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Title: Always Worth It
Fandom: The Mentalist
Characters: Jane, Lisbon
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor, friendship
Spoilers: Very very vague hint of a reference to 2 x 05, Black Gold and Red Blood
Summary: "Jane is perennially the magician, armed with his bottomless bag of tricks; every day of his life is a show, with the world his stage." Lisbon watches Jane amuse himself, as she puzzles out the intricacies of their relationship. Jello oneshot.
I wrote this fic all in one go on Sunday- I've read over it carefully but forgive me any silly errors or typos, would you?
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Mentalist or its wonderful characters.

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I know I've dropped out of sight for the past three weeks, and believe me, it's hurt me terribly. I miss you guys so much just over the weekends when I can't get online, so you can imagine the withdrawal pain of a few weeks away from 'home'.

The inter-trimester break flew by so quick [I hate the new 'trimester' system, it feels like I'm talking about a pregnancy, 'Oh, I'm in my second trimester right now', it's like, wtf?!] and was punctuated by recurring attacks of the dreaded cold. It's as though the universe loves to slap down on my happy, like, it's too much for me to just enjoy my holidays, I've gotta struggle through exams and then come down with the cold that just won't quit. I'm still battling the lingering effects, ugh. I got to enjoy a few days at Ma's house, got sick, moved house, got sick again [or the cold worsened, I'm not sure if it was the same one or not] and then stayed with Katherine and Jacob...

And now uni has resumed, and you'll be seeing a lot more of me. Don't be surprised if you get replies to comments from last month, 'k? I'd hate for you to think I didn't appreciate your input. ;P [Shush, luxuria_oceanus, it's perfectly okay not to be one of those accomplished 'reply within three days' people- three days, three weeks, to-may-to, to-mah-to...]

Apropos of nothing...I love that Jane has a picture of Lisbon on his phone under his list of contacts. And the expression on her face is just priceless.

Can't you see him waving his phone around, 'Come on, Lisbon, smile for the camera' and she just gives him this long-suffering stare and that's the picture he uses, lol. Someone needs to fic this, it's such a cute scene in my head, lol. [Also, for the last time, this proves it's TERESA, without the 'h', kthxbai]

Snurched from luxuria_oceanus.
'If I were a character in any fandom, who would you ship me with?'

Really. Please? I'd live in my fandoms if I could, so I'm curious what your thoughts are!

Frakking AWESOME vid. *hypnotic eyes* Watch iiiit. @.@

It splices the scenes between Buffy and Twilight so well- apart from differences in the lighting, which can't really be helped, you'd honestly think they were filmed like together this! The scripting is tight and entertaining and the plot, omg, the plot rocks hardcore! If Bella had half of Buffy's spirit, the series would've been so much better. 'Being stalked isn't really a big turn on for girls.'  *high fives* Now there is relatively stable and well-adjusted!

I spent the weekend debating the worst points of the Twilight series with Jacob- who actually read all the books, even though he kept going, 'I hate Bella. Dump her, dump her! She's so annoying, she needs to die!' and yet he kept trucking through, lmao. Such perserverence. Btw, this was the friend that regifted me his copy of Twilight because he hated it so much and needed to justify spending that money by handing it over to me as a birthday present. *eyeroll* Thoughtful, no?
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Jello fanvid

Title: When I See You Smile
Artist: Bic Runga
Fandom: The Mentalist
Pairing: Jane/Lisbon

I can't believe how productive I've been! A fic last weekend, now a vid? Well, more of a vidlet, it's less than 2 minutes, very short and sweet. ^_^
Troubling visual metaphor alert.

This scene is made of cute but the sight of a smiley face superimposed over Jane's face [topped by a RED hat, no less] creeps me out, since I just read a dark!fic in which it turns out that Jane's Red John and he proceeds to rape and kill Lisbon. Yikes! Nightmare-inducing, much? *shudders* Gah.

Speaking of suspecting beloved team members, I blame darkeyedwolf for the fact that this expression on Van Pelt has me twitching uncomfortably, all RED JOHN ALERT. She's so sweet and innocent, but damn if her creepy smirk doesn't have me considering the Grace=Red John theory. Taking paranoia too far? Perhaps. But it's compelling stuff. :P 
Okay, what is the deal with these cast photos? I call it FALSE ADVERTISING.

Lisbon and Emily never wear skirts during the show! Okay, there was that ONE time when Rossi first appeared and Emily dressed up to look her best and impress this FBI legend, lol, but other than that, never. *pouts*

I know, I know, it would impede Lisbon's ability to tackle and bring down suspects twice her size, but that consideration doesn't seem to bother Van Pelt. :P Not since Mary McDonnell have I so obsessed over a pair of legs. *sighs* Oh, second season stylists, grace us with a Lisbon-skirt episode?
I know a lot of people can't stand, with good reason. There are gems, but it's hard wading through all the mind-numbing, soul-crushing piles of utter crap. To save you the trouble, here are some of my favorites.

Mentalist fic recs )

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Title: The Strangest of Inventions
Fandom: The Mentalist
Pairing: Jane/Lisbon
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, friendship
Spoilers: specific references to Bloodshot, Carnelian, Inc. and Red John’s Footsteps
Summary: future!fic. A late night conversation takes a surprising turn to cover some sensitive, emotional ground. Jello undertones, because I love UST.
Warning: I wrote this over the long weekend. Yes, that merits a warning, it's not uber-polished, but with exams [starting in an hour! *flails*], this is the best I can do.
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Mentalist or its wonderful characters.

A/N: First Mentalist fic, so judge tenderly of me, please. I’d like to encourage low expectations so I can exceed them. ;P Also, I have no practical knowledge of hospitals or medicine in general, if anything seems odd, just go with it, ’mmkay? Thanks. :D


The Strangest of Inventions )
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Guys! God, that three day weekend was torture, I hate being away from LJ, it's my home, damn it, and I missed you all so much. *glomps everyone*

Btw? If you're feeling ignored lately, it's not you, it's me. I'm smack bang in the middle of exam period hell, plus we're getting ready to move out of rental limbo into the first home we've owned in my nearly-21 years of life. Hectic would be an understatement. But be prepared to be spammed with my love once it's settled down, 'k?


So, I only caught like, ten minutes of Sanctuary, but OMG! *spazzes out* Amanda! Brunette! British accent! GUH! I am totally excited.

Random shallow thoughts )


Much love and eternal gratitude to muzzy_olorea for directing me to the pretties. *squishes* I googled in vain, and would’ve never come across this shrine to Robin Tunney and Simon Baker without assistance, so *mwah* ^_^

After endless squee, I collected a few of my favorites for a mini Robin!picspam. [luxuria_oceanus, my fellow gawker of beautiful women, you should appreciate this on that advanced, sophisticated mental level we operate on...*g*] It's...probably not work-friendly. I don't know, it's fairly tame but I probably would make sure your boss isn't lurking behind you anywhere.


Um…so it took me a moment to realize she was probably pointing at the trophy. *coughs* My gaze followed her finger to a totally different destination… :P

Can I just say- HOT DAMN!  )

I’m so used to seeing her as the sensible, practical Lisbon that my eyes about dropped out of my head to see the sexy, sultry side of her. *fans self* My brain's pretty much mush right now. Don't expect anything intelligent out of me for a while. [Do you ever?]



OMG! I never realized this before but- are Lisbon and Jane actually HOLDING HANDS when they make a break for the car as it’s raining?!

Revenge is for fools and madmen )




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