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Date: 2010-05-16 08:46 am (UTC)
but I didn't grow up in this alcohol culture where kids from like, 14 want to drink and get smashed, and it makes me super uncomfortable and I never have a good time.

I'm from this country and I don't understand it myself. I never, ever had fun drinking at parties, and I don't drink alcohol to this day (and I'm 25 now). Alcohol makes me sad, why would I want to drink it? LOL

I'm going to end up kissing both of them in the last film. Ugh, it's horrible. 


She leads such a hard life, I swear! :P

[Didn't care to sit through season 1]


Season 1 is awesome. *waves proud Season 1 flag*

She's so gorgeous and adorable!

And kinda annoying but she did grow on me towards the end.

And okay reading your comments makes me think you're not that far into Season 2? So maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. :P

So if he dies, considering he's her first boyfriend ever, it's going to make her wish she was dead for real, and it's going to make me wibble and tear my hair out and smash some windows. Just- warn me if it's coming, okay?

He doesn't die. :)

I can see how some fans might consider her to be whiny and annoying, but I find her childish fits to be sympathetic and endearing.


Look, I understand where she's coming from, but I don't watch True Blood for her. I'm all about Sookie (and Eric). Sookie is strong and independent and I love her to pieces. *squishes Sookie*

She totally pwns Sookie. :P


And here's Will who knows what he's getting into, who's aware what a basket case she is, and still wants to be with her. Rather than running from her weirdness, he's committed to helping her work it out. I really like that.

Yes, he redeemed himself to me, as well. Ooh funny story you may (not?) be interested in, I totally saw him in Season 2 of Sex & the City today as a waiter. I lol'd. :D

But this guy, who's willing to be the better man, who will apologize to Rachel and repair the damage he inflicted on her self-esteem without expecting anything in return, who welcomes her new boyfriend and extends an olive branch to him...this is a kid I really like. *squishes him*

I liked that too, even though he's a total snooze. But he's a good guy and I'm still hopeful Rachel will dump the obviously gay guy and hook up with Finn again. I'm probably the only one who thinks he's gay but still. ;-)
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