and Alexis. I’m not sure how to get them in the same country- maybe I could use a fanfiction cliché and make Alexis an American witch who attends Hogwarts on exchange!

But Hermione definitely needs some girlfriends. She’s surrounded by idiot boys all the time- and the only female companionship she has available is from silly girls who only care about boys!

Alexis would be a refreshing change; someone who’s smart and academically accomplished who also knows how to have fun. She’d be willing to hang out at the library with Hermione and do research, actually collaborate on assignments instead of just using Hermione for her book smarts and copying off her, but also determined to drag her out and engage in recreational activities. Hermione’s always either studying or plotting against Voldemort, she needs a happy medium.

3. What is one thing you’d like to change about 3’s plot line?
Emily having an abortion when she was younger. I STILL haven’t watched that ep, I deny its existence in my personal canon.

4. If both main characters of 2 and 5 were falling off a cliff, which one would you save?
Between Richard and Nate…gosh, this is hard, I don’t really care about either of them. I suppose Nate, because then that would leave Cara and Kahlan to carry the show!

But that would make Kahlan really sad, and I can’t take it when she cries…oh, damn it, maybe I’ll save Richard, just to keep her happy. *grumbles* The things I put up with for this woman!

5. Which event was the most horrible for you in 1?
God, honestly, it’s a tie between Snape dying *wibbles* and Hermione/Ron ending up together.

Really, the latter is so sucky that I literally cannot choose character death as the more horrifying event! Doesn’t that speak volumes about my loathing for this pairing? Constant belittling remarks and petty bickering does NOT equate to a happy, fulfilling relationship, damn it! JKR, if you were going to make them a couple, couldn’t you show Ron having the slightest bit of respect and caring for her more than just the help with homework and the study notes she can provide him with?

6. Which is your least favorite character of 2?
Richard, fo shiz. Too bad for me that he’s the main character of the show. *headdesk*

7. If the antagonist of 3 were to rape the main character of 1, what would you do?
Um, whoa. You get points for originality, meme, I have NEVER seen this question before.

CM doesn’t really have a main antagonist, unless you count Strauss, which I do not. I guess a generic UNSUB could fit the bill…some random serial rapist escalating into murder just for kicks…in Scotland…I don’t think the BAU jet gets enough gas for that kind of distance, but maybe there’s a spinoff, CM: Scotland and our team is called in to consult…?

Oh, but the question is what would *I* do, not the protagonists of 3…that’s just a dumb question. I was intrigued by the radical, confronting nature of this question, but now I’m irritated. It makes no sense. What do you mean, what would I do, I have nothing to do with either series, and if I just insert myself into the picture, well, wtf am I supposed to do?

8. What song reminds you of 5?
Oh, tough one. Drawing a blank so far…

9. Of 1, 3, and 5, which is the easiest to think about?
Harry Potter. I think about it all the time.

10. Are the protagonists of 2 and 4 similar?
Richard and Castle? Only in that they share a first name.
Otherwise, hell no. Castle’s way more intelligent and capable than Richard. Yeah, the Seeker might wield a shiny sword, but he’s not much use with it, and he needs to be rescued all the time. Castle has the smarts to solve complex cases that would confuzzle Richard for years, plus the ability to rescue himself and others from dangerous situations. 


Another poem:


‘I will bring you love,’ said the young lover,
‘A glad light to dance in your dark eye.
Pendants I will bring of the white bone,
And gay parrot feathers to deck your hair.’

But she only shook her head.

‘I will put a child in your arms,’ he said.
‘Will be a great headman, great rain-maker.
I will make remembered songs about you
That all tribes in all the wandering camps
Will sing forever.’

But she was not impressed.

‘I will bring you the still moonlight of the lagoon
And steal for you the singing of all the birds;
I will bring down the stars from heaven to you,
And put the bright rainbow into your hand.’

‘No,’ she said, ‘bring me tree-grubs.’

-Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonucal.

LMAO! I love it, the sentimental suitor and the practical, efficient female! Hee...


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