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Date: 2010-05-08 01:24 am (UTC)
I was weak and got me another userpic package
you click on the one that says 140 for an extra seventy or 210 for an extra 140.

I was weak as well! I now have 182 userpics, woohoo! *twirls giddily* And the best part? I don’t have to pay til July! :D

I'll take a little sucky with a side dish of paycheck

*g* Amen to that. The word ‘paycheck’ is key here, lol. Money is one way to my heart. :P I’m a practical gal.

Oh and I forgot.....I love you : )

:O You forgot?

01. I’m always amused when I see the word ‘proletariat’ on your LJ. I’m not sure why. It reminds me of History Revolutions, but that’s not very funny, so yeah, I’m baffled, but still, I find it cute.
02. Teal green. That's what first came to mind. Like, you know when you see ducks floating along on the river and they have this iridescent sheen on some of their feathers, glinting in the sunlight, and it's just so beautiful and mesmerizing? Like that.
03. Hmm, well, it had to do with those CM picspams I did ages ago. I was excited because I didn’t think I was going to have any CM friends and then you came along, and you were the very first! And I’ve managed to keep you ever since, which is unbelievably awesome. *squishes*
04. Okay, this isn’t glamorous, so my apologies, but I think of…a mother hen. Explanation at #6.
05. Why do you use the word ‘proletariat’ so much? It’s not a very common word, as least, not that I’ve seen online, so is it just a cool-looking word that you like using or do you not really think about it and it’s just convenient, or what?
06. I associate warmth and comfort with you, and I feel like your little chicklet sometimes. Like when I’m wibbling about something, big or small, and it’s like you tuck me under your wing and offer kind words and advice and it’s just cosy and everything’s all better.
07. Icon envy! You have all these cool shipper icons made especially for you, and I wish I had talented artsy friends who made me special icons that I could show off and make other people envious over!
08. Challenge you to post this on your journal. Dooo iiiit.
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