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Date: 2010-06-01 02:50 am (UTC)
Oh, lol, that article...I rememeber it sparking the whole lesbian debate. *eyeroll* Can't we just say every charcter is bi til proven otherwise and let people ship in peace without having to get all worked up about it? Honestly, he totally did that just for the fandom reaction, there was no point to that comment otherwise.

Hayley turned into a shrew, and that was the fault of lazy writing, they decided to have some tumultuous changes in Hotch's life and that was best served through a divorce, so her characterization got shafted. I liked the glimpses we saw of her in season 1, that Pirates of Penzance thing was so cute! Pirate!Hotch! :D And even when she was being shrill and unreasonable and I hated her for Hotch's sake, I still got where she was coming from. I mean, okay, if it were ME, I'd never leave a man like him, but I get her being fed up with it.

Was she actually involved with someone else? I forgot that, if I ever knew it, did Hayley actually say she had another man or something? Not cool. >:[

Lol, oh, STRAUSS. She's evil! I don't get her hating on Hotch, it's so OTT and unnecessary! But she is interesting, and I like the respect they show each other, even if she is trying to get him fired and all. I mean, didn't she back down at the end, she could've gone for the throat but it seemed like she just threw in the towel instead of pressing her advantage and getting rid of him for good. FINALLY. If she didn't have it in for him, I'd like her better.

Ohh, I like your musings on the characters' lifestyles. I forgot Emily was supposed to be well-off, because she doesn't flaunt it the way Rossi does. I thought his wealth was from his books, but your point about the area where he was raised is interesting, so he was already comfortably situated even before he became a best-seller.

Rambling is good, it's fun! *squishes* ^_^
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