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 Disclaimer: I have seen none of the season four episodes, nor the final few season three episodes, so most of my knowledge is gleaned from picking through other people’s journals and forum posts.

Also? This is nitpicking in the extreme. I will squee for ship's sake over the tiniest of gestures, a hand on the back, a shared glance...but I will mentally squish the witers for failing to elaborate on important developments in A/R.

I read this wonderful fic ‘Only Stars’ by ‘misscam’, and there was one line there that summed up the main reason I stick by BSG:
‘Love doesn't come without hurt, never has. It just offers an incentive to work through it…’
Truer words were never spoken. So whenever I whinge about how overly sensitive I am and how brutal BSG is on my tender heart, I think about that line and it makes me realize it’s worth it in the end, because of A/R. All I want is for the writers to respect it a little more. They’re not afraid to extract every last drop of angst and pain from it, but they need that whole ‘light-and-shade’ thing going on, you know? 

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Why was I in despair over the summer viewing? With Bones and Shark, I am set, ships locked and loady and ready to explode!

The first time I've tried to insert a vid, so here goes- just a little taste of what I love about Shark, and an example of how it mimicks the House/Cuddy dynamics.

Oh, dear god, I could die from giddiness. Season 2 of Shark is absolutely amazing.

And I have a comparison between the Stark/Jess dynamics and House/Cuddy below. Because these relationships are quite similar and that's the main reason I fell for this show in the first place. You can't beat quick wit and flirty banter! House introduced me to it, now Stark is continuing in that fine tradition.

Spoilers )

Totally d/l the rest of season 2! They will provide my Huddy fix until new eps are available. *sighs blissfully*

Life is good.
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'kay, I was just looking up Bones on and OMG, Brennan in a Wonder Woman outfit? *dies laughing* I need to see this! SOON! Why won't that stupid site let me save photos, damn it?!

And 'The Girl with the Curl' was just the awesomest.

And the previews for next week? Are killing me. I ADORE eps where the couple goes undercover as a 'couple' and they have to convince people of their couple-dom! *flails*

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I’m confused.
House tonight was awesome as always, but the Huddy-ness is all over the map.
 PS. What did the hot tubs have to do with anything?

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 "I had to find you,
Tell you I need you,
Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets,
And ask me your questions,
Aww let’s go back to the start..."

-Coldplay, 'The Scientist'

Random thoughts as I rewatch Rising:


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