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Forgive the delay? *sheepish smile* )


Pairing: Castle/Beckett
Song: Trouble is a Friend
Artist: Lenka
Vid by: borgprincess


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[Poll #1457732][Poll #1457732]

Last time I drew a comparison between Sanctuary’s John Druitt and our politician Peter Garrett. [Eerie, no?]

Now I bring your attention to Will Zimmerman. As soon as I saw him, I was all over the obvious Daniel Jackson comparison.

Apparently that’s why he ditched the glasses, lol.
But as Netty and I were doing our marathon, she turns to me and goes, ‘Hey, he looks like Harry Potter’ just as I was turning to her to say the same! [Great minds, etc. etc.] REALLY. Lookit.



Will-Harry compare/contrast )


You all need to appreciate how awesome Netty is. Seriously, best friend in RL, and the fact that she’s family is a bonus.

[Druitt appears onscreen, all menacing and mysterious-like]

Netty: Who’s that? The science tech guy?
Me: Uh…no. What do you think when they talk about prostitutes being killed?
Netty: *confuzzled*
Me: Historical context, dead hookers, come on…
Netty: Oh, oh, Marguerite and Roxton, with the two guys that were killing together… Jack the Ripper!

Lol. The woman drops TLW references into conversation. My love for her, it is infinite. :D


Three minutes in, Will does a brief impression of Helen's British accent. But it's well worth watching the whole thing- if you're a fan, it'll remind you of some of the best moments of hilarity. If you're not, well, off with you, become addicted already! :P

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One review summed it up as ‘boy, they really didn’t think they were getting renewed, huh?’ Which makes me laugh, because judging by how epically FUBAR that ep was, I’m inclined to agree, the writers probably didn’t think they’d ever have to deal with the fallout.

My main reaction, though?  )



“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains…”

I have had Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in my possession for almost a week now and I still haven’t read it yet. I’m just enjoying the cover art and the premise too much right now. I keep brandishing it at people, ‘GUYS, JANE AUSTEN WITH ZOMBIES, ZOMG’ and they ask me how it is, which forces me to admit I haven’t started yet. Which they find odd since I can finish a book in less than a day. But the idea of this book is just so shiny and brilliant that I’m almost afraid to start it in case it doesn’t live up to my expectations…


Xena mini picspam:


season 2: ep 19- Ulysses- featuring the wonderful Rachel Blakely! )


[Hee, luxuria_oceanus, some commenters on youtube were all, 'damn, we thought it was The L Word'- you're not alone! :P]





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'The problem with livejournal:
We all think that we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other.
So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me.
Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about.
Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!'


Funniest thing I've heard all week. Katherine locates me at my usual spot in the library, on the computer replying to lj comments, she settles down next to me and the first words out of her mouth? Not the customary greeting expected in polite society but:

"Why are you looking at LESBIAN PORN?!"
*everyone in the room stares*

Not what you think...well, maybe... )

*gigglesnorts* It makes my brain explode but I am quite fond of this picture now, since it indirectly led to luxuria_oceanus and me becoming friends to overwhelm odakota_rose with our combined crazy. I don't know what that says about us. *facepalm*

ETA: For those of you who don't know- and it just occurred to me that not everyone's life revolves around TLW- these ladies are the lead actresses from The Lost World.


Speaking of lesbians I have a Xena picspam! It began life as a 'hey, the new McCoy looks naggingly familiar' and, as a true child of the Technology Age, I imdb'd him, which led to:

'holy crap, Karl Urban is CAESAR from XENA' )


Okay, I don't want to offend anyone, my sincere apologies if I inadvertently hurt your feelings but I have to it really that bad that Merlin depicts Guinevere of the Arthurian legends as a black maidservant?

My thoughts )



The Roswell opening credits.

To Dido's 'Here With Me'. The credits are so well put together, I love them!  'tis so flail-worthy and I don't even really ship Max and Liz, but they're sooo cuuute!

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Yesterday, I was hard at work as usual *cough* when Katherine waltzes into the library and tells me that she has a few hours to kill and I'm just the person to help her do that. So, we end up walking to the nearest mall- twenty or thirty minutes via the highway, a route fraught with peril, on a barely visible dirt path just inches away from the cars and many large trucks, as well as with construction happening, we had to dodge bulldozers and such- where I brightly suggested we see a movie in the half-serious, half-joking tone of one who secretly wants to do just that but is worried the other person might shoot them down. It puts the ball in their caught without leaving one vulnerable to mockery or rejection.

Katherine, of course, is always up for random acts of spontaneity, 'Why not?' she replies and we walk into the theater to find that Angels & Demons is on in...ten minutes. Timing, we haz it! [Plus I had a free ticket that's been sitting in my purse for just such an occasion- preparation, I haz that, too!]

After loading up on snacks- by which I mean that she bought water and menthols and I got myself coke, popcorn and chocolate, we headed in as the previews were on. Just missed seeing Terminator: Salvation, damn it! I love previews, I love the sense of anticipation, you know?

So, Angels & Demons... )


Criminal Minds- episode 23:

Roadkill- my thoughts )

Lie to Me- episode 12.

Blinded- mini picspam )


sunkrux spammed me with 58 seconds of pure win! Teensy snippet of an interview between the two main actresses of TLW- the blonde's Jennifer O'Dell and the brunette's Rachel Blakely, aka She Who Owns My Heart Forevermore. It's hilarious watching them pretend to hate each other- for instance:
Rachel: I've asked the writers to keep our storylines as separate as they possibly can...
Jen: She tends to upstage me constantly .
Rachel: It's not hard.

If for no other reason, see that cleavage on display? Click play for that. I totally watch TLW for the plot.

Speaking of cleavage... )


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I was catching up on some recent and not-so-recent eps of my various favorite shows and was a little surprised and taken aback that they all shared the same theme.

The Week of Suicides

Random thoughts:



*Simple Explanation* )


Lie To Me

*Depraved Heart* )


The Closer

*Cherry Bomb* )


Thanks to the lovely [personal profile] odakota_rose  , I have figured out how to save a clip from youtube. I tried which worked a couple times for me in the past, then crapped up and refused to play nice again. But now we have: [If y'all knew about this already, don't rub it in my face, 'k? I'm not a very modern kinda person *facepalm*] I was dying to have that clip of Marguerite shooting Roxton in case it got deleted, and now I have a copy of the file that I can glee over to my heart's content whenever I damn well please. *dances* Ecstatic doesn't begin to cover it. ^_^

Vid spam.


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I’ve seen most of the first season of Merlin, my new fantasy fix, and yet my heart skips a beat whenever I see the previews on Channel 10. Why, I don’t know. It’s old news, I’m waiting for the second season and yet I bounce in my seat whenever I see the previews. I love how misleading they are, I feel all smug because I go, ‘SUCK, I see what you doing there and it’s not working on me, haha!’

*teeny spoiler* )


In a fit of boredom, I ended up watching Unaccompanied Minors the other day and found myself giddily entranced by the fandom squee! Guess who turned up as a mom?! Terrible teeny size pic, but look!

PAGET! *twirls* I'm so used to her as the calm, collected, most capable Agent Emily Prentiss that it is such a blast to see her freaking out as this worried mom on the verge of hysterics! She's just so adorable in her anxiety, I wanna squish her, like, 'IT'S OK, CHILL'. :D I love how this movie started off as a distraction but I'm considering buying it now, just for Paget. And 'coz the kids are kinda cute, lol. :P

I couldn't figure out why one of the child stars looked familiar and then I realized...she was totally on Criminal Minds! 3rd Life, I think, as Lindsey. This is Gina Mantegna...according to imdb, she's Joe Mantegna's daughter! [They both have these rounded cheeks I yearn to pinch, lol] That makes it DOUBLY cool! She and Paget aren't in any scenes together, but I love the fandom connection- they were in a movie together and then Paget ended up working with Gina's dad on a show that Gina guest-stars in! How awesome is that?! [I wish my folks had those kinds of connections...]


The Lost World- season two overview

Format snurched from Little Red.

Season Two: "Shifting planes of relationships!"
[season one here]

'After being trapped on this Plateau for two years, we're more like family than friends...' *pause* 'Don't tell anyone I said that.' )

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Frak you, I finally get back online and want to post my new TLW chapter to Where I Follow but DOCUMENT MANAGER IS DOWN, YOU SAY? You couldn't have had this hissy fit OVER THE WEEKEND? When I was trapped at home and couldn't get online, you didn't wanna chuck your wobbly then?

Hee. Australian slang makes me giggle. Wait, I'm angry right now. *frowns*
Oh, fine, I can't keep it up for long, I'm just so thrilled to be on the internet again. You guys have no idea how much I missed you all. *clings* Hope everyone had a good Easter!

Also, admire my shiny new icon! *gazes blissfully* By the incredible [personal profile] odakota_rose , whose icon-making talents make me glee in the most undignified way. :D


Okay, moment of truth here; I'm an idiot. I was watching Bad Guys [YAY!] and it hit me. Marguerite and Vala have this other similarity that I can’t believe I overlooked before- their immense fondness for teh shinies. Both are renowned thieves in their respective universes. I love that Marguerite is a ‘jewel thief wanted on five continents’, how cool does that sound?! On a side note, this factoid is what made me squee a little in Leverage’s season finale [please, someone tell me there is going to be a second season?] when the baddie was listing each team member and their respective ‘wanted’ status. *g* [Hardison is a bit of an underachiever- Iceland? That’s it?]


On the off chance that this interests anyone, I’ve written up a brief translation of the Samoan exchanges in the second ep of TLW, Stranded. [Why no, I didn't have anything better to do....]

Netty made fun of them, but Ma tells me that the writers and actors did a decent job overall; the translation was correct for the most part, aside from the odd glaring error [as well as the fact that the Samoan alphabet does not include a ‘J’ or ‘Z’, but then, these are the fictional Zanga, so I think that’s excusable] and the actors did a credible job with the pronunciation and accent-  though she preferred Marguerite to Jacoba, lol, whose mumbling enunciation drove her crazy. An example of a dude spitting out the lines with more attitude than accuracy, heh.



'I knew you were fluent in- what was it- sixty or seventy languages. I just can't figure out how this can be one of them...' )



Randomly? That quote in my post title is from Blair of Gossip Girl, talking about her and Serena. But doesn't it kinda remind you of Marguerite/Veronica? :D
The dark/light parallel, and the unflattering self-portrait: '...then there’s little baby Veronica and me- I’m the wicked stepsister...' *snickers*

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*snurched from [ profile] xfirefly9x *

1) Comment and I will give you three people for a fandom you are interested in.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of three people. or skip this if you're too lazy for pictures.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, or throw off a cliff.

She gave me:

-Laura Roslin
-John Sheppard
-Elizabeth Weir

EVIL. What about Baltar? *wibbles* I could easily throw HIM off a cliff...

*my answers* )


The Great Ship Meme


It's ridiculous how much time I spend on these things. But omg, it's so much fun. :D

Clicky clicky, you know you want to see what makes me tick...!


'I will go down with this ship, and I won't put my hands up in surrender...' )


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For the longest time, when I saw the skillet scene in Prodigal Father, I had this nagging sense of familiarity but couldn’t recall why. This is so random, even for me, but I finally realized this…
'Summerlee whacked me with a skillet' )

…brought back memories of a high school drama performance. We created a short play about the rampage of an insane squirrel in the town of Nutsville [based on a true story, seriously! It was in the paper and everything!] I was a baker and the highlight of my scene involved being bashed over the head with a loaf of my own bread and knocked unconscious. It was silly and comedic, tragic and poignant, bizarre and surreal, all at the same time!

Btw? Never say I didn’t suffer for my art. Consider three things:

#1- the loaf of bread was (duh) a prop. Naturally, it was a prop with the composition of a BASEBALL BAT.

#2- we’re high school kids, not trained professionals. So it was less about pretending to hit me on the head and more like actually hitting me on the head.

#3- our leading squirrel went MIA during rehearsals, so I got to enjoy first being abused by the understudy and then by the lead when she eventually returned. GOOD TIMES.

I tell you, I had no trouble acting out ‘apprehension’ and ‘pain’ by the end of the term. It was only being singled out for praise by my drama teacher for attention to character detail and developing her personality that made it all worthwhile. I am always hungry for praise and validation. It makes me pathetically easy to manipulate because even when I know it’s happening, I can’t help but go along with it.


As we started season 2 of TLW, All or Nothing prompted two exclamations from Netty:

#1. ‘Look at him, he’s so much more handsome! He’s automatically ten times hotter! Why didn’t he do this sooner?

*Lol. Yes, this is considered a good hair day for Lord John Roxton.*  )

I feel irrationally proud, despite having nothing to do with the makeover. I’ve had to make excuses for him throughout all of season 1, so reaching this point now is all the more rewarding and meaningful.

*the new, improved, prettier Roxton* )

Those Magic Piranhas did a damn fine job. *sniffles proudly*

@ [ profile] odakota_rose - lol, one of the rare issues we’re on opposing sides over. :P I know, I know, it’s bizarre that I love The Wig Episode- the random dancing! the random make out scenes! whee!- and yet pan Roxton’s first season hair, but that’s how I feel. [And I can never say that without thinking about Daniel and Jack in Window of Opportunity. *giggles*]

#2. ‘OMG, it’s her!’ - I frantically try to identify who it is but fail as she continues-

‘It’s Natalie Bassingthwaite! She looks exactly the same! Botox…’ )


Considering how much I pay her out on SYTYCD [Australia] for her lack of charisma, shrill irritating personality and inexpressive features- I MISS YOU, CAT- you’d think I’d recognize her but the dark hair is a good disguise. If you ever want to hide from me, changing hair color would be a good start, I’m not that observant. *facepalm*


On the latest ep of The Gruen Transfer, the only comedy show I actually find amusing, the team were analyzing a Bankwest ad, in which an executive engages in conversation with a mini horse-like creature.

Imbecilic Dude: What can we do about our home loan rates that will make people happier?
Vertically Challenged Equine Advisor: Well. Hmm. You could make them smaller.
Wil Anderson: What do I think is wrong with this ad? Well, it’s not the fact that the people that want to look after my money take their advice from dwarf ponies, no, its that the dwarf pony isn’t telling them anything worth hearing. ‘Customers want lower interest rates’. Really? They didn’t know that before they spoke to- the horse?!

Having seen Divine Right last week, it of course reminded me of:

*the infamouse ‘Horse Crowns King’ scene.* )


Lol, why does everyone in this show eventually get promoted to royalty?



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My 'edit' button keeps mysteriously vanishing. It appears in some of my entries and not in others. *angsts* I'm an editing fanatic, this is freaking me out! It's there on other people's journals, but disappears in mine! >:O


Went to Target on MissionBuy birthday present for Ma.

Ended up spending $115...on myself. *headdesk*

There were pretty pretty things! I couldn't resist! And I'm so glad I ended up buying this dress even though I was like, 'I have no life, when am I ever going to wear this?' because Katherine and I had spontaneous!lunch yesterday [she likes to disconcert me by not planning these things- it amuses her to throw me into a tizzy] and made plans for a get-together on Saturday for dinner and a movie [Duplicity, I believe]. *bounces* I love it when things work out like that!

The afternoon was kinda lame, though. We tried to find a pound because her family's getting a dog. We print off a map with easy-to-follow directions and everything and STILL WE COULDN'T FIND THE PLACE. I mean, a pound- it's not gonna be inconspicuous, right? O.o


On the happy bouncy side of things, I worked up the courage to post the first chapter of my TLW fic- Where I Follow- and got a few reviews. :D Considering the show's been over for years, I'm thrilled. *glees* Special thanks to [ profile] chibi_tenshi24  for being a darling! *luffs*

Yes, I know, I know, I'm supposed to be into the fic-writing for the fulfilment of the art and the satisfaction of being devoted to my fandom and- no, no, it's the reviews, okay? Who kids themselves that they write for anything other than receiving approval from other fans if they go and post it on a public site, right? I wallow in my shallow-ness. :P

In my last post, I mentioned killing off Seven in a fic for the horrible crime of 'ship interference', and it reminded me of the one and only flame I've ever received:

Okay, charater bashing like this is not acceptable in anyway. Janeway is out of character so is almost everyone else. I never imagined writing something that is a flame but I guess it is. The only thing you did right was grammer for a small part. Seven ended up with Chakotay and I guess to those who bash her charater because of it let me point this out. You can't write people so out of charater. C/J fanfiction is one thing but this is a pure infantile attempt... fanfics like this is why tv writers and and authors ban us from writing in thier stories. That's all I have to say.

I was pissed at the time but now I'm amused. >:D I suppose I should've selected the 'parody' option when posting the fic to make it clear that nobody was supposed to be in character...upon rereading, I admit, it's really mean but in my defense, I had written two other fics that explored her relationship with Janeway in a more serious and mature manner...*sighs* Flamers. >_<
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Netty and I finished season 1 of TLW! It took us three days across four weeks, although I admit to skipping Blood Lust and Unnatural Selection, for reasons that should be obvious. *eyeroll* I love her, she's almost too nice to watch this show, lol, because scenes that I cringe over, she takes perfectly seriously and she's fully engaged in it while I'm laughing my head off.

I mean, Barbarians at the Gate, Netty's all, 'OMGWTFBBQMICE?!' at the most literal interpretation of a cliff-hanger in any show ever, and I'm just giggling away, 'Look at the poor woobies! Mwahaha, it's so laaame!'  And Resurrection, that opening where the blonde Viking chick introduces Roxton to the pointy end of her blade? Netty curls up in this little ball and I'm like, 'What, is it Will's terrible overacting?' and she's like, 'No, I'm just telling myself it's going to be okay, he has to make it to season 2...and get a better haircut...' Heh. That's the one thing she does criticize and often, and with good reason. Roxton's HAIR, OMFG.

*season one* )

I bet his hair care regime takes longer than Marguerite and Veronica's combined.

*the relief, the glorious relief!* )

But one mystifying, perplexing, implausible haircut later...*wriggles with glee* :D

We're playing this little game along the way, identifying reused clips and sets. Funny how something like a small budget ends up allowing for a lot of giggles as we view the eps, I mean, I love it, I wouldn't want it any other way, heh.
>>>The raptor and T-rex shots are used over and over, even if they're totally the wrong angle, TPTB don't even care how obvious it is. *snorts*
>>>Marguerite's caiman in the pilot moves identically to the one that goes after Veronica in Salvation, and even miraculously oozes the exact same blood dispersal patterns [I'm no Dexter, but come on]. ^_^
>>>The set from Absolute Power turns up with a few renovations in Time after Time.
>>>And hey, I totally didn't realize this- *failz*- Netty pointed out that the Oracle from Creatures of the Dark returns as Osric! The kid excels at playing evil manipulative characters. >:P


Also? Katherine and I were going out for lunch and as we're driving along- thankfully, this time she refrained from asking me to take the wheel as she checked her phone, probably because the last few times I nearly ended up steering us into the wrong lane- she goes, apropos of nothing, 'I really like the name Marguerite'. And she makes sure to emphasize, 'Not Margaret, Marguerite.'

My first thought was- well, incoherent squeeing. Second- 'Totally having a sleepover and making her sit through a TLW marathon these holidays'. Third- 'OMG, my dream of making someone name their kid Marguerite might actually come true!' :P


The interview meme:

1) Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"
2) I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3) You will post the answers to the questions [and the questions themselves] on your blog or journal.
4) You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5) When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on...



*questions by sunkrux* )


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Just randomly- icon love! *squishes [ profile] odakota_rose *


So, I was going to leap on the 'name your laptop' bandwagon.[ profile] odakota_rose  has Moya,[ profile] mcgarrygirl78 has Matilda,[ profile] spence_reid  has...Agnes? But when the only appropriate name that comes to mind is Galactica- for my laptop is one with the crashing, and the falling apart and the malfunctions and inevitable crapping up- I think I might maybe postpone this. I have a feeling all the BSG people will come bash up on me since any jokes about Galactica witty or not are just too soon. Besides, my laptop induces enough angst without its very name making me all glum and depressed, right? I'll stick with 'frelling piece of dren' for now. :P


Another TLW dream. I'm torn between amusement and concern at how much it's eating my brain. And in the grand tradition of my subconscious ripping off themes and events from other shows, considering how much I've been thinking about Boomer/Chief in the last week, it's perhaps not surprising that my dream dredged it up in terms of Marguerite and Roxton going through the whole 'I shall yell and rant and verbally abuse you to make everyone THINK we hate each other, while secretly, behind closed doors, we're stripping down and preparing to frak each other's brains out' routine. Lol. My brain used to be so innocent. >_< Where did this come from?

I love the miniseries. Roslin established power and got to be in control for like, the only time in the show, Apollo was actually cool, Helo- well, I still wanted to thwack him, but that's a step down from my usual urge to beat him to a pulp, and Baltar wasn't the writer's pet just yet. And it was fun watching it with Katherine- she's usually the one with the sexual innuendo and outrageous, colorful remarks, making me scramble to match wits with her, but two seconds into Six frakking Baltar, she's shielding her eyes behind a cushion. *smirks*


meme snurched from[ profile] ana_jo .

1. Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key [located on the right side of the F12 key]. [If you have a Mac, push the 'apple' key, shift and three]
2. Open a graphics program [like Picture Manager, Paint or Photoshop] and do a Paste [CTRL + V]. If you wish, you can 'edit' the image before saving it.
3. Post the picture here or on your lj. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop if you want. You can explain why you prefer such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.

'k, disclaimer: my laptop is of such crapitude that a lot of normal functions you take for granted? Don't work. Ctrl + alt + del is one. Print scrn is another. So I'm doing this for the Deakin computer. Which means you don't get to see the clutter of mine and I can continue to pretend to be a neat, organized person. :P

*short explanation- and for once in my life, it actually is* )


Five questions from [ profile] mcgarrygirl78 .

*answers* )
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I'm not obsessing over The Lost, not at all...*coughcough*

1 season one overview

format snurched from littlred.

'I am not in your hands, Lord Roxton, and any time you wish to throw me to the wolves, I suggest you try. You might be surprised which one of us gets eaten...'/'Yes, well, I always say anything that isn't worth shedding a little blood over isn't worth the getting...' )


2 dreams of TLW.

The first dream was inspired by season 1 ep 6 of Criminal Minds, LDSK, in which, I believe, Hotch empathizes with the UNSUB in a hostage situation, pretending to despise Reid and kicking him repeatedly so that Reid could grab his gun from his ankle. In the dream, Marguerite was being held captive by slavers and Roxton was trying to convince them he was cool with their agenda, all, 'Yeah, guys, I'm with you on this, uh, women are so inferior to men', as he's kicking the hell out of Marguerite, 'They're like property to be dealt with as we please', so that he could distract them while she took his gun.

The second dream was super-cracky and random; it involved Roxton's ex-wife turning up on the Plateau...dun dun DUN. In the season 4 pdf, they talked about how Marguerite was swapped with a changeling or something, and although I'm not sure what that term was supposed to mean in TLW!verse, like a demon or just some other nice normal baby, the ex here was a literal interpretation of 'changeling'- she was a shapeshifter, and lured Marguerite away to dispose of her while taking her place with the others. :O I think part of it was inspired by Skin Deep, lol, I've been watching that a lot lately, clipping it for a new vid.


3 things that reminded me of TLW this week.

* A kids show yesterday asked the question, 'Which is heavier, the combined weight of the Veronicas or a velociraptor?'  I was just about to switch to another channel and was like, whoa, RAPTORS? Hee!

* The SYTYCD group performance on Monday night- it was a tribal routine, like, some crazy hula/hip hop fusion, the dancers were kitted out in grass skirts and random ethnic lookin' outfits, and it was giving me flashbacks to Stranded, with Assai's people doing what I can only assume was a Zanga fertility ritual [what with the pornographic dancing, lol]  for the imminent unhappy wedding. Also reminiscent of Danielle and her tribal dancing in Voodoo Queen...yah, the writers sure liked their tribal influences...

* Netty and I were watching Nectar on Tuesday, and the whole way through, we were like, 'Wtf is royal jelly?' because it was the Holy Grail for that ep. It didn't really matter, all we needed to know was that it was a cure for an otherwise fatal sting from an overgrown prehistoric monster bee. But considering that L'oreal has released a new product 'with the power of royal jelly', I think the question has become more important... :P


I laughed hysterically when the ad came on, just the timing...later in the year, I probably wouldn't have cared but a day of musing over what this royal jelly business is about and then this... *g*


Random fact of win: the Zanga dialogue in TLW? IS TOTALLY SAMOAN! Netty was translating for me and basically cracking up laughing over how awful their pronunciation was and like, stressing the wrong syllables and putting the wrong emphasis on words...! Although, I might smugly add as a loyal fangirl, she said that Rachel was really good.

But yah, she was like, 'They're totally making up crap in some places.' I mean, there is no 'b' in Samoan, so 'Jacoba' is pronounced 'Ya-ko-po' or some wackness like that. [I don't understand how a language lacks a 'b', but there you go]. And apparently he was saying, 'Bring me my bird' in reference to Veronica, which I found much more hilarious than I should've. You had to be there, I was kinda hyperventilating with all the giggling...I love that I'm still discovering new aspects to my show all the time. :D

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'...doesn't it make everyone want to lock them in separate rooms and do experiments on them...?'


Comment on this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate with you. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Five things from [ profile] sapphs :
The Mentalist/Merlin/Strong female characters/vidding/procrastination skillz )

Five things from [ profile] speckleberry :
Vidding/Jisbon/The Lost World/Marguerite/chocolate )

Meme #2. DO IT. DO IT NOW. :P

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I am so angry with mother right now. And you know, if I look at it in a rational, objective manner, I can see it doesn’t really matter and I should just get past it, but I can’t help feeling betrayed on the most fundamental level.

If there’s anything you guys know about me, it’s that fandom is the most essential part of my life. It makes up 90% of my personality. I pretty much don’t exist outside it.

Another thing I may have mentioned is I hate being lied to, which I fully admit is hypocritical, considering what a liar I am. But that’s beside the point.

I returned home, after having a really good day. Played tennis with mother in the morning- I lost, but it was a good game; once I switched rackets, my skills improved miraculously; watched Criminal Minds with her afterwards, went to the movies and saw The International with Ma and TiLind, then spaced out in front of the Foxtel for a while. Apart from having LJ withdrawal pangs, it was a good day.

Then I got home and mother said to me, ‘I have a confession to make’. While I was out, she was doing the ironing and needed something to watch. She went into my room and looked through my things- yet another HUGE no-no, as far as I’m concerned, ‘And I saw The Lost World, and thought, ‘well, she’s always saying how good it is…’ so…’ I just stared at her and was like, ‘No. No, you didn’t.’ And then she went, ‘No, I didn’t. I couldn’t figure out how to work the dvd player so I just ended up watching something else’. And it seemed so pat. She was working up to something and then- that was it? Anti-climax. So I asked her, several times, if that was the truth, if that was what really happened. She denied watching it, she repeated that she couldn’t figure out how to play the dvds, okay.

Later on, I was still wondering. I asked her once more, ‘Did you lie to me earlier?’ and yet again she denied it. A few minutes later, she finally admitted it- she had lied. She was going to tell me, but my reaction made her change her mind. Like it was my fault. ‘I didn’t know if this was one of the things you preferred not to know’. I’ve only ever said that when it was something inconsequential, that didn’t matter at all, but THE LOST WORLD? That’s possibly the most important thing in my life. Of all the shows she had to lie about, it had to be TLW?


*cut for the rest of the rant in which I justify myself* )

Random thoughts:

The downside.

- it's kinda funny how I've swung from raptures of delight over odakota_rose being converted to TLW, to utter wretchedness over mother's actions with the show. Thanks, life, for not letting me enjoy the former for a little longer before inflicting the second. I'm doing a meme right now on 'Eight Ways to Win My Heart'- I admit, I was a little stumped but I can say right now that on a list of the opposite- betraying me over a show would be number 1. YES, I'M BEING A DRAMA QUEEN ATM, LET ME INDULGE.

-I can't get into my optus email account. The one all my lj notifications go to. So I'm going to sleep on it and hope it's all better tomorrow. If I don't get back to y'all, it won't be for lack of trying. For some reason, optus doesn't seem to have that 'can't login? Fix it here' option, which sucks. Yahoo at least has a failsafe question. I thought optus did too, but I can't find the page you go to when it's spitefully not frakking letting you log in.

The upside.

- bought the second season of 30 Rock. No, I haven't seen all of season 1, not even most of it, but JB Hi-Fi only had the second, so. *shrugs* I vowed to myself ages ago that I wasn't going to put myself through this, but SOMONE told me I had to, and here I am. I figured using a gift-card to buy it made it okay. :P

-finally decided to try watching season six of TWW. I wasn't planning on it, since everything I've heard indicates it's not the show I know and love, but...Mary McCormack! I fell in love with her on In Plain Sight [which has mysteriously vanished from sight, Channel 10. *scowls* Commercial tv is hell, I tells ya]. I watched A Good Day just before and...*wriggles* Kate!

'Ambassador, listen carefully. An hour ago, I reviewed the United States' contingency plan to invade your country. 1789, revised in 1815, the calligraphy is beautiful'/'This has gone too far! I just threatened the Canadian Ambassador!'

Plus, 'Do we even have a map of Canada?' Her expression, her tone... *g* her patent disgust throughout this entire episode at the farce she was reluctantly embroiled in... :D

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 Snurched from...[ profile] fangirl1981 , methinks.

1. List your top ten favorite hot fictional characters.
2. Answer all the questions listed.
3. Make a post!
4. Whoever comments has to do the meme! Spreading the fun all around!

My Characters:
1. Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)

2. Elizabeth Weir (Stargate: Atlantis)

3. Marguerite Krux (The Lost World)

4. Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

5. John Sheppard (Stargate: Atlantis)

6. John Roxton (The Lost World)

7. Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds)

8. Gregory House (House)

9. Lisa Cuddy (House)

10. Vala Mal Doran (Stargate SG-1)

*'Shame it took a power-mad homicidal maniac to bring out the best in you...'* )

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Legend of the Seeker, ep 5.

random thoughts )


I’m not a Buffy fan. It always seemed so ridiculous to me. One little cheerleader taking on all these vamps and big hulking monsters and nightmarish creatures. She doesn’t even really have special abilities- okay, super strength and fast healing, but it’s negligible. In any given fight, she gets whacked around and banged up so much that I’m not really impressed by any supposed gifts endowed by her Slayer-ness. Seriously, all the monsters need to do to beat her is get a few guns and pump her full of bullets. Heck, any half-decent gang member could do as much, it wouldn’t take a supernatural force to take her down.

...and then, after all that, I start liking this show. *facepalm* The lack of willpower, ugh! )

I think I’m going to watch this season now, despite myself, regardless of my bleeding heart. Masochism is back in fashion, I guess. And if the rumors of a Buffy movie are ever substantiated, I might even pay to watch it.


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