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Date: 2010-05-14 02:30 am (UTC)
How do you repel a guy without being totally rude about it?

Forget that not being rude nonsense, sorry but some guys don't seem to get it unless to tell them to fuck off in the most direct way, and since this guy is of no consequence in your life then you can have the luxury of being direct. Some guys think a nice rejection is just a woman begging them to try harder.

I don't need you to enlighten me on Marxist theory, nor do I want you to read me poetry, you pretentious prat

Does he shave his head and is he sporting a goatie? Those are the worst, unbearable self-obsessed pseudo-intellectuals. You can't take a step around uni without tripping over one of those.

I've never kept much of a division between my LJ and my real life

I'm so paranoid, I have never posted pictures of me on the internet, my mother laughs at me because I no longer allow anyone to take pics of me at family gatherings for fear of seeing them posted on Facebook.

So basically, if I'm going to say something really appalling, I better make damn sure it gets f-locked. None of you would tell on me, would you? :P

Never, but the thing is you never know with technology, there are hackers and just because it's flocked there is no guarantee, it's on the internet and anyone with enough knowledge and with a little effort can have access to everything that has ever been posted on the internet. If you posted it it's already out there and you've lost control of it.

Scared yet? LOL.
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