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Date: 2010-04-30 01:59 am (UTC)
a sandwich with cheese and bacon and, instead of bread, they put it between two slabs of fried chicken.

OMG! That sounds kinda neat but also very messy! *frowns*
But I still want to try one now...*tummy growls*

*doesn't comment on how much more likely long nails are to accidentally get torn off*

Haha, very funny, not commenting like that. *pokes you*
My nails have thankfully never gotten torn off *winces* but when they get too long, one will inevitably break, like on a light switch, and then I have to trim the rest. *sighs* You should've seen me in my Wolverine phase when I sharpened them into dangerous pointy claws. But I ended up scratching myself too much, lol, so I stopped that. *facepalm*

okay, that ending sounds not cool at all *wibbles*

IKR?! *clings to you*

"Severus, here's how it's going to be. You're going to drop the emo bullshit, only terrorize students who actually deserve it, buy some robes that aren't black, take these happy pills with breakfast every morning, and get over that tramp Lily..."

LMAO! That's brilliant! *pictures his flabbergasted face* It's a shame too many people don't like or don't understand him and can't just tell him some home truths mixed in with some affection, because otherwise that monologue would be totally brutal.

[Like my aunt the other telling me that I'm like a ten year old in the house, I don't do anything, I'm useless and cause everyone else heaps of stress, that Pa died at 71 and she'd like to see Ma make it further than that...yah, just a lot of really brutal honesty that had me in tears for hours]

Otoh, I do hate fics that have Hermione rehabilitating Snape and basically ordering him around, imposing hereslf on him as she attempts to give him a personality make-over and just being the boss of him. It's insulting. It's one thing for a mature woman to have strong ideas about how things will be and get him to compromise, it's another for a young woman condescendingly act like she knows what's best and baby him.

I hate this fic on ff.net that's got like, a thousand reviews, where in one chapter, Hermione barges into his room and gives him a special shampoo and a haircut, then in another, she forces him to go to a party, again barging into his rooms and when she finds him drunk, she simply carts him off to the party and then takes his wand so he can't Apparate out of there.

It gets worse and worse, but one of the most repulsive moments is when he's teaching her Legilimency and she's able to access his mind and, among other things, sees memories of his abusive father kicking the crap out of him and cutting him and this is what she has to say afterward:

"That was… amazing," she said, staring down at him in awe. "I never knew how interesting that would be."

I know it's just a fic and I shouldn't get so worked up about it, but I don't understand the 960 reviews for this crap.
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