Sorry about the delay!

Date: 2010-05-10 04:33 am (UTC)
01. Cluing me in about the a la carte userpics was amazingly cool of you. *squishes* You've made me so happy, letting me know about how to increase the number of shinies on my account. *iz giddy*

02. Grey. See #4 for explanation.

03. Oh, what a lovely first memory- your PM to me when you friended me, mentioning that you were a friend of odakota_rose [I've found a few good friends through her LJ, and now it’s like the cycle’s come full circle, someone found me through her!] and that you ship SSHG. *epic happydance*

I was so giddy with glee, my brain just lit up in a bunch of fireworks and I had to fight the urge to flail around, giggling crazily, I was so happy. Because I don’t have many friends that like the characters [especially Snape, who needs more love! *wuvs him*], let alone ship them, and I usually have to make the first overture, which is nerve-wracking and often fizzles out eventually.

So with you, I was like, ‘Hallelujah! A shipper who just fell into my lap, like a gift from the heavens!’

Like that Ferrero Rocher ad where the chocolate falls to earth and is discovered and cherished by mankind. *iz side-tracked* Mmm, Ferrero…

04. A dolphin. It’s the username, I admit, I’m not so original. I have an image of a dolphin playing tennis, whacking a ball over the net with a flipper or tail or something, lol.

05. Where did you get your username from?

06. That you’re into Vampire Academy. *high-fives* I have people to fangirl shows/actors with, but you’re the only one I get to fangirl over books with!

And that you live in Australia and hopefully *knocks on wood* we’ll get to meet at Armageddon this year!

07. That you’re not planning to get the new VA book anytime soon, or so you said. I need someone to spoil me on it, the reviews online are always so vague and I’m a spoiler whore, I need info, damn it!

08. I challenge you to post this on your journal. Come ooooon!
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