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Date: 2010-05-20 12:29 am (UTC)
Hee, I'm just not as assertive as I should be. *sighs wistfully* I'm a wuss, damn it.

it's such a violation of privacy for this baby who can't even consent and people from all over the world can already see pics of her since the moment she was born

Hmm, I get your point, that she might be horribly embarrassed about it when she grows up. But if it were me, speaking for my own part here, if the pics were just generic 'baby wrapped up in blanket' kinda pics, I wouldn't mind so much- but if they were awfully humiliating [like, my parents took naked baby pics of me! OMG, WHY?! And also pics of me in my obese phase, I was so overweight, it's disgusting], then I would have a serious problem with that.

But then, baby pics all kinda look the same to me, so it's not anything really identifiable or unique, y'know? People grow up and look totally different, so random strangers aren't going to be able to identify her on the street. *shudders* Now that would be freaky.

I wish I didn't over-analyze things like this, but my brain works like this, cons before pros

It's probably a good thing that more people should do, but I'm just lazy and can't be bothered. Which is silly when I watch Criminal Minds and know all the deviant things that sickos out there are capable of and really, info on personal life should not be aired online, but still... *shrugs* I guess I need for people to know me too badly to be smart about it.
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