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Date: 2010-06-01 03:26 am (UTC)
Someone calls the house, Hotch picks up the phone, they hang up and then Haley's cell phone rings and she leaves the house....that's Infidelity 101 on TV. As far as I'm concerned they closed the door on her for me when they painted her that way. Again, bad writing, maybe, but I was done after that.

I actually love Strauss. I dont quite get why she was so intent on getting rid of Hotch and Gideon, she can be a ball buster without being hellbent on taking their jobs, what they love to do. But its really my own fault I fell in love with Strauss, writing her in an AU. So I feel the need to defend her all the time but canon Strauss is kinda shrewish, a bit one-dimensional, and could stand some better material. I still love her, and Jayne Atkinson to boot.

Shippers can be insane, even me sometimes. I dont think Ed knows who he's dealing with, he should not be rattling the cages of the asylum. I love to write all kinds of things, explore, have fun, try crazy secondary and tertiary ships, live in long AUs, ship Gideon....its fun for me. But for some people it is so serious and that's it. Emily's gay dammit! Emily's straight dammit and if she's gay i wont watch anymore! Its insane. Not only does it make me roll my eyes but I just wonder how it can be any fun for anyone who could be so rigid in their interpretation of anything. I know we reflect ourselves in the character so often so sure you want to see your favorite as you see yourself but the harshing of other's squee is kinda where I draw the line. Its why I dont play in the big bad sandbox most of the time.....there are too many people pissing in it.
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