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*snurched from [ profile] xfirefly9x *

1) Comment and I will give you three people for a fandom you are interested in.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of three people. or skip this if you're too lazy for pictures.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, or throw off a cliff.

She gave me:

-Laura Roslin
-John Sheppard
-Elizabeth Weir

EVIL. What about Baltar? *wibbles* I could easily throw HIM off a cliff...

*my answers* )


The Great Ship Meme


It's ridiculous how much time I spend on these things. But omg, it's so much fun. :D

Clicky clicky, you know you want to see what makes me tick...!


'I will go down with this ship, and I won't put my hands up in surrender...' )


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The BSG finale.

Omg, that ending.

*brain!splody time* )


Lie to Me.

Why do I watch this show? WHYYY? I don't like ships where the partners are already in other relationships! And this isn't just some random guy that turns up for one ep and disappears again, though when even that little hurts my soul, you can imagine how much it kills me that Gillian is MARRIED. And her tool of a husband doesn't even appreciate her, the prick. Gotta say I love [ profile] chibi_tenshi24 's plan:

we need to bury her husband's body get the husband out of the picture

*rubs hands gleefully* I mean, even if it seems like overkill just for a guy who threatens my ship [although I wrote a fic killing off Seven of Nine for that very reason], the fact that he is obviously cheating on her makes him more than worthy of literal 'character assassination'. *smirks*

'You know, you were very good back there, with Mrs. Burch. Very nurturing. Maybe you should get a puppy. I could talk to Obama's people...' )

I think Dido's White Flag describes me perfectly.
'I will go down with this ship
and I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag upon my door
I'm in love and always will be...'



Is it weird that Spike is now my favorite character? In season six, all the 'Scoobies' are acting like total retards, and he's like, the one decent guy around. How wack is that?
'I wish you felt the pain of a thousand searing pokers boiling your heart in its own juices...!' )

Finally, I just started watching Privileged, and OMG, MICHAEL CASSIDY!

I loved him on 4400, and now he's back! Sweet and lovable as ever! *squishes* I admit, I watch this show for the hot guys. I hate the main girl but the guys, there are so many handsome, charming, witty guys! They inexplicably fail with their bad taste in love interests because Megan is the definition of airbrain, but I put up with her antics for the guys. Also, the show has the cute little sister from Bionic Woman!

You can't give me a show with two stars from sci-fi and expect me to turn it down, even if it is a frivolous fluffy soap. :D

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Just randomly- icon love! *squishes [ profile] odakota_rose *


So, I was going to leap on the 'name your laptop' bandwagon.[ profile] odakota_rose  has Moya,[ profile] mcgarrygirl78 has Matilda,[ profile] spence_reid  has...Agnes? But when the only appropriate name that comes to mind is Galactica- for my laptop is one with the crashing, and the falling apart and the malfunctions and inevitable crapping up- I think I might maybe postpone this. I have a feeling all the BSG people will come bash up on me since any jokes about Galactica witty or not are just too soon. Besides, my laptop induces enough angst without its very name making me all glum and depressed, right? I'll stick with 'frelling piece of dren' for now. :P


Another TLW dream. I'm torn between amusement and concern at how much it's eating my brain. And in the grand tradition of my subconscious ripping off themes and events from other shows, considering how much I've been thinking about Boomer/Chief in the last week, it's perhaps not surprising that my dream dredged it up in terms of Marguerite and Roxton going through the whole 'I shall yell and rant and verbally abuse you to make everyone THINK we hate each other, while secretly, behind closed doors, we're stripping down and preparing to frak each other's brains out' routine. Lol. My brain used to be so innocent. >_< Where did this come from?

I love the miniseries. Roslin established power and got to be in control for like, the only time in the show, Apollo was actually cool, Helo- well, I still wanted to thwack him, but that's a step down from my usual urge to beat him to a pulp, and Baltar wasn't the writer's pet just yet. And it was fun watching it with Katherine- she's usually the one with the sexual innuendo and outrageous, colorful remarks, making me scramble to match wits with her, but two seconds into Six frakking Baltar, she's shielding her eyes behind a cushion. *smirks*


meme snurched from[ profile] ana_jo .

1. Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key [located on the right side of the F12 key]. [If you have a Mac, push the 'apple' key, shift and three]
2. Open a graphics program [like Picture Manager, Paint or Photoshop] and do a Paste [CTRL + V]. If you wish, you can 'edit' the image before saving it.
3. Post the picture here or on your lj. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop if you want. You can explain why you prefer such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.

'k, disclaimer: my laptop is of such crapitude that a lot of normal functions you take for granted? Don't work. Ctrl + alt + del is one. Print scrn is another. So I'm doing this for the Deakin computer. Which means you don't get to see the clutter of mine and I can continue to pretend to be a neat, organized person. :P

*short explanation- and for once in my life, it actually is* )


Five questions from [ profile] mcgarrygirl78 .

*answers* )
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Of the most epic awesome...a Twilight parody of unparalleled excellence.

I am so in love with this clip. It starts off slow, like a re-enactment of the movie with added snark-'if you were smart, you'd stay away from me', 'well, let's say for argument's sake that I'm not smart...'- then it just explodes into hilarious fun.

'k, so a week after the fact, I finally managed to see Blood on the Scales.

Goddamn, I love Roslin! )

Random meme.

snurched from buffyaddict13 )
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It's settled. I'm going to be a super villain who has the power to steal teen metabolisms and[ profile] spence_reid  is my sidekick. I flirted with the idea of being a hero and a force for good, but this is more true to my character, lol. Just need to think about costumes now! Since we're going to be super fit and have the perfect bodies, my options are endless!

I do like this number by [ profile] cinegirl2000 .

I always saw Emily as more of a Wonder Woman type, since fotobridget2's fic Super Hero Family brainwashed me, but Elektra works too.


Mother and I had another of our now-weekly tennis matches. Til mother goes back to school, anyway. Stupid school. Although, that's kinda like saying 'stupid paycheck', so I shall forgive mother the inconvenience of her working for a living and not being around to entertain me when I wish.

At any rate, I lost again, 6-4. *sighs* There was one crucial shot when we were on 5-4 that could've changed the direction of the game in my favor but I was too tired and a little overconfident and TOTALLY HIT THE NET. Ugh. Why is it in basketball or netball, they're all like, 'Nothing but net, baby' and it's a good thing, but here the net is baaaad. I shall brood over that one shot for the rest of the day now. >:{

But it wasn't all bad news. Even though I lost the match, at least I was engaging in physical exercise and burning calories. Since I can no longer rely on my teen metabolism, that is somewhat important if I don't want to become the human blimp. So it's a win-win situation, really. Or that's what I tell myself to make losing sting less, lol.

Also, mother took pity on me and bought me some water ices, so yay! It's cool when my pitifulness leads her to spoil me. :D Okay, so water ices aren't really healthy and shouldn't be a 'reward' for running around, sweating it out on a court- Katherine, my favorite bubble burster, informed me it's basically frozen sugar- but I have this bizarre affliction where I cannot read or watch something good without eating at the same time. Water ices are yummy, take a while to eat, they don't fill up your stomach and don't feel as naughty as say, chocolate. They're also way less expensive than chocolate, bonus!

But yeah, I have this compulsion to munch or gnaw on SOMETHING when reading or watching, otherwise I can't enjoy whatever it is I'm engaged in. One of the reasons I hate going to restaurants, because for some reason, it's considered rude to ignore the people you're with and read with your food. Stupid social conventions.

Memety meme meme.
[sorry,[ profile] spence_reid , had to steal that, it made me crack up so much!]

Pick your fandoms before reading the questions...

1. The Lost World

2. Criminal Minds

3. Atlantis   

4. Kyle XY

5. The Mentalist

6. Battlestar: Galactica    



'...the last I looked, mine's a little worse for wear...' )



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 Snurched from...[ profile] fangirl1981 , methinks.

1. List your top ten favorite hot fictional characters.
2. Answer all the questions listed.
3. Make a post!
4. Whoever comments has to do the meme! Spreading the fun all around!

My Characters:
1. Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)

2. Elizabeth Weir (Stargate: Atlantis)

3. Marguerite Krux (The Lost World)

4. Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

5. John Sheppard (Stargate: Atlantis)

6. John Roxton (The Lost World)

7. Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds)

8. Gregory House (House)

9. Lisa Cuddy (House)

10. Vala Mal Doran (Stargate SG-1)

*'Shame it took a power-mad homicidal maniac to bring out the best in you...'* )

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Today, I celebrate...

Laura Roslin.

[caps snurched from sapphs site


' war, you only get killed once. In politics, it can happen over and over...' )---------------

RL thing that's made me card reached [ profile] sapphs before Christmas! Success! [Yeah, so ONE CARD made it on time...that's a minor victory in my eyes, 'k? Let me have this moment, please. *vows to do better next Christmas*]

Also, I finally got my hands on Jim Butcher's new book, Princeps Fury. *bounces* :D
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Sometimes there’s no right answer. What would you do if you had the power to grant a taxi license to a murderer? My gut reaction was, OH HELL NO, I don’t want to catch a lift from this dude, please, he killed someone. Okay, so it happened 18 years ago and because he was acquitted on grounds of insanity, he was locked up in a mental institution for eight years so maybe he got the treatment he needed and is all rehabilitated and ready to be a productive member of society.

So give him a chance. Give him the license. What else do you do, deny the guy the opportunity to make an honest living? Make the choice to re-offend not only easier but necessary because there’s no other way to get by? There’s something wrong with the system if it encourages criminals to commit more crimes because they have no opportunities to do the right thing. And yet...I’d be reluctant to get into his taxi if I knew his history.

Then I read that he’s trying to get money to put towards his son, who has leukaemia, and I think- wow, some people get all the bad luck. Poor boy, his father kills his mother, and now he’s got this condition to deal with. Keep punishing the father, and screw the son’s future in the process. Damn.


One thing that frustrates me about BSG is that Laura always ends up alone. I mean, the only real relationship she has is with Bill, but when those two clash- as they inevitably do- she’s left all by herself. Everyone else either betrays her or dies. It’s damn depressing, in a show that lives to chip away at her heart and soul every chance it gets, and my favorite President deserves much better than this.

I usually only read A/R fics but stumbled across this Caprica/Roslin BFF fic and it totally works! Beautiful, a little tragic and bittersweet, but ultimately hopeful. I wish we could have this on the show. Laura desperately needs a friend. And it’s so cute how they bond over their men, and their little manipulations, heh.

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From own_the_sky

1. Comment on this post and ask for a letter.
2. I will give you one.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

 I was assigned 'D'...about a million years ago. Um. My tardiness has no good excuse. >_<

1. Dana Scully, The X-files


Lookit how young she is! *coos*

*The longest love of my life. I think it’s been about seven years now.* )

2. Vala Mal Doran, Stargate SG-1


*Vala is too wonderful to resist. How can you not worship her like the goddess she posed as?* )

3. Donna Moss, The West Wing


4. Jessica Devlin, Shark

*Hated her as Seven of Nine, fell for her HARD in this role* )

5. D’anna Biers, Battlestar: Galactica



*Blonde Lucy Lawless, GUH* )
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Ezydvd is selling BSG themed coasters along with the fourth season part 1 dvd set. Any ol' gimmick just to make a sale, huh?

I'm obsessed, but in a more fangirly way that means I'd totally buy it for coasters with Mary McDonnell on them, but random insignia? Does not rock my world. Try pictures of pretty people, advertising execs, it's not that hard to figure it out.

They have no problem using Six as the cover art model. Why is it always Six, on her own, or one of a few? Haven't they figured out BSG is an ensemble show? Roslin's never been on the cover [Australian, anyway], damn it.


In other news, AMERICA SUCKS. A lot. My grandmother got a letter from Celine Keil, a friend of the family, saying her husband, Joe, was arrested by the Immigrations Customs Enforcement in Missouri. Apparently his crime was illegally procuring and travelling with a US passport- listen to this 'logic'; because he had both a Samoan and American passport, one of them HAD TO BE FAKE. Now, Samoa is a lovely tolerant country, it doesn't mind you being a citizen of other countries- I think I still have my own Samoan passport somewhere, although I had to give up my Fijian passport when I turned 18 and chose to retain my Australian citizenship. Dual citizenship is not unheard of, it's hardly a rare phenomenon. Joe has some American ancestors, which is why he was acknowledged as an American citizen, given a US passport and then he SERVED IN THE FRAKKING US AIR FORCE FOR FOUR YEARS. So he was good enough for them then.

But after 40 years of travelling through the US with that passport, suddenly the immigrations people decide to forcibly arrest him, making a humiliating scene in public; they didn't even have a warrant for his arrest or for searching and seizing his possessions, but no, that didn't stop them from putting him in a prison jumpsuit and chains  and shackles and LOCKING HIM UP FOR NINE DAYS. He wasn't even allowed visits from his family for a week.

What makes this awful story even worse? He's the Chief Negotiatior for the Pacific Islands, he's a DIPLOMAT returning home from a mission in Europe, and he showed them his diplomatic credentials which according to the Vienna Convention is supposed to offer diplomats protection and safe passage, but no, they take his credentials away and imprison him for no good reason. The guy hasn't committed a violent crime like rape or murder but he gets the death row prisoner star treatment with chains and all.

After nine days, he's finally out, albeit on bail and having to post a $10,000 bond. His personal effects are missing- passports, licence, social security card- and he's told he can't leave Missouri. Talk about adding insult to injury. Frakking idiots. Rather than getting an apology, he's facing court for a crime a 5 year old could tell he didn't commit!

Seriously, WTF?

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I was looking through a few of the cast reflections posted on this random website and came across this from Katee Sackhoff:

'I took this job against my manager's advice. It was either BSG or Abbey on NCIS...'

OMG. So glad she went with BSG. I do not see her having half the chemistry Pauley's Abby does with McGee or with Gibbs! Katee does more hardcore intense characters, and I like neurotic quirky cutesy little Abby that NCIS has right now, kthxbai. Also, if that Criminal Minds/NCIS crossover happens, it'd never be as awesome without Pauley and Kristin Vangsness!

I do love the various pearls of wisdom she lists, courtesy of her fellow cast and crew members [emphasis is mine]:
- It's totally ok to marry someone young enough to be your daughter. Thank you, Eddie
- And marry a producer. Thank you, Lucy Lawless.
- I aspire to be like Mary McDonnell. Thank you for everything. [HEE! I LOVE THAT]
- My new partner in crime, Tricia. To all the adventures that await us.
- I've never seen such growth in an actress like Grace. You're inspiring.
- It truly is possible to be smokin' hot with one eye, Hogan.
- Stunts: for always letting me try. Even when I'd already hit Jamie in the face twice!
- Sound: you have the easiest job ever but we love you anyway. No, seriously, I've never looped so little in my life.
- Wardrobe: thank you for putting up with an actress and her insecurities...and also saving me money on tailoring.
- Hair and makeup: you guys are my shrinks. Shit! I should've had you sign confidentiality agreements.

I love her so much more now! *sniffles* Just when I think I've gotten over BSG only being four seasons, the grief comes along and smacks me upside the head again. :'[ *woes*

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So cool and yet...why she not wearing skirt? *iz sad* Doll!Laura should be in a skirt. To maximize the pretty.

But still- awesome! :D


Jun. 13th, 2008 02:39 pm
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Dear Admiral Adama.

I am writing to tell you that I tried resurrecting last night because a vision told me to do it. I hope you can accept that my destiny is what makes me so attracted to you. If you could return my signed copy of Pythia, I’d really appreciate it and in return I promise to airlock someone, anyone you like, though it won’t be easy if you divide the fleet again. If anyone suspects, we’ll tell the fleet that they’re a Cylon.

I’m not saying I’m needy, but if you don’t reply I’ll probably start getting touchy with that airlock button…

President Roslin

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1. I don’t like Roslin’s new hairdo. First time I saw her, I’m ashamed to say I thought it was Helena Cain and it was only when I wondered WTF she was doing sitting next to Adama like she belonged there that I realized her identity. 

2. Random icon with the caption: ‘Mary McDonnell- turning straight girls since 1952’ makes me lol.

Firstly, because I’ve been gushing about her so much my family probably does think I’m gay. No, really, idolizing a woman makes me gay. Huh. It's not that I'm offended, it's just I'm exasperated that they're so narrow-minded they can't juggle the duality of being completely in love with her yet not being like, sexually attracted to her and to females in general. So if I had posters of hot guys with no shirts on, that'd be a comforting confirmation of my non-gayness to them, but having posters of Mary/Roslin, Torri/Weir and so on is unsettling and disconcerting to them. To the extent that in conversation, I need to censor my hyper-gleefulness and adoring worship of Mary because I know it makes them feel uncomfortable. *sighs* II need to find this other icon I saw somewhere: I am straight and Marysexual. Put THAT on a poster. Mwahaha.

Secondly because- well, *since 1952*? Since she was a BABY? Seriously? I don’t know that an infant would be capable of wreaking such havoc on the heterosexual female population…then again, Mary can do anything. Dominating the female sex from the cradle isn’t too much of a stretch, no…

3. Mary McDonnell has the most [freakishly] uniformly straight teeth I’ve ever seen. When she smiles, my first thought- well, after ‘gods, who knew a smile really could light up the world?’- is ‘Wow, look how white and straight and perfect her teeth are!’ I’ve never had a problem with mine, but in comparison, I feel like I should get braces. XP

4. Season 4 Gaius Baltar is a dead ringer for Jordan Collier of 4400. It’s uncanny.

I am...

May. 19th, 2008 01:47 pm
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I was in the underground computer labs five minutes ago. The alarm goes off. *WAIL WAIL WAIL* And there's like, hundreds of us kids madly hacking away at our keyboards...alarms going...a few lights flashing...

NOBODY MOVES. It's the most frakking hilarious thing ever. Unless there was a fire raging away right in front of our faces, none of us were going to relinquish our lifelines, lol. It took a teacher walking in and telling us all to move our butts that finally convinced everyone to take the alarm seriously. I still have no idea what it was for- although the floors above are the chem/bio-hazard areas, so...hmm...

When did GateWorld turn into a social networking site like myspace and all? I had an email telling me about friend requests and when I log into GW, suddenly there's like photo albums and social groups I already feel so guilty about all these people I'm neglecting from bebo to myspace to here, and now GW can join the list, lol. I WILL NOT EVEN LOOK AT FACEBOOK. *stamps foot* No more responsibilities, damn it.

Staying with Ma this week, as the American relatives have taken my room. [With my new Mary + A/R wall-decorating theme, heh- wonder what they'll make of THAT?!] Boarding with the grandmother offers all types of perks, including Foxtel and unlimited internet hours, which combined to keep me up til 6am this morning. My head feels like it's stuffed full of cotton wool and about to explode bits of fluff everywhere any moment now.

But it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. I plan to make the most of the free internet access, hee...

I've finished reading pretty much every fic on Survival Instinct. NOW what am I supposed to do? It feels like the end of an era. I’m at a loss now. SI was the only major A/R fic site, right? I mean, Sparky had a few different websites devoted to it, not including which I trawled if I was really desperate [as a member, I am totally within my rights to pay out fellow lousy authors, although I am still a step above producing Mary-Sue!fics, kthxbai].

LJ has an A/R comm but I’m lazy when it comes to searching through all the other posts with icons, wps, ep discussion, random flailing…don’t get me wrong, all of that is fun fun fun, but when I’m searching for fic, I like it neatly set out for me, you know? Trotting to the local store to buy nicely packaged goods as opposed to stalking my prey and hunting-and-killing. Hmm, maybe staying up all hours of the night exhausting my fic resources isn't the best plan...

I crossed over the 60kg threshold. [132 pounds] *EPIC FLAILING* I know it's shallow and all, but...*whimpers*

I was always like, 'yeah, screw healthy eating and exercise, if I can keep my weight below 60 -even if it's 59.9, it's all good...' and now I'm thinking I might have to make like icarus_abides and go *shudders* running. I know, I know, you're only supposed to go running for your HEALTH and to be FIT, but the only way I'm doing this is to get thin, damn it.

Thing is, I am way better at moral support and motivating people to do things that I wouldn't do in a million years. Like, I am the best cheerleader to have in your corner when you need some morale boosting, but DOING things myself? Nuh-uh.

HEE! Fandom collision!

[I adore the Mary McDonnell fan site, seriously, it is awesomeness to an infinite degree]
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My third convention experience would have to rank at the bottom of the list so far. I was expecting it to be awesome- and you know, it kinda was, just because it’s not everyday you meet Chris Judge- but there is just one recommendation I hope the organizers will implement to make the next con a million times better.


Because seriously. Chris Judge was smashed. He was so drunk it wasn’t funny. Well, no, it started off funny and then it was just taxing. Every word he spoke was punctuated by a gulp of Scotch. Ask him a question? More Scotch before, during and after his answer. I had a serious question to ask him about the show but I shelved it because the atmosphere of the evening was decidedly…seedy.

It was bodily functions here, sexual innuendo, strike that, sexual explicitness there, and the lowest point was when this woman ran up to the stage and pulled up his shirt to stroke his interestingly tattooed stomach. Oookay. I wonder if she’ll watch the dvd of it later and cringe at her actions. I swear, everyone else in the audience was cringing for her.

Scotty, who runs these events, is still being irritatingly close-mouthed about the huge actor they’re negotiating with for the next con- all bets are still on RDA, but I’m hoping it’s not next month like they hinted because GODS, I won’t be allowed for sure and it will kill me if I can’t see him. Disgusting on-set competitions or not, dude, I can’t miss RDA! The only concrete info I have is that the next Armageddon expo will be at the end of the year with David Hewlett and Andee, the wraith queen! *dances*

My old wish list of actors I most want to meet had Torri at the top…and of course, she’s still up there, I’m not that fickle with my heart. But she’s tied with Mary McDonnell now! Scotty’s a BSG fan, so my fingers are crossed that maybe he’ll make it happen. *flails* I would just DIE of fangirly glee if I ever had the chance to meet the two of them!

Okay, that covers the important things, I guess…

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 Disclaimer: I have seen none of the season four episodes, nor the final few season three episodes, so most of my knowledge is gleaned from picking through other people’s journals and forum posts.

Also? This is nitpicking in the extreme. I will squee for ship's sake over the tiniest of gestures, a hand on the back, a shared glance...but I will mentally squish the witers for failing to elaborate on important developments in A/R.

I read this wonderful fic ‘Only Stars’ by ‘misscam’, and there was one line there that summed up the main reason I stick by BSG:
‘Love doesn't come without hurt, never has. It just offers an incentive to work through it…’
Truer words were never spoken. So whenever I whinge about how overly sensitive I am and how brutal BSG is on my tender heart, I think about that line and it makes me realize it’s worth it in the end, because of A/R. All I want is for the writers to respect it a little more. They’re not afraid to extract every last drop of angst and pain from it, but they need that whole ‘light-and-shade’ thing going on, you know? 



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