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Just for laughs:

On JKR’s annoyingly unbelievable dialogue with people developing a penchant for announcing themselves thusly, ‘It is I, Character X’, gehayi composed the following poem:

Snape turned to them and said, 'Yes. Snape: it is I! I, am Snape! Snape I am!' )

I came across an intriguing convo while reading the DH sporkings on deadlyhollows . Instead of being a plain ol' dumbass, could Harry simply be mentally challenged, through no fault of his own? How did I never consider this before? Check out the following medical explanation for all the idiocy and logic-fail of the Boy-Who-Lived-through-no-Merit-of-his-own.

Obviously, the Avada Kedavra that hit Harry in the head when he was a baby caused severe brain damage.  )


And to be totally random:
Erotic Baked Goods. Click it! You know you want to... >;P


Opinions in Brief:



Code Red )




Season 6 overview )



Season 4 finale )


Vampire Diaries.


Bloodlines )



Check out my pretty new bookmark!


I'm reading a few fantasy novels atm, and since they're 'serious books with plotty content and some literary merit', rather than my usual trashy romances, I went in search of an appropriate bookmark, and I am so giddy to have found Hermione! It was so cool- this was the last one of the shelf, I lucked out! And lol, there was only ONE Hermione left, but like, 10-15 each of Ron and Harry still sitting there. Guess we know who's more popular!

The rest of the range can be viewed here. I'm more than a little miffed that they have frakking UMBRIDGE, and like, SHACKLEBOLT who is pretty much irrelevant in the big picture, but not Snape! Gah! *sulks* I want a Snape bookmark, damn it.

But still. *strokes pretty Hermione bookmark* Whee! ^_^

If I could be anyone in the whole wide world, I would so want to be Emma Watson. Not only is she funny, gorgeous and talented, but look at this:

“Two Harry Potter stars were the highest paid actors last year, according to a Top 40 list in Vanity Fair magazine’s latest edition. Emma Watson topped the list of actresses for 2009 with earnings of about $35 million for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, parts I and II. She was placed 14th overall behind film producers and directors, and beat older and more experienced actresses including Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Heigl.

Her co-star Daniel Radcliffe was the highest paid actor for 2009, at No. 6 on the male list, with earnings of about $47 million.”

HOT DAMN. Life must be pretty awesome when you're Emma Watson. *sighs wistfully*

This calls for a picspam!

Check out the pretty! )


New ship:

*clings to luxuria_oceanus* I know you’ll be the only one to understand me- but I’ve managed to find yet another oh-so-wrong-but-so-damn-compelling ship…

...from Push, Nick/Cassie.
I feel like such a pervert...*wibbles* I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME. The age difference is not the issue so much as that she’s a kid. But jeez, I defy anyone to watch the movie and come away without feeling that Nick and Cassie have more chemistry than him and Kira.

[Btw, to anyone who’s watched it- how much is Kira’s power like Kahlan’s Confessor powers? Except Kira is stronger and can take over heaps of people at a time without much effort. She also have more fine-tuned control over them; Kahlan will tell a Confessed to do what she says, but I haven't seen her literally control their movements like a machine the way Kira does *iz in awe*]

This wonderful essay by profshallowness delves into my brain and explains everything neatly and concisely and kinda makes me feel less scummy about the whole thing. Especially this:

"Its the dynamic where the girl is special (different to her peers, perhaps even aged by her experiences) and worms her way into an older gruff protector-type's affections, with lots of extreme danger being lobbed at them."

That is so my type- is it my fault that the writers decided to replicate that dynamic between an inappropriate pair of characters? NO. *nods and runs*


Anyway, the vidder of the following had this to say: Oh the sickness of this ship, it kills me. But they're awesome.’ *snickersnort*

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I was catching up on some recent and not-so-recent eps of my various favorite shows and was a little surprised and taken aback that they all shared the same theme.

The Week of Suicides

Random thoughts:



*Simple Explanation* )


Lie To Me

*Depraved Heart* )


The Closer

*Cherry Bomb* )


Thanks to the lovely [personal profile] odakota_rose  , I have figured out how to save a clip from youtube. I tried which worked a couple times for me in the past, then crapped up and refused to play nice again. But now we have: [If y'all knew about this already, don't rub it in my face, 'k? I'm not a very modern kinda person *facepalm*] I was dying to have that clip of Marguerite shooting Roxton in case it got deleted, and now I have a copy of the file that I can glee over to my heart's content whenever I damn well please. *dances* Ecstatic doesn't begin to cover it. ^_^

Vid spam.


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 Snurched from...[ profile] fangirl1981 , methinks.

1. List your top ten favorite hot fictional characters.
2. Answer all the questions listed.
3. Make a post!
4. Whoever comments has to do the meme! Spreading the fun all around!

My Characters:
1. Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)

2. Elizabeth Weir (Stargate: Atlantis)

3. Marguerite Krux (The Lost World)

4. Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

5. John Sheppard (Stargate: Atlantis)

6. John Roxton (The Lost World)

7. Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds)

8. Gregory House (House)

9. Lisa Cuddy (House)

10. Vala Mal Doran (Stargate SG-1)

*'Shame it took a power-mad homicidal maniac to bring out the best in you...'* )

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Just watched House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart.
I’m probably the last person on the planet to see this, but I’ll spoiler tag it anyway.
I thought I was prepared, and you know, though it doesn’t feel like it, I did cope better knowing than I would’ve not knowing because it hurts so much now I can’t imagine how I would’ve reacted being blindsided by it. 

On my mind

May. 22nd, 2008 02:50 am
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1. Channel Ten is pissing me off. They were advertising a new House ep all week, the one where he's stalking his favorite actor- and KIDNAPS him, wtf?! I was looking forward to seeing him be a fanboy and all cute and obsessed...then suddenly they pull the shiny new ep and replace it with two frakking REPEATS. 

Apparently the reasoning is that the other channels were airing sports and old movies whereas next week, the new seasons of Criminal Minds and Cold Case begin so they wanted to hold back the House ep to air when there was worthy competition. I know that the industry is all about winning in the ratings and making a profit, but this is so disrespectful to the audience. They're not even pretending to care about us anymore. 

2. And Australia's Next Top Model is disgraceful. 

Alamela gets bullied- what was aired was bad enough, but she and Bel both said in later interviews that it was so much worse than what was shown. The girls taunt her for being 'different', they throw water bombs at her and put condoms in her bed and spicy crap in her cereal. I know Top Model contestants tend to cry at the drop of a hat, but Alamela is a composed elegant person, she's very refined and restrained, not all giggly and hyper like the other girls- making her lose control is a big thing

The judges yell at them- but none of the culprits are sent home because they all took pretty pictures. Lesson here is- if you look good, the rules don't apply to you.

The following week, in the 'previously on' flashbacks, the voice-over goes 'Alamela spat the dummy'. OMFG. The insinuation is that she was overreacting, that she was being childish, having a hissy fit over nothing serious when in reality, she was having a perfectly natural breakdown in reaction to the constant harassment by the other girls! I hate that they're trying to reconstruct history to make this controversy go away by painting it as something of little importance that was blown out of proportion, just because all the negative publicity hurts their show. Talk about making her a victim twice. That makes me sick- the girls behaved appallingly, but they're shallow and immature, and even if it's not an excuse, I can understand that. I don't, however, accept TPTB trying to act like nothing bad happened and subtly pinning it all on Alamela.

Then Jodhi turns up in her 'I'm not a judge, I'm your sister, I'm your best friend' guise and tells the girls that since they had a rough week, she was going to spoil them because they deserved a treat. *headdesk* YES, teach the bullying bitches that viciously ganging up on one girl and doing their best to break her will be REWARDED. Care packages from home. Pfft. Usually I'm all 'aww, how sweet- let's wait and see who starts snivelling first' but I was fuming that she acted like THEY'D been traumatized by some tragedy that cruel life had visited upon them, rather than the reality that most of the girls had behaved in a disgusting and unjustifiable manner.

I have the feeling the judges booted Alamela because her presence would continue to fan the flames of controversy. Sure, she sucked at the challenge, but so did others- and she pulled off great shots in the previous challenges. It's such a set-up.

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The library download gods have smiled upon me today, I have been blessed...I managed to get my greedy clutches on HOUSE, season 4, ep 10! *wriggles with glee* Usually it's so damn slow and I can only get half an ep in the hour I'm allowed but today, I got the whole thing and HEEEE, I am HIIIIGGGH with glee... *takes a deep breath*

Now that the oxygen has returned to my brain, I can focus.

Thanks, Sapph, for mentioning that the new ep was out, I never would've gone to check for updates to the ep links and then I wouldn't have my brand spanking new download! Okay, it may be Cuddy-lite, but I can still celebrate the return of House and the hope that next ep, there will be more of her. 

And to think I was just sulking over the lack of Bones tonight. Ha, I make my own entertainment, you crappy tv stations!

I am so blissfully happy right now. XP
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I’m confused.
House tonight was awesome as always, but the Huddy-ness is all over the map.
 PS. What did the hot tubs have to do with anything?


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