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Date: 2010-05-27 02:37 am (UTC)
OMG, LOLZ on the Hotch/Prentiss picspam!!!! It made my evening : )

I really love them and so agree that Bernero gives us bupkis. We've had a few moments in Season 5 but this "friendship" he promised has never materialized. They're lack of contact even in the field is bordering on unbelievable.

They sent the girl the money for her first communion because her father was so excited for it but he couldnt be there and that was sad. I thought Rossi wrote the check because he was the only one who carries his checkbook around....he's old skool like that. Mind you, that's just the reason in my head....I really have no idea. But it sounds right.

Reasons for breaking up canon characters can get out of control. The things CM writers do to poor Will and Kevin flew past ridiculous last season. I lukced out....Haley left Hotch : )

TV brings families together is right. My mother and I stop everything every week to watch Criminal Minds and enjoy some mother-daughter time. I dont think we've ever watched a TV show together. I think most of her stuff is lame and the stuff I watch is usually crime and investigation shows. I got her into NCIS as well but we've only watched one together.
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