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Date: 2010-06-01 02:22 am (UTC)
*bites lip* Ohhh, the ep title is dedicated to the Sawyer/Juliet moment? That’s so lovely!

Sorry I couldn't read your mind about that. ;-b

I knoooow…when I’m caught up in deep thinky thoughts, I somehow subconsciously assume that my conversation partner can magically hear my thoughts and follow along telepathically. *facepalm*

Yeah, okay, I’m probably just being bitter and that race thing wasn’t a real issue in hiring her [also, being Indian myself, I won’t get slapped down for making that comment, ahh, freedom!] but I’m still so gutted that Ashley left and we get Kate in to fill her spot. However much the writers spin that it wasn’t a matter of one chick ‘replacing’ the other, that’s how it played out and asking people not to compare them isn’t realistic. Especially when Ash had a way better storyline and slotted into place on the team more effectively than Kate, who was, as you say, just shoved down our throats and we were expected to enjoy it, ugh.

Seriously, the best eps in season two were the ones where I could pretend she didn’t exist [like Will and Magnus getting stranded in the middle of the ocean, win!] and those in which she played a main part, I still haven’t watched. Maybe when I buy the series, I’ll think about it, but no, not now.

imho, Agam isn't that great an actress. Emilie (Ashely) was a better actress. BUT I can't say stuff like that in the fandom cause folks there will have a fit because I'm dissin' on Agam's talent (or lack there of, imho).

It’s crazy how you can’t state your honest opinion in fandom without people going psycho and wanting to send hate mail and threatening you. *eyeroll* I mean, okay, if someone goes into a pro-Kate forum and bashes her, they get what they deserve, but to be unable to offer an opinion about the actor and how it affects our enjoyment of the show is just silly.

FWIW, I’m in complete agreement- she can’t act worth a damn. Everything’s so over-stated and exaggerated and…she’s like someone out of Gossip Girl. If she were on that show, I wouldn’t mind, but on a show where everyone else is a 10 on the acting scale and she scrapes by on a…4, if I’m being charitable…blech.

*sniffles and resolves to watch M/R eps this weekend*
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