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Happymaking list of win.

My shiny new SSHG icons!

Made for me by kf_creations of dreams_of_fancy...

...and absolutelybatty of reflexive_verb.

*squishes them gleefully*

Kathryn’s sent me two chapters of The Professor’s Discretion to beta in as many weeks, and I just received yet another this week. *twirls giddily* I do so love a prolific writer! And it's seriously like she's climbed inside my head to figure out what themes and types of exchanges I love the most in this fandom and promptly tailored the whole fic just to make me squeeful.

Like, at the moment, it's not very shippy, it's a mentor/student kind of relationship and I so adore that dynamic. Of course I want it to end on a shippy note, but I hate fics that have Hermione and Snape inexplicably fall for each other within the first thousand words. She's 60,000 words in and it's still on a student/professor basis, with little moments here and there that make me flail like a crazy fangirl and my heart exploding with joy, but it's not inappropriate or tacky or anything. Just...brilliant. *sighs with pleasure*

My unhealthy yet oh-so-satisfying diet.

Last weekend, mother buys me what is my most favorite coupon ever- too bad it only comes out once in a blue moon- the meal has ten pieces of original recipe chicken, ten Wicked Wings and two large packets of chips. OM NOM NOM.

[By the way, my aunt and grandmother had some of it, I didn't gobble it all!]

So obviously there was enough for leftovers til Sunday, right?

But then Ma worries I might not be full enough on the half-dozen or so chicken pieces left, so she gets my aunt to drive her to pick up a McChicken meal [burger, fries and drink].

And after that, she’s still concerned I might get peckish around midnight, perhaps, so she heats up half a pizza as well. *facepalm*

No wonder I can’t lose weight when I have so much junk food on hand! But I’m not complaining, I have the rest of my life to deal with health issues, for now, eating junk makes me feel good and that’s all I care about. It was an awesome weekend- we had our junk with Dollhouse and Fringe and Castle! Great food, plus great tv, ahhh, heaven! :D


I strolled into Jay Jays to kill some time while waiting for the bus…half an hour later, my bus was long gone and I was still trying on different tops. ^_^ It’s been a while since I’ve gotten excited over shopping, there’s been slim pickings here but I really liked the look of the cardi selection. Originally $40, they were on sale at $25- and they’re all exactly what I was looking for, it was just perfect for me! So I walked out of there with three brand new cardigans just in time for winter. ^_^

I was wrestling with myself whether or not to buy the third top, so I got the shop girl to talk me into it.

‘Oh, these two prints are basically the same,’ I moaned, giving her the cue to persuade me to make the purchase.

‘Well, one’s cropped, so they’re kind of different…’ she tells me.

‘So I’m definitely taking that one, but the other…’ I angst.

‘I own that one, and it feels so nice,’ she says encouragingly.

‘I know, right? I was just stroking it, and the material is so soft! All right, I’m taking it, put it through before I change my mind!’
And as she totals up my purchases, she reassures me, ‘You know, it’s winter soon, so this is a good investment.’

Exactly my excuse. :D

I don’t know if this is weird of me or not, but I have a habit of buying more things when the cashier is friendly. I guess because if they’re chatty and helpful, I feel more inclined to spend my money, especially if I’ve been pestering them; I feek guilty for wasting their time- even though I know they’re paid to do it!- and I want to make them feel like it was worth it, y’know? I'm sure they feel like their time was well-spent if I buy something from them, give them a sense of accomplishment and all. Call me a humanitarian. :P


My father and I spent over two hours in each other's company yesterday , engaging in pleasant conversation and companiable speculation. :O It's unheard of! And what was responsible for this miracle? The series finale of Lost!

We haven't watched it in years, but since it was the 'last ever' ep, we decided to tune in, and the experience was quite- enjoyable, bizarrely. Obviously the moral of the story is that tv can bring together even people that are usually mutually antagonistic, and if I want to- *gasp*- enjoy my father's company, we just need to sit in front of the tv together. *nodnod* Too bad this was a once-in-a-lifetime event...

[Btw, if anyone can explain that mindfrak of a finale, I'd appreciate it- I still don't get what the hell was going on! Muke was like, 'We're still no wiser now than we were five years ago,' lol!]

Sucktastic list of fail.

I was supposed to hang out with a friend last Friday but that fell through. I knew I shouldn’t get my hopes up and yet I fall for it every time. I keep thinking I actually matter to someone and then I’m proven wrong. Obviously it’s not worth having friends in real life, it’s just one blow after another to my self-esteem. ;_; I tell myself I'm an awesome person and it's their loss if they don't recognize it, but then why is it always happening to me? Why am I always the one it's so easy to forget about and leave behind? *throws a pity party*

Safeway stole $5 from me! The first time I use my card on their self-serve machine and it bloody rips me off! *scowls* Mother and Ma have offered me money to make up for it, but it’s not the same. *pouts* It’s not that I don’t want their money [perish the thought!] but that it doesn’t make up for Safeway ripping me off. >:[

Nothing happened with that job interview. *sighs* It’s been ages, so I think they went with someone else. I’m telling myself it's a relief, but I'm kinda disappointed. There goes another chance to be the responsible, productive adult I know is hiding somewhere deep inside, oh well.

I only have one session left with Sonya. *sadface* I was really enjoying these past sessions and I’m going to miss her. >_<

Though she joked, ‘You could get a job and then come back and see me.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, having the job would probably cause the stress that would make me need to see you!’

She’s been so lovely, it’ll be sad after my last session. *pouts* But $150 an hour? Pfft. So not happening on my dime.

Only I am lame enough to get hostile with an old lady. Okay, technically, there was no overt display of hostility except for the daggers I shot from my eyes, but she had it coming. >:[ 
I like to think I’m generally a very respectful, courteous person- I say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, I hold doors open for people, I defer to the elderly…basically, you’d be proud of my manners, if I was your kid.
But on this occasion, the bus stops right in front of me, right? So instead of side-stepping into a pillar or backing into the crowd, I figure that I’ll just hop onto the bus first. Apparently that didn’t suit her at all, because the old cow actually tries to shoulder me aside, wtf?

So now I’m mad, and in no mood to reward her bad behavior, and I get on the bus regardless, because I will not give in to ill-tempered grannies, damn it! I move to scan the myki card and she then grabs my elbow and tries to push me to the side again!

At this point, I really want to elbow her in the gut, but being the non-confrontational wuss that I am, I simply take pleasure in the fact that my card was empty and I had to take up some more time paying the driver to load more credit onto it and then scanning my card again while she waited impatiently behind me. >:D Body-block, mwahaha, wait your turn, you nasty old biddy!
Passive- aggressive? Yes. Satisfying? Oh, very! 


As with any non-canon couple that faces the obstacle of a canon pairing, a lot of Snape/Hermione fics have to deal with the R/Hr issue. I've seen so many reasons for their  breakup- he falls in love with someone else, he cheats on her, he's threatened by her ambitions, she's fed up with him living off her without pulling his own weight, etc. etc.

The most unrealistic I've come across is the wife-beater!Ron stereotype, wtf? I don't like this kid, but if one of the two was going to be physically abusive, it'd be the chick that sent a flock of magical canaries to peck the living crap out of him and left him with wounds for weeks afterwards, right?

But the best resolution I've ever seen to their so-called 'relationship', without demonizing or vilifying either character, allowing them to remain friends afterwards, is from a fic called Arachne. It's also the funniest and most in character...!

I decided to become an Animagus, which didn’t really surprise anyone who knew about it. You know that I’ve always been outstanding at Transfiguration, and it challenged me. Minerva agreed to tutor me, and after a short time of intense training, I succeeded.

To the amusement of Minerva, and the utter shock and horror of Ron Weasley, my Animagus form had turned out to be a giant tarantula. I found that a spider could be quite useful, but Ron couldn't get over his disgust and revulsion. This had, eventually, caused our break-up. Whenever I had wanted to kiss Ron, he had flinched, apologised emphatically, but still seemed unable to suppress his reaction. I felt that a relationship under these circumstances wasn't possible, and had initiated the break-up. Ron seemed relieved, and we have remained friends.

Bwahaha! Epic! As much as I don't like this pairing, I really can't stand it when shippers go Ron!bashing and make it all bitter and ugly [even if that is actually in character] because I just want everyone to be friends, instead of ruining years' of history. So having the break-up due to her Animagus form...hee! :D

CM 5 x 15.

Heartwarming scene of aww and confusion.

Mother and I were a little taken aback at Rossi giving a kid $500 out of the blue. I mean, we know he's given to extravagant gestures, such as buying the house for the three kids whose parents were hacked to death, but he had a personal stake in that case- their screams haunted his nightmares, he worked that case with them...but I don't think he even met Sophia here, so why is she special? Was it a case of 'sorry we asked your mother to attract the attention of a serial killer, thus placing your life at risk' but Hallmark didn't have cards to cover that ,so they went with the Communion excuse?

Anyway, upon rewatching it frame-by-frame, I realized that the rest of the team signed the card.

I spent ages trying to make my short-sighted eyes decipher those scrawls...what do you think?

Top left: David Rossi
Bottom left: Derek Morgan [although I don't know why there's a middle letter that's so tall]
Top right: Penelope Garcia?
Middle right: Jennifer Jareau
Bottom right: Emily Prentiss? I'm basing that on the giant 'E', not the rest of it...

Then again, maybe they're just meaningless squiggles and I really need to stop analyzing everything. *shrugs*

But still, even if the card was from the team, the cheque was from Rossi personally. Weird.


I call it the Hotch!gasm. :P

Emily: *gazes wistfully* Oh, that  strong manly profile, that determined jaw and intense, brooding eyes...

Emily:  *fantasizes*...those thin sensual lips...oh god, I just want to yank that tie off and tear open his shirt, scattering buttons everywhere for dramatic effect, and then...

Hotch: So, I was having relevant, intellectual, insightful thoughts about this investigation and if you would care to offer an opinion regarding- er, Prentiss? Hello?

Hotch: Oh- I recognize that look. Damn it, woman, we are on duty! Try to remain professional. *shakes head* You think you'd be immune to my overwhelming sex appeal after all this time working together!

Hotch: Honestly, I can't help it if women react this way to me. I'm not even trying to be sexy, it just happens naturally...

Hotch: You know this is getting embarrassing, right? Rossi's watching, which is just uncomfortable on so many levels.

Emily: *explicit thoughts that cannot be repeated here*

'So, we're just going to act like this never happened. Nothing to see here, folks...Everyone, admire the pretty fusion shot!'

:P What? Canon gives me so little, don't blame me for blowing this out of proportion! ^_~



From weird_fin.

Resistance Is Futile.
~Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
~I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
~Update your journal with the answers to the questions.

1. Favourite animal?
I adore cats. I went through a mad obsessive phase when I was younger- had cat calendars, t-shirts, stationary and the like. Got over it, but I still love them.

2. Name a dessert that you DON'T like.
Crème brulee. It makes me feel sick. *shudders*

3. How did you get into fanfiction reading?
You know, it was so long ago, I’m not even sure. It’s probably a boring story.

I think the first fics I ever read were for Mulder/Scully. I read all the library’s copies of X-files books, and then I probably went googling X-files and came across a fanfic site that I entered out of curiosity- I think I used to haunt fredfarm or some such site for MSR fics.

4. Name a favourite author from the past two years that you've read from
OOH, tough one!

Published author- Ilona Andrews.
Fanfiction writer- TwelveYearsinAzkaban aka Kathryn. *adores*

5. If you could meet anyone 'famous' that has been dead for over 3 years who would it be and why?
A dead famous person? I don’t know any dead stars I’d really like to see. It's a good question, but I'm drawing a blank. The first person that came to mind was Kevin Smith, the dude who played Ares in Xena. I had a huge crush on him as a kid, I'll go with that. ;D

Of course, my attraction to him was purely intellectual. :P


TV Meme.

Day 03 - Your favourite new show (aired this TV season)
10 Things I Hate About You. A really good show about teens. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it's hilarious. Too bad it's cancelled. *pouts*

Snurched from vorquellyn.
Leave me a comment saying, 'Live long and prosper,' and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal.

Awesome alternative credits for Dollhouse by scifi_tv_addict.

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Date: 2010-05-27 02:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry, you lost me at Kevin Smith *is fanning self*

Also? *wiggles eyebrows* You're cute. Like, seriously, cute.

*wistful sigh* All my friends are so pretty... I feel either really lucky or really insignificant.

I can't decide *teasing, tongue-in-cheek moment*

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Date: 2010-05-30 08:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehe, it's okay, I took more than a few moments ogling that man myself... ^_^

Aw! Aren't you sweet. *squishes* Thank you, bb, I felt like the hugest dork taking those pictures and actually posting them, lol, but now I feel it was totally worth it. *preens*

Hee, okay, now you're going too far, I love you for boosting my self-esteem like that but I never see what other people see, y'know? Must be a 'beauty in the eye of the beholder' thing. *shrugs* My cousins got the pretty genes in the family, seriously, I feel totally inferior to them. *sighs*

You're lucky, you're definitely lucky. I'll join your harem any day. ;P


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