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Date: 2010-05-30 08:45 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it! I felt so lame at laughing at my own jokes, so it's good other people are laughing as well. ^_^ *preens*

Did Bernero promise frendship? I feel doubly cheated! I figured Em and Hotch got forgotten in the midst of all the other craziness- oh, how I weep for the promise of the one or two eps where we saw her picking him up and dropping him at home, being the one to wonder where he was and go check up on him *sighs wistfully*- but if he intended to develop it and then dropped it, I'm just much more disappointed. *pouts* I want it back on the agenda, damn it, writers!

Hee, Rossi's the richest, so I get him throwing around money...it's just that heaps of victims have just as sad or even sadder stories and we never see them getting handouts. I mean- FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS, jeez!

Lol, I hear you about Haley divorcing Hotch- our ship lucked out. The writers at least had the decency to make her agreeable about letting him see Jack, instead of being selfish and a complete tyrant, and she was concerned for him when he got injured...I miss Haley, I kinda liked her, and it annoys me when I see her demonized in fandom. *scowls*

I dont think we've ever watched a TV show together. I think most of her stuff is lame and the stuff I watch is usually crime and investigation shows.

Bwahaha, I've had more luck with my mother- we watch so much together now! CM, Castle, Mentalist on the crime front...then Glee and Australia's Got Talent as etceteras. ^_^ I love mother/daughter tv!bonding time!

And I approve of your icon! So you found out who made it? I must check your profile if I decide to add that one to my collection [although I have no probs saying I don't know whose it is but let me know who to credit when I like a userpic too much not to use it]
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