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Just for laughs:

On JKR’s annoyingly unbelievable dialogue with people developing a penchant for announcing themselves thusly, ‘It is I, Character X’, gehayi composed the following poem:

Snape turned to them and said, 'Yes. Snape: it is I! I, am Snape! Snape I am!'

"Would you like green eggs and ham?"

"I would not like them in a boat
"Sailed by a proud and pompous goat
"Who goes by name of Dumbledore--
"I'd find it all a crashing bore.
"I would not like them in a lake
"Or with Dark Lord and his pet snake,
"And Animagi leave me cold--
"I loathe those stupid, and yet bold.
"Both Phoenix-folk and dense Death Eaters
"Impress me not a milliliter.
"And I would hate them with prediction
"That turned out to be mostly fiction.
"I flee, I fly, I shoo, I scram,
"I hate this tale!" said Snape-I-Am.

I came across an intriguing convo while reading the DH sporkings on deadlyhollows . Instead of being a plain ol' dumbass, could Harry simply be mentally challenged, through no fault of his own? How did I never consider this before? Check out the following medical explanation for all the idiocy and logic-fail of the Boy-Who-Lived-through-no-Merit-of-his-own.

The trauma probably could have been minimized if someone--like, say, the so-called "wisest wizard in the world"--had done something sane and gotten him to a doctor or Healer in time. Anyone, in other words, who realized that a baby suffering any kind of injury to the head was not a good thing thing. But no, instead Harry got a twenty-four-hour ride on a flying motorcycle, followed by perhaps eight more hours lying out on a doorstep in a basket at the beginning of November, followed by...well, more of the same, when it came to lack of medical care.

And clearly the damage must have been extensive. Look at this:

"One of the specific behavior deficits following frontal lobe damage is attention disorder, patients showing distractibility and poor attention. They present with poor memory, sometimes referred to as "forgetting to remember." The thinking of patients with frontal lobe injury tends to be concrete, and they may show perseveration and stereotypy of their responses. The perseveration, with inability to switch from one line of thinking to another, leads to difficulties with arithmetic calculations, such as serial sevens or carryover subtraction.


"Other features of frontal lobe syndromes include reduced activity, particularly a diminution of spontaneous activity, lack of drive, inability to plan ahead, and lack of concern. Sometimes associated with this are bouts of restless, aimless uncoordinated behavior. Affect may be disturbed, with apathy, emotional blunting, and the patient showing an indifference to the world around him. Clinically, this picture can resemble a major affective disorder with psychomotor retardation, while the indifference bears occasional similarity to the "belle indifference" noted sometimes with hysteria.

"In contrast, on other occasions, euphoria and disinhibition are described. The euphoria is not that of a manic condition, having an empty quality to it. The disinhibition can lead to marked abnormalities of behavior, sometimes associated with outbursts of irritability and aggression."


And to be totally random:
Erotic Baked Goods. Click it! You know you want to... >;P


Opinions in Brief:



Jane is officially on my hit list. W. T. F. He plays his nasty games on people all the time, ‘mean irresponsible sadist’ that he is, but I thought Lisbon was off-limits. I did not think that he would be as cruel to her as he was in this episode. I ship these two, I loved them so much in season one when it seemed everyone was lighter and more innocent, not as dark and corrupted and bitter as they are this season. It’s HARD WORK seeing the romantic potential between Jane and Lisbon, when I expect at least some common courtesy and mutual respect between them. Instead, it’s like his regard for her has slipped massively, the fact that he would toy with her mental state by making her believe she was going to die…of all people, I didn’t believe he would pull that stunt on Lisbon. How naïve of me.  Obviously nothing is sacred, including their relationship, which is the foundation of my love for the show- or was, I should say. Because now…I’ve lost so much enjoyment in this show, honestly.

I managed to stick with Huddy for so long because House was always a thoughtless, arrogant jerk when it came to her. He always made cruel and cutting remarks, it was expected and she dealt with it and dished it back. But that hasn’t always been the dynamic between Jane and Lisbon, and I resent that it’s becoming that way, down the slippery slope to disdain and contempt. Ugh.




Okay, WTF?! I was so happy with the way this season was going- the old team is back! Hurray! The newbies have been banished or downgraded in terms of screen-time, woohoo! House is actually displaying some character growth, OMGSQUEE!

I was never one of the people that demanded he change, nor was I one of those who said I’d give up on the show if he DID change. I was easy either way- as an irascible, sardonic jerk or…well, pretty much the same except with improved mental health and a new POV on life and the decisions he should be making. I respected the new direction the show was taking, that his stint in the mental institution wasn’t just a throwaway episode, that it informed his character’s actions and responses to others, that he really was taking the idea of ‘recovery’ seriously, that it wasn’t going to be dismissed an ep or two later.

 I mean, House quits for real, it was only after trying out other methods and speaking with his therapist that he decided to return. He really was willing to give it up if it would help his condition. And later on, when things have gotten tough or he’s been mixed up, he’s gone and sought advice from that therapist dude. That’s progress.

So it just sucks immensely for me to see House trying to change and make a difference in his life and reach out to others…and get slapped down. First by that woman who figured it was okay to have an affair with a mental ward patient and then ditch him afterwards with absolutely NO regard for how it would affect him, and then with Cuddy. I mean, COME ON. Who ever saw this coming? That House would make himself vulnerable, soften up and lay his heart on the line and that she would be the one to reject him. SERIOUSLY, WTF?



How could they kill Rita?! HOW?! She was like, the heart and soul of this show! I appreciated her as a character, someone who cares for Dexter and is proof that he can connect with another human being and form meaningful relationships, and also as a plot device- she gives him a good cover, the 'family man' is much less suspicious than a loner, right? Plus, she looked after the kids. What the hell is Dexter gonna do now? How can he kill people when he's got three kids- one of whom is an INFANT- to look after?!

Worst. Decision. EVER. I can't deal with this show now. *sniffles*

What adds salt to the wound is that this never would've happened if Dexter had just killed Arthur- or let him frakking jump off the roof- in the first place. ;_;

Vampire Diaries.



*stabs/skewers/draws-and-quarters/hangs/shoots her*

And that’s before I start thinking creative ideas about how to off this waste of screentime. She does not deserve to draw oxygen any longer, my GOD.

So, Damon goes off to seek answers and kidnaps her along for the ride. After pretending at being indignant about the abrogation of her civil liberties and privileges, Elena decides hitching a ride with the psychotic serial killer is a better bet than ANSWERING THE CALL OF HER ONE TWU WUV. She figures absence will make the heart grow fonder, I believe- no matter how cruel it is to leave him hanging, angstily calculating the likelihood of her survival.

Anyway, the bit that has me frothing at the mouth with the violent urge to snap a few bones of hers before breaking her neck- some random attacks Damon, gets the drop on him pretty good, Damon’s at his mercy and not likely to see another sunrise. But ELENA INTERFERES. The last time, she was whimpering pitifully about the toll killing his brother would take on Stefan- never mind his suffering when his brother kills everyone within a hundred-mile radius, just for kicks- and how she wanted to help heal his wounded soul and couldn’t stand by and let him destroy himself, blah blah blah.

But now some total stranger is there, eager to end Damon once and for all, and she decides to stop him! The dude goes on about his heartbreak at how Damon killed his girlfriend, who was also Elena’s new friend, btw, but does that touch her compassionate heart? OH HELL NO.

‘Please don’t hurt him. Lexi loved you and she was good and that means you’re good, too.’ [LOGIC FAIL] ‘Be better than him. Don’t do this, I’m begging you!’

And that miraculously stops the would-be killer in his tracks. Guess it can’t have been a love for the ages, if he was willing to drop his vendetta that easily. Or maybe the power of Elena’s all-consuming kindness and generosity of spirit touched his soul and soothed his pain or something.

So anyway, end result: Damon lives to see another day. AGAIN. Because of her. AGAIN.


And you know what he does with his new lease on life? Goes back to the woman he travelled to meet, the one who set him up because he killed one person too many and that was the last straw for her- and kills her. THAT’S ON YOU, ELENA, THAT BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS.

But she’ll still sleep at night, that black-hearted skank. God, I wish I had the vocab to cuss her out properly but I’m at a loss. EPIC HATE. >:[



Check out my pretty new bookmark!


I'm reading a few fantasy novels atm, and since they're 'serious books with plotty content and some literary merit', rather than my usual trashy romances, I went in search of an appropriate bookmark, and I am so giddy to have found Hermione! It was so cool- this was the last one of the shelf, I lucked out! And lol, there was only ONE Hermione left, but like, 10-15 each of Ron and Harry still sitting there. Guess we know who's more popular!

The rest of the range can be viewed here. I'm more than a little miffed that they have frakking UMBRIDGE, and like, SHACKLEBOLT who is pretty much irrelevant in the big picture, but not Snape! Gah! *sulks* I want a Snape bookmark, damn it.

But still. *strokes pretty Hermione bookmark* Whee! ^_^

If I could be anyone in the whole wide world, I would so want to be Emma Watson. Not only is she funny, gorgeous and talented, but look at this:

“Two Harry Potter stars were the highest paid actors last year, according to a Top 40 list in Vanity Fair magazine’s latest edition. Emma Watson topped the list of actresses for 2009 with earnings of about $35 million for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, parts I and II. She was placed 14th overall behind film producers and directors, and beat older and more experienced actresses including Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Heigl.

Her co-star Daniel Radcliffe was the highest paid actor for 2009, at No. 6 on the male list, with earnings of about $47 million.”

HOT DAMN. Life must be pretty awesome when you're Emma Watson. *sighs wistfully*

This calls for a picspam!


*sighs* Isn't she just gorgeous? I envy her so much!


New ship:

*clings to luxuria_oceanus* I know you’ll be the only one to understand me- but I’ve managed to find yet another oh-so-wrong-but-so-damn-compelling ship…

...from Push, Nick/Cassie.
I feel like such a pervert...*wibbles* I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME. The age difference is not the issue so much as that she’s a kid. But jeez, I defy anyone to watch the movie and come away without feeling that Nick and Cassie have more chemistry than him and Kira.

[Btw, to anyone who’s watched it- how much is Kira’s power like Kahlan’s Confessor powers? Except Kira is stronger and can take over heaps of people at a time without much effort. She also have more fine-tuned control over them; Kahlan will tell a Confessed to do what she says, but I haven't seen her literally control their movements like a machine the way Kira does *iz in awe*]

This wonderful essay by profshallowness delves into my brain and explains everything neatly and concisely and kinda makes me feel less scummy about the whole thing. Especially this:

"Its the dynamic where the girl is special (different to her peers, perhaps even aged by her experiences) and worms her way into an older gruff protector-type's affections, with lots of extreme danger being lobbed at them."

That is so my type- is it my fault that the writers decided to replicate that dynamic between an inappropriate pair of characters? NO. *nods and runs*


Anyway, the vidder of the following had this to say: Oh the sickness of this ship, it kills me. But they're awesome.’ *snickersnort*

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Date: 2010-03-24 04:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, somebody likes Emma Watson :-P and for the record, I like Damon, then again, I usually love psycho killers as characters XD


Of course I understand you, my dear! I'll join you in any of these pairings, surely. Remind me to see the video some other time -_- in a bit of a rush right now *hugs* long live the Special Hell pairings! XD

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Date: 2010-03-24 10:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Who likes Emma Watson? *coughcough* Don't be ridiculous... :P YES, OMG, I HAVE SUCH A GIRLCRUSH ON HER. It's weird 'coz usually I crush on older women, but whatevs.

I like Damon, then again, I usually love psycho killers as characters XD

Okay, if LJ would let me edit this bloody entry, I would add the caveat that I really enjoy Damon's character and I'm happy he continues to thrive on the show. :P

I know it's a contradiction problem is that Elena knows he's a monster and she still strikes down every move to kill him and safeguard the town from his bloodthirsty ways.

Me, as a viewer, well, I have no obligation to protect anyone and I can cheer for the bad guy [like Sylar!] without any guilt at all, but I don't know how she can sleep at night, knowing he's out there killing people 'coz of her.

Besides, Damon's the only good thing about the whole show. Stefan's wangsting and Elena's pathetic dependency issues piss me off, but Damon is snarkily hilarious and so badass. :D He's just cool to watch in action.



I maintain that I am not sick and the movie is responsible for all that subtext...heck, as the saying goes, 'the subtext is rapidly becoming text', no? :P

long live the Special Hell pairings!

WORD. *high-fives*
Seriously, it's bizarre how much I'm shipping Special Hell pairings these days.

Hermione/Snape. Jareth/Sarah. Nick/Cassie.
Does Sylar/Claire count? :P

*facepalm* Gotta love the internet, brings all us deviants free-thinkers together, lol.

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Date: 2010-03-25 07:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
XD Don't worry. Girl!crushes are totally normal (and mandatory amongst friends) ^.~

Ah, now I understand. See, I don't like Elena, so when I watch, I just think of her as a big, black blot that I'm not paying any attention to, and don't even get me started on Stefan. Just don't.

But, in Elena's defense (not really), she's a wimp. She acts tough, has her moments, but in the end, she can't pull the plug on Damon? Why? What's up, Elena? Do you want a backup plan in case Stefan turns flacid or is there a little Catherine in you after all? HMMM?

LOL Honey, if you're sick, I'm on my deathbed, and proudly so. The subtext was THERE.

*eye-twitch* Sylar/Claire? What is this Sylar/Claire you speak of? *avid Sylar/Elle shipper* that and the fact that I am in love with Noah Bennet and claim that girl does not DESERVE such a father. She does NOT.

Yes, we do love the Internet for that :-)

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Date: 2010-03-26 01:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't like Elena, so when I watch, I just think of her as a big, black blot that I'm not paying any attention to

Bwahaha, that's awesome. I should try that.
*hypnotizes self into seeing Elena as pure nothingness*
Maybe it'll help me stop ranting about her. :P

I think it's a little sick, actually. It's like she's keeping Damon around as a back-up plan; if something goes wrong and she can't fix it and Stefan's too sensitive and noble to handle it, she can call in the big guns because Damon has no issues with morality and she doesn't care about his soul, so he can do things like wipe people's memory or hurt/kill someone inconvenient like her own private enforcer.

I'm being cynical, but seriously, why else would she keep him around? Apart from his ridiculous levels of hawtness, of course. :P

OOH, whoops, sorry for triggering an anti-ship distaste, bb. *squishes* I love Sylar/Elle, they were my first ship but after the way it ended...*sniffles* I was shrieking myself hoarse at the screen, omg, it was really awful. Grr. *glares at writers*

DUDE, I totally Noah! Right from the start, I always championed him, right to this day. There is something sexy about those horn-rimmed glasses, don't deny it. :P And yes, it bugs me when Claire always flares up at him and gets pissy and emotional and refuses to consider his actions in a logical light and to just ease the hell off on the man. *snuggles him*

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Date: 2010-03-26 09:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*nod nod* You're right, Damon is her backup plan, 'cause you KNOW his balls are waaaay bigger than Stefan's. He's willing to get his hands dirty with blood, whereas Stefan might waste too much time trying to find another way.

LOL It's okay. Actually, it's not that I'm ENTIRELY against the pairing (wait, I am), I just hate CLAIRE. I wouldn't pair her with a TOOTHPICK.

Noah is my favorite character, overall. I mean, I love Sylar, but Noah is just, NOAH. He has no powers, no, but his ability to fight for his family, whatever the cost, of understanding and knowing how the world works.. dude. I have like, the worst father ever, like I call him 'The Sperm Donor', 'cause that's all I think of him, so to see a character like Noah on screen and have him have a DAUGHTER WHO DOESN'T DESERVE HIM *whacks Claire* Yeah. Grrr.

Sylar/Elle ;.; I loved them, but yes, you're right, they're ending was just... wrong, man, so wrong ;.; but, to me, that'll always be his perfect mate. He needed someone to keep him on the edge of both worlds, a little bit of Sylar and a little bit of Gabriel makes Elle a happy girl :-)

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Date: 2010-03-29 12:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have this fascination with killers who have a soft spot for certain women and will actually kill for them. [Like Hannibal/Clarice!] It's not that I think it's romantic because, really, it's majorly scary and creepy but also, in a very twisted way, kind of sweet. But terrifying. [I mean, picture Hannibal cutting open a man's head and feeding him his own brains. That's just...*shudders* GAH!]

And yet I cannot get into Damon/Elena. She just is not cool enough to be worthy of his protective killing instincts, damn it. I'd be all right with him and Bonnie if he hadn't, y'know, tried to KILL HER ALREADY. Meh, it's okay, this can be the one show I watch without a ship, just 'coz he's super hot and funny. :D

it's not that I'm ENTIRELY against the pairing (wait, I am), I just hate CLAIRE. I wouldn't pair her with a TOOTHPICK.

Lol! I'm glad I don't fangirl her or I'd be CRUSHED at this outpouring of disdain for her! TBH, I like the dynamics between her and Sylar more than I actually like the notion of them together. It's the psychology of it all that intrigues me.

With him and Elle, she accepted him, they were similar kinds of crazy, she understood him, right? It's an untraditional kind of romance, but still romantic. Whereas with Claire, she hates him, she'll try to cripple him so she can run away before he heals and comes after her, she'll always defy him and meanwhile, he wants to dominate her, and break her and I just find that- fascinating. :P

So I guess it's less shipping and more...IDEK. My brain confuses me, lol.

I like that Noah is such a realist, he knows how screwed up everything is, and yet he's still there, fighting to make the world fit into his plans, no matter how terrible and difficult and painful it all is. And as you pointed out, with no abilities whatsoever! That, to me, demonstrates more strength than Peter and Hiro and almost everyone else put together.

They have this blind optimism and idiotic recklessness [GRYFFINDORS *snorts*] that sends them plunging into dangerous situations without thinking and often end up making things worse, but Noah plans and schemes and he's aware of the risks he's taking and how little power he has in the big picture but goes ahead and manages it against ridiculous odds anyway. I love that about him.

Do I wish he had awesome powers? Sure, 'coz that'd be neat. But it wouldn't really be Noah, because the way he compensates for that disadvantage is amazing to watch. The man may not have the Specials' brawn, but he makes up for it with his brains.

PS. Have you seen all the eps so far? I just watched The Wall *beats Peter senseless for being so stupid* and there was this cute Sylar moment that just...I don't know WHY it's so cute but anyway...yes, have you seen it?

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Date: 2010-04-03 04:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, a woman after my own heart. Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion. Really.

Hannibal/Clarice is a pairing I also LOVE. Really, it might be the one reason I will ONE DAY read the books. I love twisted characters, they make for more interesting outcomes!

LOL I'm also watching for Damon. Did you watch the latest ep? Wow... Damon. You evil STUD. I wanted to hug him. I mean, I thought the writers would pull off something to give him a soft spot of regret, but our Damon is the MAN.

Hmmm... I can respect the psychology between the two, yes, so I don't resent you for that, but thinking of them as a pairing with actual LOVE disturbs me. It just... does.

o.O Wow. Your mind is fascinated by very TWISTED things. Explains a lot :-P

;.; You just described Noah perfectly *sniffles* Wuv.

Noah doesn't need special powers. He has heart, he has drive, he has brain, he has determination and the cojones to make the decisions no one else WOULD.

And yes, I watched all the eps -_- I hate Claire. Sylar has gone soft. And Noah... I love Noah. AND CLAIRE BROKE HIS HEART *says no more*

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Date: 2010-04-03 05:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lol. And this shall inspire my dreams during all the nights that follow. That in an AU, there was a chance for you and me. ;D

You really must read the books one day, the twisted shippiness will delight you. *nodnod*

The last ep I saw was where Elena found out about her birth mother. I wanted to slap her so hard [so basically, my usual reaction to her overwhelming self-absorbed stupidity] when she thought that Damon had killed Isobel and all of a sudden she's on the 'KILL DAMON' train, 'Why are you giving him a chance? He's never going to change! He's proved he's irredeemable!' for a murder he committed YEARS AGO and has absolutely NO BEARING on his prospects for rehabilitation! All it took was finding out he killed someone she actually cares about and suddenly she's out to get him. *kicks her*

I get the feeling that if it hadn't been for the fact that Isobel was her mom, she wouldn't have cared at all that Damon was taunting Alaric about his dead wife. 'coz unless it affects her directly, she doesn't have an ounce of compassion or empathy. *spits on her*

So yeah, um, I don't know what you're referring to, but it sounds like Damon is as cool as ever, so bring it on!

Hmmm... I can respect the psychology between the two, yes, so I don't resent you for that, but thinking of them as a pairing with actual LOVE disturbs me.

Oh, no, no no ono. I definitely stay away from THOSE fics. I have no interest in happy fluffy shippy fics, perish the thought. Totally would not work for these characters, I get so pissed off at the ridiculous 'how can I ever trust you, look at all the harm you've done'/'oh, but the sweet shining light of your innate goodness has made me alter my ways' rubbish.

[Mind you, not that the way the writers contrived to make him a good guy rings any truer, it's just as nonsensical, honestly- lock him up with Peter for years, that'll make him want to go on the straight and narrow! Matt's power makes him the ultimate Corrections Officer!]

It's just darkfics with dom!Sylar that hit my kinks- I tend to stay away from those in other fandoms, but since Claire is Indestructo!Girl, I can sit back and enjoy the s&m without feeling guilty. Because reality has nothing to do with it, things that would make me wince and squirm at the thought of the long-term damage that would affect a normal person in some of the more outlandish fics by writers with no grasp on basic biology don't apply! It's scary how creative some fic writers are with the fact that Claire has no limits she can't be pushed beyond...

;.; You just described Noah perfectly *sniffles* Wuv.

Thank you! I'm pleased I moved you, I could spend ages rhapsodizing over that man's awesome.

the cojones to make the decisions no one else WOULD.

I have a hefty portion of my heart reserved for characters that the majority of characters/fandom don't like for their unpopular decisions but I love because they do what's necessary, no matter the personal cost. [Snape!] Especially when they hate themselves a little because they realize how morally bankrupt they've become but it was required of them and they followed through.


*headdeskwallfloor* I have no words.

So I looked up fan reactions- I lol'd at this review:

Claire: you cannot die, you cannot get hurt, WHY do you have to advertise that in order to 'live' a normal life? It's not as if you turn into a warewolf at nights and you want to be able to go out for a pizza after dark. I don't get why you feel that you NOT getting torn apart or throwing yourself from windows (hey, it's a faster way to get to class) is you 'hiding' who you are. Someone explain that to me.

GOOD POINT. Her ability isn't something that requires her to hide from society, she can pass, as Noah begged her to- I'm so thrilled he didn't die but why does that make his wishes any less important? It's like his request only matters to her if he's dead, wtf? The ONE THING he asked of her and this is what she does...argh!

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Date: 2010-04-03 06:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL Yes, in another AU, there would've indeed been a chance *pets*

I definitely will keep them in mind for future readings, then.

Yup, that's the last episode I saw and OH MY GOSH, YES, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! She was fine with Damon having been a destroyer of lives, but now that he 'destroyed' the only chance at her mother, OH NOES! And, dude, seriously? If your mother doesn't want you to contact her, would you get it through your thick head!? I mean, I could understand her insistence if she used her brain and thought, "Huh, my mother is a vamp who doesn't want anything to do with me and went so far as sending someone to give me the message. What is she trying to hide?" Instead, she goes all, "MY MOMMY DOESN'T WANT ME!"


And yes, Damon was the MAN there. I didn't think he'd kill Alaric, that maybe he'd go all soft, but he just went for it... he just... went and sat by like it was nothing. Reow.

LOL I agree. Being locked up with Peter would've made me realize how pathetically stupid he is and, yes, I would've gone crazier.

Mmmm... dom!Sylar. Reminds me of a future!fic (the future where Nathan was president but that Nathan was actually Sylar) where, when Sylar beckoned Claire, well, he didn't just kill her... he went all sadistic on her. Ah, it was good.

Yes. Noah is definitely our hero.

LOL Good point. She acts like her ability is the end of the world. HELLO!? You want a sucky ability? Meet Rogue (X-men) and then we can talk about sucky abilities.

When that episode ended, when she did that, when Noah said those words, "She's breaking my heart." Had I superpowers, I would've broken through the t.v. and stuck her head in a bowl of acid.


(Like I said, I no like her)

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Date: 2010-04-03 08:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OH MY GOSH, YES, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! She was fine with Damon having been a destroyer of lives, but now that he 'destroyed' the only chance at her mother, OH NOES!

*tacklehugs* EXACTLY. I don't know how the writers can't see that they're making her come off like the most selfish bitch in existence, they think she's endearing and sympathetic and she's totally not! *stabs her*

And, dude, seriously? If your mother doesn't want you to contact her, would you get it through your thick head!?

Instead, she goes all, "MY MOMMY DOESN'T WANT ME!"

Um, I would be going, 'So my mother's alive and not only did she never bother to come find me and have a coffee or something, she actually sent a guy warning me not to look for her, after which she made him commit suicide- SO DO NOT EVER WANT TO MEET THIS WOMAN'. Jeez!

Lol, 'k, so you approved of him killing Alaric? I thought it was unnecessary, considering how he >>>>>>> Alaric, but hey, I guess if the fly keeps swooping round your face, it's gonna get swatted sooner or later.

Being locked up with Peter would've made me realize how pathetically stupid he is and, yes, I would've gone crazier.

It's not so much Peter as Milo's complete lack of acting ability! Honestly. 'I're not....' Yeah, complete and utter conviction and THAT is what's supposed to bring about Sylar's epiphany that allows them to break out of the mental prison?

But yeah, having Peter as my only companion would be wearisome, what a punk, throwing away Sylar's peace offering.

Oh, but the reason I originally asked if you'd seen it- I laughed at that scene where Peter taps him on one shoulder as he walks past, faking Sylar out and making him look in the wrong direction. It' adorable, for reasons I can't even express. It's the kind of thing kids do and it's like Sylar never had that and now Peter's the one kidding around with him and just- d'aww! *snuggles Sylar*

Mmmm... dom!Sylar.
he went all sadistic on her. Ah, it was good.

Mmm indeed!
Lol, we're sick puppies. But, uh- can I get a link to that? ;D

She acts like her ability is the end of the world. HELLO!? You want a sucky ability? Meet Rogue (X-men) and then we can talk about sucky abilities

WORD, this, so much! Oh, like it's the most horrible thing imaginable, not ever getting sick, not feeling pain, staying young and wrinkle-free forever, BOO FRAKKING HOO. *iz disgusted* What a whinger.

Also. Totally shipped Rogue/Wolverine. I know I wasn't supposed to find it hot but that scene where she wakes him up in bed and he accidentally sinks his claws into her and she uses his healing ability...*cough cough*

Had I superpowers, I would've broken through the t.v. and stuck her head in a bowl of acid

Lol! I so want that power! I know a ton of characters who deserve such treatment. >:D

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Date: 2010-04-08 02:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Selfish INDEED. I mean, honestly, she and Bella should meet. They'd be BFFs for real.

*SNORT* Well, that's the thing with Damon, killings don't HAVE to be necessary. He just kills. It's either fun, interesting or, hey, why not? I'm already considered a villain, might as well play the part with some style. *.* I love Damon, yes?

*SNORT* Fine, now that Sylar's somewhat changed he might... Well, he might have a chance at some form of normalcy, of trust and friendship, maybe, but *frowns* I'll miss him being twisted.

Err, the link to the fic? I'd love to, if I could find it >.> the only sylar comm I know doesn't have tags for the pairing -_- and now I'm hunting through a Claire comm... that also doesn't have a tag for the pairing... needle in a haystack -_-

I suck.

LOL Rogue/Wolverine? Do you THINK you're the only one? I kind of wished the sleeve of her dress would've gone off the shoulder just a bit, but still, they had their good moments *.* can't be denied. Especially when Mystique changed shapes to look like Marie XD I squeed!


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