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Date: 2010-05-29 12:49 am (UTC)
'k, I'm gonna take this weekend to think up responses to the memes- it takes me a while, but I'll nudge you about them next week, 'kk? *squishes*

Oh, thank goodness WH is coming back so soon! For me, anyway, because the finale just aired on Foxtel last week, so only a month to go, yay!

What a relief, because all my other shows have wrapped up for the season- CM, Mentalist, Castle, LotS...*wibbles over LotS*

See, Sideways!Verse was weird because Kate was there and yet in the 'real world', Jack was dying as she flew to freedom in the plane overhead. So I'm going with the notion that the afterlife is timeless and it's not like the days and months go chronologically there as it does here, because otherwise how could Kate be there as well, right?

So, people had 'alternate' lives in Sideways!verse so that they wouldn't be all lonely and miserable while waiting for their loved ones? It was just weird how great things were, I mean, Sawyer was a cop instead of this guy who killed someone innocent or at least wasn't responslble for whatever Sawyer thought he did, Jack and Juiet were amicably divorced and still friendly with each other [yeah, wtf, they got married in limbo? *snorts*] and so on and so forth.

It was all too perfect to be real- I originally thought it was like an AU where the plane never crashed and somehow that timeline was going to be carried out, but then everything was too happy and shiny to be remotely realistic, lol.

But yeah- the way Jack died was lame. If he hadn't gone like, 'LOOOOOCKE!', he wouldn't have had time to get out his knife and stab Jack with it. Shoulda just charged at him without the warning. [It's like the Sisters of the Dark, they always start screaming and wailing, giving ample warning to our heroes. *eyeroll*]

ALSO, Locke had just beaten him before when he was pinned beneath Jack by reaching to the side and grabbing the knife, so EPIC FAIL for getting beat like that AGAIN.
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