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I AM SAD. :[
You guys know how I crave crackalicious cracky goodness like a drug, right?
[TLW- case in point]

I heard about this supposed Snow White remake with Natalie Portman as a reincarnation of Snow White and seven NINJAS, instead of dwarves, sent to protect her from her Evil Stepmother's schemes.
How insanely awesome sounding is this?
Snow White and NINJAS, yo. Kung fu + fairytale = *insanely bouncy glee*

But whether or not the movie is real, rather than the figment of some lunatic's imagination, Natalie Portman apparently turned down the role. *woes* I love Natalie Portman, she adds class to her projects. [I don't care how badly Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium was savaged by critics, I'm buying it on dvd, shut up] 


Question: What do Teresa Lisbon and Elizabeth Weir have in common?
[Apart from devastatingly handsome male colleagues- with *g* enviable high fashion hairstyles- who charm them into approving all sorts of insane plans?]

The Answer. [*facepalm* I have wayyy too much time on my hands...] )

Bonus pic of Torri:

Sedge wearing a Wraith wig! Hee! )



Meme! snurched from kat_rowe:

"Name your 15 absolute favorite couples [het/slash/canon/fanon] and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms."

'k, some of these I haven't dabbled in for ages but I've absolutely loved all of them at one stage or another, whether for a brief duration or with a never-ending, undying passion.

1. Marguerite Krux/Lord John Roxton [The Lost World]
2. Patrick Jane/Agent Teresa Lisbon [The Mentalist]
3. Prince Arthur Pendragon/Lady Morgana Le Fay [Merlin]
4. Admiral Bill Adama/President Laura Roslin [Battlestar Galactica]
5. Dr Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran [Stargate: SG-1]
6.  Dr Elizabeth Weir/Lt Col John Sheppard [Stargate: Atlantis]
7. Agent Emily Prentiss/Agent Aaron Hotchner [Criminal Minds]
8. Agent Fox Mulder/Agent Dana Scully [X-files]
9. Dr Gillian Foster/Dr Cal Lightman [Lie to Me]
10. Dr Gregory House/Dr Lisa Cuddy [House]
11. Jarod/Miss Parker [The Pretender]
12. Agent John Doggett/Agent Monica Reyes [X-files]
13. Agent Kate Daniels/Curran aka his Furry Arrogance- bwahaha. *gigglefit* Um. Yes, anyway... [the Kate Daniels novels]
14. Captain Kathryn Janeway/Commander Chakotay [Star Trek: Voyager]
15. Nathan Ford /Sophie Devereaux [Leverage]

*side note: word’s auto-correct suggests that Sophie’s last name ought to be spelt…’defraud’. Lmao*



Katy Perry- Hot 'n Cold

This makes me giggle so much. ^_^ If ever a couple gave off mixed signals [what with the kissing in other people's bodies and random 'accidental' groping and then marrying other guys], 'twould be these two.
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*snurched from [ profile] xfirefly9x *

1) Comment and I will give you three people for a fandom you are interested in.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of three people. or skip this if you're too lazy for pictures.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, or throw off a cliff.

She gave me:

-Laura Roslin
-John Sheppard
-Elizabeth Weir

EVIL. What about Baltar? *wibbles* I could easily throw HIM off a cliff...

*my answers* )


The Great Ship Meme


It's ridiculous how much time I spend on these things. But omg, it's so much fun. :D

Clicky clicky, you know you want to see what makes me tick...!


'I will go down with this ship, and I won't put my hands up in surrender...' )


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Following Voyager, I became hooked on SG-1 and Carter. I did care a lot about her but I think it was more because of the whole Sam/Jack relationship. I tend to love a show more and forgive its flaws if there is a ship I can support. But after being jerked around for several seasons, and then the unpleasantness of Carter's move to SGA, which had me [unfairly] hating her for a while, I got a little turned off. Seasons 9 and 10 and the movies rekindled my affection for her, but there's still that little bit of lingering meh-ness.

So for today, a character I've never had any doubts or reservations about loving whole-heartedly.

Elizabeth Weir.

'I'm still trying to understand how you thought it was a good idea to test this device by having someone throw you off a balcony...' )


Real life thing I am happy about...

Netty, who is awesome. A little too responsible and mature at times, making me look bad, but I forgive her for that, lol. I love her so much for accepting the fangirl that I am, instead of making fun of me like so many other people, and being willing to go on the wild journey of addiction to a variety of shows with me. We've done SGA, SG-1, and X-files so far. Working on Criminal Minds, Kyle XY and Gossip Girl right now. And I'm determined to get her into The Lost World, heh.

In addition to being easy to convert into a fan of multiple shows, she's also a great listener and sounding board when I'm upset or needing to vent about something. Of course, she has a boyfriend so I can't monopolize her all the time, sadly, but she does wonders for my morale.

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Summary: Shep and Elizabeth resolve their differences but who wins in the end?
Rating: PG. I couldn't write R if I TRIED. >_<
Disclaimer: If SGA were mine, Sparky would be canon.

A/N: Aaaand in breaking news, OMG, the alien dude at the center of the whole fight between Lizzeh and Shep finally gets a name! Whee! I suck at devising alien names, but it had to be done…

Additional disclaimer: I take my cue from eps such as Duet and Irresistible, which set the mood here- my ship likes to tease each other. Seriously, Shep is occasionally on par with the little boy pulling on the little girl’s pigtails to show his affection. Or at least, that’s how he is in this chapter. -shrugs-


*Elizabeth was working her way back up to exasperation again. He really should stop with this whole confession thing, it only seemed to help him dig an even deeper hole for himself.* )
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Summary: In the midst of their 'discussion', Shep has an epiphany about Elizabeth Weir.
Rating: Fluffishness creeps in. Still nothing trauma-causing.
Disclaimer: If SGA were mine, we'd've had more Sparky focused eps. *nods firmly*

A/N: I’ve been inspired by this quote, “It seems to me that the best relationships- the ones that last- are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is…suddenly the only person you can every imagine yourself with…”


*...what had deluded him into thinking that something like an office could ever be a suitable refuge in her absence? He couldn’t find safety in things anymore, he had found it in her, even though he wasn’t one to put his faith in people, even though he’d learnt the hard way that particular path led to disappointment and pain...* )
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Summary: Elizabeth catches up with Shep, and he can't put off that confrontation he was dreading. Cue drama.
Rating: Still fairly tame and non-childhood-trama-causing.
Disclaimer: If SGA were mine, I wouldn't need fic to make up for the lack of Weir.

A/N: Disclaimer- I decided to go for a Hot Zone mood in these flashbacks. Lizzie and Shep can't be best friends every hour of the day, after all.


*Elizabeth pulled her arm out of his grasp. “John.” She sighed and pressed her lips together like she was trying not to say something she was going to regret...* )
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‘A man’s going round taking names
He decides who to free and who to blame
Everyone won't be treated all the same…’
-Johnny Cash
I just watched this Criminal Minds ep where Morgan and Reid are in the unsub’s room, and Reid says, ‘His clothes are all black’, then the camera pans over to Morgan eyeing this poster that looks startlingly familiar and I can almost but not quite place it, though it makes me think of guitars and skateboards, then he goes, ‘Yeah, just like Johnny Cash’ and I explode because HEE, SHEP REFERENCE. Well, not quite, but the two are synonymous in my head now. 

I love this pic. No idea where I got it from, but if there are more, please guide me...
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Summary: Elizabeth catches up with Shep. Drama ensues.
Rating: Still fairly tame and non-childhood-trama-causing.
Disclaimer: I wouldn't be close to a mental breakdown if SGA were under my control and thus, Torri were still full-time.

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A/N: I posted this on a while back,'s a lot prettier on LJ, I think. ;)

Summary: Shep's on the run...but why?
Rating: PG. I guess.
Author: Borgprincess
Disclaimer: If SGA was mine, I wouldn't need to read or write fanfic to get my Elizabeth fix.


Apr. 13th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I'm on a short fuse these days, it's like I'm turning into my father. If I see something that pisses me off, I start spouting my opinions, regardless of whether it's the right forum for it or whether the audience is going to care or if it even really matters. It might be a little thing that isn't important but OMFG, does it irritate me. Like this gem on the Gateworld site

SGAforever: "Torri Higginson was asked back and she quit. I guess her fans don't mean anything to her. Well the show is doing fine without her. This is just proof of that..."

I was so angry and just boiled over. I hate narrow-minded, judgmental, obnoxious people like this. Firstly, how can she realistically make this claim about Torri? Based on the facts? Does she know NOTHING at all about what happened, or does she just ignore facts in favor of making ignorant and biased statements? Secondly, I thought Gateworld policed anti-actor sentiments, I've gotten in trouble for saying stuff about Amanda [which was how I met alyssa22, lol], yet this kind of thing is acceptable? Thirdly, our definition of 'doing fine' is wildly different. Keller as a main, embroiled in love triangles and multiple abduction cliffhangers, as opposed to Elizabeth, she who has risked her life for the city and sacrificed herself to save others on more than one occasion. Denigrating Zelenka and quadri-boobaging the blandified, dummy!Carter, as opposed to witty Zelenka/McKay banter and intelligent character development. Kirk!Shep as opposed to Mensa!Shep. Splitting the team as opposed to building team dynamics. Yeahhh, the quality of the show has improved majorly.

Anyway, I'm not sure if my comment will get deleted for being off-topic or whatever, but I had to reply. All these stupid people with their prejudiced, delusional views. At least one of them needs to be set straight.

And a more on-topic reply...this was in response to the all-new all-female team. Lara Croft wannabes, I suppose? Plus Nicole deBoer of Star Trek: DS9 fame. I'm sensing a theme here- Amanda takes over Torri's place, Jewel takes over Paul's, now Nicole enters the is so obvious that they're replacing well-loved characters with 'name' actors, and it's such a sell-out for them to compromise the quality of the show just to try and boost the ratings for a few eps, while harming the show's quality and reputation in the long run. 

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Frelling piece of *dren*.

So, I'm d/l an SGA ep, because I need new fodder for a vid- it reads as 60 % done and I take off to watch 'Next' in the meantime. Come back an hour later and WHAT DO I FIND? The bloody laptop's gone and restarted itself for some reason, and then a pop-up appears, annoucing proudly that 'new programs were installed and required your laptop be reset' and would I like to view these amazing new modifications and how absolutely thrilled I must be at its efficiency and consideration and OMFGTHERAGE. *seethes*

Sure, laptop, great work. I'm impressed. Never mind how angry I am at having to start d/l from scratch again. Ack.

Help, someone? I'm looking for all the Sparky balcony and desk scenes. I know a few, but I'm not sure if my list is missing something:

Desk: Coup d'Etat, Misbegotten, Vengeance [feet were up on her table in The Return but other people were around so I can't be bothered with it]

Balcony: Rising, BIS, The Tower, Progeny...?

Does Shep have his own office? I read about that in fics now and then. Strange thought, he wouldn't be hanging out there too often, writing reports and whatnot. Administrator!Shep? *chuckles*

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Some people say, ‘Why watch a show if you don’t like it? Don’t waste your time and ours by complaining afterwards’. 


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 Rating: PG, safe for the kiddies. Though I'm the youngest person that'll read this, probably.
Genre: Unwilling Captive.
Setting: Season 3, pre Sunday. Because I live in denial.
Summary: Elizabeth is taken prisoner. She's in no mood to play damsel in distress.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended. Stargate Atlantis the show differs drastically from the way I write about it in my fics. I have way more respect and affection for Elizabeth than they do. 

Part 1

Part 2
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Rating: hmm, not sure. What's above PG? There's like, torture and stuff...
Genre: Action/adventure/drama/team...
Setting: Season 3, pre First Strike. Pre Sunday as well, since I see no point in that ep. 
Summary: Elizabeth is taken prisoner. She's in no mood to play damsel in distress.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended. Stargate Atlantis and its wonderful, though often underappreciated, characters are not mine. I could probably do a much better job managing it if I were in charge. But I'm not, just so we're all clear. XP

A/N: I believe that Elizabeth Weir is a strong, capable and resourceful woman. She just doesn’t get enough damn screen-time. So I wrote this fic, during the Celebrate Elizabeth month.

Part 1 )


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