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Happymaking list of win.

My shiny new SSHG icons!

Made for me by kf_creations of dreams_of_fancy...

...and absolutelybatty of reflexive_verb.

*squishes them gleefully*

Kathryn’s sent me two chapters of The Professor’s Discretion to beta in as many weeks, and I just received yet another this week. *twirls giddily* I do so love a prolific writer! And it's seriously like she's climbed inside my head to figure out what themes and types of exchanges I love the most in this fandom and promptly tailored the whole fic just to make me squeeful.

Like, at the moment, it's not very shippy, it's a mentor/student kind of relationship and I so adore that dynamic. Of course I want it to end on a shippy note, but I hate fics that have Hermione and Snape inexplicably fall for each other within the first thousand words. She's 60,000 words in and it's still on a student/professor basis, with little moments here and there that make me flail like a crazy fangirl and my heart exploding with joy, but it's not inappropriate or tacky or anything. Just...brilliant. *sighs with pleasure*

My unhealthy yet oh-so-satisfying diet.

This is technically a fail, considering what I'm doing to my body, but it makes me happy... )

I strolled into Jay Jays to kill some time while waiting for the bus…half an hour later, my bus was long gone and I was still trying on different tops. ^_^ It’s been a while since I’ve gotten excited over shopping, there’s been slim pickings here but I really liked the look of the cardi selection. Originally $40, they were on sale at $25- and they’re all exactly what I was looking for, it was just perfect for me! So I walked out of there with three brand new cardigans just in time for winter. ^_^

Shopping stuff )

My father and I spent over two hours in each other's company yesterday , engaging in pleasant conversation and companiable speculation. :O It's unheard of! And what was responsible for this miracle? The series finale of Lost!

We haven't watched it in years, but since it was the 'last ever' ep, we decided to tune in, and the experience was quite- enjoyable, bizarrely. Obviously the moral of the story is that tv can bring together even people that are usually mutually antagonistic, and if I want to- *gasp*- enjoy my father's company, we just need to sit in front of the tv together. *nodnod* Too bad this was a once-in-a-lifetime event...

[Btw, if anyone can explain that mindfrak of a finale, I'd appreciate it- I still don't get what the hell was going on! Muke was like, 'We're still no wiser now than we were five years ago,' lol!]

Sucktastic list of fail.

I was supposed to hang out with a friend last Friday but that fell through. I knew I shouldn’t get my hopes up and yet I fall for it every time. I keep thinking I actually matter to someone and then I’m proven wrong. Obviously it’s not worth having friends in real life, it’s just one blow after another to my self-esteem. ;_; I tell myself I'm an awesome person and it's their loss if they don't recognize it, but then why is it always happening to me? Why am I always the one it's so easy to forget about and leave behind? *throws a pity party*

Safeway stole $5 from me! The first time I use my card on their self-serve machine and it bloody rips me off! *scowls* Mother and Ma have offered me money to make up for it, but it’s not the same. *pouts* It’s not that I don’t want their money [perish the thought!] but that it doesn’t make up for Safeway ripping me off. >:[

Nothing happened with that job interview. *sighs* It’s been ages, so I think they went with someone else. I’m telling myself it's a relief, but I'm kinda disappointed. There goes another chance to be the responsible, productive adult I know is hiding somewhere deep inside, oh well.

I only have one session left with Sonya. *sadface* I was really enjoying these past sessions and I’m going to miss her. >_<

Though she joked, ‘You could get a job and then come back and see me.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, having the job would probably cause the stress that would make me need to see you!’

She’s been so lovely, it’ll be sad after my last session. *pouts* But $150 an hour? Pfft. So not happening on my dime.

Only I am lame enough to get hostile with an old lady. Okay, technically, there was no overt display of hostility except for the daggers I shot from my eyes, but she had it coming. >:[ 
I laughed afterwards, but man, I was seething with suppressed anger at the time )

As with any non-canon couple that faces the obstacle of a canon pairing, a lot of Snape/Hermione fics have to deal with the R/Hr issue. I've seen so many reasons for their  breakup- he falls in love with someone else, he cheats on her, he's threatened by her ambitions, she's fed up with him living off her without pulling his own weight, etc. etc.

The most unrealistic I've come across is the wife-beater!Ron stereotype, wtf? I don't like this kid, but if one of the two was going to be physically abusive, it'd be the chick that sent a flock of magical canaries to peck the living crap out of him and left him with wounds for weeks afterwards, right?

But the best resolution I've ever seen to their so-called 'relationship', without demonizing or vilifying either character, allowing them to remain friends afterwards, is from a fic called Arachne. It's also the funniest and most in character...!

Snippet of Hilarious Awesome )

Bwahaha! Epic! As much as I don't like this pairing, I really can't stand it when shippers go Ron!bashing and make it all bitter and ugly [even if that is actually in character] because I just want everyone to be friends, instead of ruining years' of history. So having the break-up due to her Animagus form...hee! :D

CM 5 x 15.

Was anyone else going WTF at this scene? )

I call it the Hotch!gasm. :P

Emily/Hotch silliness )
:P What? Canon gives me so little, don't blame me for blowing this out of proportion! ^_~



From weird_fin.

Resistance Is Futile.
~Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
~I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
~Update your journal with the answers to the questions.

Questions and answers and a mini-picspam )


TV Meme.

Day 03 - Your favourite new show (aired this TV season)
10 Things I Hate About You. A really good show about teens. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it's hilarious. Too bad it's cancelled. *pouts*

Snurched from vorquellyn.
Leave me a comment saying, 'Live long and prosper,' and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal.

Awesome alternative credits for Dollhouse by scifi_tv_addict.

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How do you repel a guy without being totally rude about it? I feel like such a shrew, but this guy at the library keeps talking to me and it's driving me nuts! 

Cut for bitchiness )----

RL issues:

I've never kept much of a division between my LJ and my real life. My identity is so interwined with the life I lead on the internet that trying to keep the two apart would be a headache. I know some people fiercely guard their identities in case their journals are exposed and it undermines their credibility in their everyday lives, but that never even occurred to me, and it's probably a little to worry about it now. [It'll suck if I want to run for Prime Minister in the future, lol, and something I said here torpedoes my campaign]

I considered the issue of online life affecting RL with a whole new perspective after Age columnist Catherine Deveny was fired because of some offensive and tasteless tweets she posted.

Jeez, people, you have to be more careful! )-

Crazy Cabbie

While the public's shredding Catherine Deveny to bits for her tacky tweets, it's amazing to me that there's an equal amount of support for the taxi driver that had a 'brain snap' that resulting in him chasing a car of teens, ramming it once it blew a tire and then getting out to smash it to bits with a change dispenser and tyre lever.

Seriously, there's pages of letters in the newspaper hailing him a hero! WTF?!

He's a frakking psycho, he should be locked up! )-

Ban the Burqua?

The main camps of opinion seem to be:

a) Do it now before someone uses the burqua to conceal a bomb and people get hurt or killed.

b) It's hardly like we have burqa-clad gangs roaming the country, whereas thugs in trackies and hoodies seem to make a weekly appearance on Crime Stoppers- should we ban those, too?

c) The burquas are better at Hungry Jack's.
*gigglesnort* Irreverent, but hee...!

My personal opinion- not speaking for anyone else, not trying to offend anyone else.  )---


Re: the Deathly Hallows movie- please check any fandom!wank at the door.

This is old news, but I was just snickering to myself about it. 

I shouldn't find this so amusing, but I do... )

Shows I just started watching.

Season 2 of True Blood. [Didn't care to sit through season 1]

Can I just say how much I love Jessica?! She's so gorgeous and adorable!

'To your room, please. Tru Blood.'/'You are going to be *so* sorry when I get an eating disorder!' )

Also! The award for Most Self-Aware Vampire goes to Bill Compton!

Sookie: I think, deep down, you don’t like vampires, even though you are one.
Bill: So?
Sookie: Well, hating yourself is a bad thing.
Bill: I am a vampire, I am supposed to be tormented.

LMAO, the writers were having too much fun, paying out the vampire cliche there! *gigglefit*

10 Things I Hate About You

Snippet from 'I Want You to Want Me' )

It's so rare to have a good father/daughter bond in these shows, it's great. *squishes them*

Glee flail!

Unexpectedly, I am awash with renewed love for this show. I know I came down hard on it last week, but The Power of Madonna improved matters immensely.

'When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist...' )
PS. Damn picture, with its Rachel/Will vibes! Stop trying to make me ship them, universe! Your evil plot is doomed to fail! *flees*


*Snurched from weird_fin:

Fill in the blank with analogies describing our relationship. (ie., 'you're the pb to my j' or 'you're the yellow to my blue')

You're the ____ to my ___.

*Snurched from sunkrux:

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching.


I am so in love with this show! It has intelligent, fascinating plots [I know, me watching for plot, ridiculous, right?! But it's true!] and charismatic, talented actors that breathe life into these wonderful, interesting, compelling characters [especially Walter, with his bizarre remarks and quirky foibles, hee].

And omg, it treats the audience like smart people, dropping little clues to allow us to develop theories about what's going on, hints about what happened to Olivia in her childhood, what happened to Peter in his childhood. They created a trail of breadcrumbs but weren't cruel and keeping us hanging for seasons on end, oh no! TPTB here think we deserve some reward for the time and emotional investment we make in the show. The last few episodes of the second season have just blown my mind, it is absolutely brilliant what they've been doing, the payoff in that resolution of the arc they built is so emotional and heart-wrenching and perfect.

And I cannot tell you how much I love Nina. The way she's her own person, this full-developed, three-dimensional character with her own agenda and motives. So many times, we get cardboard cut-outs as the plot dictates [someone for the protagonist to clash with, someone to provide them with assistance, blah blah blah], bland paper-dolls that prop up the storyline but not Nina! You could take away Olivia and the others and she would still exist in her own world, complete with a history and goals in life separate from providing a foil for the main characters, it's awesome.


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[Poll #1457732][Poll #1457732]

Last time I drew a comparison between Sanctuary’s John Druitt and our politician Peter Garrett. [Eerie, no?]

Now I bring your attention to Will Zimmerman. As soon as I saw him, I was all over the obvious Daniel Jackson comparison.

Apparently that’s why he ditched the glasses, lol.
But as Netty and I were doing our marathon, she turns to me and goes, ‘Hey, he looks like Harry Potter’ just as I was turning to her to say the same! [Great minds, etc. etc.] REALLY. Lookit.



Will-Harry compare/contrast )


You all need to appreciate how awesome Netty is. Seriously, best friend in RL, and the fact that she’s family is a bonus.

[Druitt appears onscreen, all menacing and mysterious-like]

Netty: Who’s that? The science tech guy?
Me: Uh…no. What do you think when they talk about prostitutes being killed?
Netty: *confuzzled*
Me: Historical context, dead hookers, come on…
Netty: Oh, oh, Marguerite and Roxton, with the two guys that were killing together… Jack the Ripper!

Lol. The woman drops TLW references into conversation. My love for her, it is infinite. :D


Three minutes in, Will does a brief impression of Helen's British accent. But it's well worth watching the whole thing- if you're a fan, it'll remind you of some of the best moments of hilarity. If you're not, well, off with you, become addicted already! :P

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Things that make me laugh:

Item #2385469029353 on the list of snicker-worthy ship name smushes. GRAPE.
As in Hermione Granger/Severus Snape =  Granger/Snape =Grape. *cracks up laughing*
I know I shouldn't talk, given I've submitted Jello as the Jane/Lisbon alternative ship name, but seriously, Grape?!

I was re-reading this convo that odakota_rose and I had a while back about a TLW/Sound of Music crossover and her crack!dialogue still sends me into gigglefits. ^_^
Can you imagine Marguerite meeting all these randomly happy singing people? 
{Marguerite: Roxton, they're just going around singing! Obviously they're delusional.
Roxton: I imagine it's because they're happy.
Marguerite: I told you- delusional. And I haven't ever seen them need a reason to start singing. Yesterday Maria burst into song after a t-rex chased them- going on about her favorite things as if it would keep the dinosaurs away!}

I finished watching the Sanctuary finale yesterday. [OMG! *WIBBLES*] Which totally influenced my dream, in which I was at some sorta safe house with John Druitt and we had this whole Hannibal/Clarice [ship!] vibe going on, like, there was the 'I don't know whether I want to hit on you or kill you now' thing happening. *shivers* At least cannibalism wasn't on the menu. :P Forgive my terrible punning...

Things that make me rant:

Incompetent staff and terrible fast food service + annoying Australian habits )


I want to like Primeval. It’s kinda hard ‘coz:

List of fail )

*quivers with loathing and hostility*

I've only seen the first few eps of season 4 [Psychic Friend and Electric Kiss stick in my memory as well as my craw] and wow, did TATB screw up this show but good. I was upset when I found out about its cancellation but at this point, it's a mercy killing. *nodnod*

Kyle/Amanda v Kyle/Jessi )


Things that make me bounce off the walls:

I was worried about the timing before, 'coz my parents wrangled numerous concessions to allow me to go to the convention last year, when it was a month before exam period. But due to the tortuous new trimester system- which necessitates the loss of our holidays plus study week *glares*- exams finish the week before the con! Oh, joy! *twirls giddily*

Does anyone know why the hell Channel Ten is suddenly screening So You Think You Can Dance at 11pm now? What happened to the family-friendly 7:30pm slot? They'd never do this shocking time-frame for the Australian version, so what gives? I much prefer the American show, with the hilarious judges and wonderful Cat and far more entertaining and humorous contestants, and it deserves better than to be relegated to last place behind Simpsons and movie repeats. *frowns*

I’m stuck in limbo hell, waiting for the next installments in all my favorite series. Currently making me nearly leap out of my skin with eager anticipation and hopeless desperation:

My wishlist ^_^ )




Your result for The Sorting Hat Test...


You scored 42% Order/Chaos, and 35% Moral/Rational

Chaotic Rationality. You don't think much of rules and restrictions; you look at things from an analytical perspective and probably think morality is relative to some extent. Your strength lies in being able to make your own judgments and form your own strategies uninhibited by others; your weakness lies in the wariness other people may have of you, perceiving you as dangerous.

You join people like Theodore Nott, Severus Snape, and Horace Slughorn.

The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:

Take The Sorting Hat Test
at HelloQuizzy


Cute little vid featuring former Australian Idol contestant, Lisa Mitchell. She was all whiny-ass on the show, didn't make a very impressive showing of herself, but this? Redeems her completely. It's adorkable and quirky and wistful, and omg, that little dance she does...actually, calling it a dance is being generous, lol, but I love it 'coz that's totally what I do! Just jerk awkwardly to the beat, with the most minimal movement possible, looking kinda odd but she's so cute she carries it off well.

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@ odakota_rose- dude, my dreams are getting more exotic. Last time, we were going on a road trip, this time, I dreamt that you and I were on holiday in Fiji together!

*my subconscious amuses me* )


The parents are such bores. My father and I were sitting in the car outside Safeway waiting for mother to get some groceries when suddenly we see these two kids bolt out of the store, frantically racing along with a loaded trolley.

'Where are they going in such a hurry?' he wonders. 'Maybe they stole it,' I suggest. JOKINGLY, mind you, but the next second, this check out chick marches out in search of the thieves.

They've ducked around a car, out of sight, and she manages to walk down the length of the car park, looking left and right EXCEPT FOR WHEN SHE PASSED THE CAR THEY WERE CONCEALED BEHIND. *headdesk* It was quite hilarious. You'll note neither my father nor I involved ourselves in the proceedings- he was muttering dark prophecies of these troublesome teens bashing someone over the head, so you know...a policy of non-intereference, not just practiced by the Ancients!

Then another guy comes out to join the search and he pinpoints their location with impressive accuracy. The funny thing is that they've gotten into the car and crouched down at the back, obviously hoping to remain unseen, but he just stands there, pointing and ranting at them til they sheepishly get out of the car. BWAHAHA. I really wanted to stay and see how things played out, watch them get chewed out, see if the cops were called, but mother returned and then we were off. No curiosity whatsoever, those two, hmph.


Someone mentioned the similarities between Roswell and Twilight a while back and it's amused me because I can see a superficial resemblance.

Roswell/Twilight comparison )


The Mentalist finale- episode 23.
[caps by nicktess at open_distance]

After eleventy million glee!explosions, I finally calmed down and got some coherent thinking done. :D

Red John's Footsteps: mini-picspam )

'tis so cool to see Kate Vernon aka insane!slutty!Ellen Tigh from BSG...I hated her character for so long but that one episode of calm!rational!Ellen in No Exit made me love her. THAT Ellen is my personal canon, 'k? Not the irritating, manipulative, slutty, jealous harpy.



Tagged by odakota_rose

1) Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2) Put it on shuffle
3) Press play
4) For every question, type the song that's playing
5) When you go to a new question, press the next button
6) Don't lie
7) Tag five friends.

*my songs* )



Jessica Pollard at the Schools Spectacular. Wrote the song herself [talent!] and gives an absolutely beautiful performance.

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I complain about petty things all the time, but at least I know they're petty. Some people are unbelievable.

Case #1.

So, Disney's releasing a movie called The Princess and the Frog [imaginative title! No, it's actually about a female astronaut on Mars, really], featuring its first black Princess, and we have groups supporting this move and saying how it promotes positive self-image amongst little black girls because they get their own special princess to idolize, the message is that you don't have to be white in order to be elegant and beautiful, you too are entitled to a prince, right? The merchandise will finally include a princess doll that matches their physical appearance! So far, so shiny. Then the wank begins.

*cut for ranting* )


Case #2.

Family groups outraged at former Hi-5 member Kellie Crawford posing for a men's magazine. TEH HORROR.

OMG, she doesn't even SHOW ANYTHING! Kids see people wearing less on the public beaches and at swimming pools, FFS.

*cut for ranting* )

This one I'm a little more sympathetic on.

Australian's Next Top Model hasn't even aired yet and there is controversy! This chick was told to gain weight or be kicked off the show. Cue complaints that fashion is unhealthy for teens and encourages negative self-image, blahdy blah blah. *yawns*  This isn't anything new, folks. But at least people are starting to speak out against unhealthily emaciated lookin' girls. I admit, I'm biased towards slender figures myself, but ribs poking out? Nuh-uh. Collarbones, though. *daydreams* I have a thing for collarbones, it's a little disturbing...


Snurched from[ profile] justhere1971 .

Ask, and I will..
1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, a word etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your Lj.


Vid spam:

My cousin's hooked on WoW about as much as I am on LJ, know, a LOT. It's funny, she and her boyfriend will be on separate computers and messaging each other...from like, a foot away. *eyeroll* [At least they have shared interests, I'm sure couples have been torn apart by one partner's obsession and unwillingness to part from this alternate lifestyle]

Anyway, I was just acting out this scene for her the other day, but obviously, Torri does it SO MUCH BETTER. *twirls* How ridiculously cute is she? *squishes her* I love everything about this scene, the way she's reluctantly using her 'feminine wiles' [Rodney, you PIMP] and the hesitation in her voice, the uncertainty as she tries to fake!speak geek, the blinding smiles as she distracts Bill, the 'hurry it up!' desperate looks she gives McKay, and the relief as she flees once the job is done... she's literally skipping! HEE!

marguerite_krux: (miss parker-wtf)

* Connex fails yet again. Their brilliant idea to enhance public transport? The REMOVAL of seats to allow more people to cram on at peak hour. *headdesk* Way NOT to address the issue of over-crowding. Something like organizing more trains to more destinations operating on time would’ve been the key, but instead they deliberately make people’s lives more miserable. Thank god I don’t commute. ‘…we know our customers want to be able to sit down, but we also know they want to be able to catch a train at all…’ So the desperation of the passengers makes it all right for them to suck more and more, rather than attempt to fix the problem?


* Outrage at Home and Away lesbian storyline. You know, my problem isn't really with people being bigots. If you want to be prejudiced, well, I don't like it but I don't care. It's when they try to claim that they're justified for their irrational prejudices and attempt to act like their opinions are the norm and the only acceptable attitude that I get pissy. Have the guts to admit you're intolerant if you're going to act that way, 'k?

rant #1 )


* This is old news, but it was just in the paper this week and I felt sick reading this article.
Double-standards in sentencing Aboriginal offenders here and here. I've talked about how out of a sense of cultural guilt at what was done to the Aborigines, our community seems to overcompensate and give them privileges and special treatment that is unfair and unwarranted and downright stupid, actually. This is where it gets taken to the extreme, with tragic outcomes. You don't let people commit crimes without punishment because of their race, guys, I didn't know there were people who couldn't understand that. If they attacked someone related to a judge, I wonder how they'd want to sentence the offender then?

rant #2 )

Just randomly, this all reminds me of my favorite Foreman quote:
Cameron: Black defendants are 10 times more likely to get a death sentence than whites.
Foreman:  Doesn't mean we need to get rid of the death penalty. Just means we need to kill more white people.


And to finish on a lighter note...Dakota Fanning signs onto the next Twilight movie, New Moon. *headdesk* I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THIS. :[


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I am so excited! I was randomly googling Carla Gugino to check out her role in Watchmen [and was thoroughly disturbed by sickos who get turned on at the thought of her being raped] and found out that she's in Race to Witch Mountain! I am TOTALLY seeing this movie.

*hope springs eternal* )


My father is never allowed to play tennis ever again. A month ago, he pulled a calf muscle. Nothing too major, just some soreness and he couldn't exercise for a few weeks. Then on the Labor Day holiday, he challenged mother to a rematch- and wound up snapping his Achilles tendon.

It's kinda hilarious though-  the doctor has a look at his injured leg before he asks Muke to lie down on the bed so he can examine it more thoroughly.

He checks out the right leg thoroughly, then says, 'Good news, looks like it's just bruised'.

My father nods and goes, 'Okay, but it was the LEFT leg that was the problem...'

The doctor kinda goes, *facepalm*, 'Oh, really?' LOL. You do not want THIS guy operating on you, 'k? *g* He looks at the actual leg injury this time and goes, 'Bad news...the tendon's gone.'

When telling the story, Muke's like,  'No kidding. It wasn't there earlier, I knew it wasn't going to magically reappear.' *eyeroll* But he plays nice and tells him, 'Oh, I thought you were just comparing the legs,' an excuse which the doctor latches onto with relief.

'Oh, yes, that's what I was doing. You saved me some embarrassment there!' *headdesk* Aiyiyi.

On the bright side, visiting my father in hospital? Was totally a high point of our relationship. There was laughter, joking around, a bit of *gasp* affection. No temper, no nervous anticipation of a blow-up, just a pleasant chat.  If I'd known I just needed to get him on drugs...!
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Some bastard totally stole all the trinkets from my grandfather’s grave.

We’ve been building up a collection of random shinies, like a whole bird collection- because he went bird crazy in his last few months, lol- souvenirs from the zoo, from the airport giftshops… just little things to brighten up his grave and reflect his personality and our family’s abiding love for him and the way he’s still present in our thoughts and conversations. And someone goes and takes them all.

Some sick little juvenile delinquent, no doubt. Ugh.

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At the ripe old age of 20, I am wondering what the hell is going on with today’s youth. Muck Up Day is BRUTAL this year. Kids rampaging through rival schools, through the streets, jumping on cars, smashing things up, bashing other people up- and OMG THEY MADE BOMBS. Okay, more like incendiary devices intended to cause smoke or fire. So…not exactly Al-Qaeda. But still, we have Year 12 psychopaths-in-the-making. Whereabouts does bomb-manufacturing fall in the homicidal triad?

My own Muck Up Day- or ‘Celebration Day’ as it was renamed by the principal, so as to encourage responsible and mature behavior rather than rowdy rambunctious revelry- was fairly tame. We were all too lazy, to be honest, and couldn’t be bothered with the usual pranks. No fish oil on the lockers, no Vaseline on doorknobs, no plastic wrap over toilets and no rotten egg-throwing. How boring were we?! There was a barbecue in the morning and a concert in the afternoon, during which nobody was injured and no condom balloons were tossed around. I was nominated for ‘Most Likely to Become a Millionaire’ but lost to Sining, a 15 year old Asian kid who was the Dux. Grr. *glares* 

A rather blurry photo of a few of my classmates:


Katie as Britney Spears, Jess as Red Riding Hood, Mel as the Big Bad Wolf, Laura as Dorothy, me as…well, I wore the tackiest thing I could find- given that Muck Up Day traditionally encourages a sluttier mode of dress- and since it had an Oriental look to it, I called myself Mulan…Emma as Snow White and Leah in the front as a character out of a book on our reading list.

Our outfits were more along fantasy lines, rather than following the balaclava clad hoodlum theme, lol. Ah, the innocence of 20005.

*teenagers scare the living shit out of me, they could care less as long as someone'll bleed* )
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If people honestly believe that a male adult taking pictures of naked 12-13 year old girls and exhibiting them as ‘art’ for the whole world to see is a good idea, shoot, there’s still freedom of thought in this country. But for some reason, the people defending him aren’t participating in this debate. And I can’t figure out if it’s because they have no legitimate argument in support of him so they’re trying to confuse the issue or if they’re really that willful and blind.
‘Look at the controversy raised by Young & Jackson’s Chloe…the model for Chloe was only six years older than Henson’s model. Is there really any difference?’- Darius West.
Back on topic, I ask you to consider this quote from Bill Henson himself:
‘I meet people who have had, for many years, a very intense relationship with one of my pictures hanging on their wall, over their bed…’
‘Clothes don’t protect children. Nudity isn’t immoral.’- Paul Rapoport
I’m in shock over this one. There are just…I can’t describe how wrong the first half of that statement is. What the hell does that even mean? Is he saying a picture of a clothed kid leaves them just as vulnerable as a picture of a naked kid? O.o 
A poll in the newspaper:
‘Should police be concerned about Bill Henson’s photographs of naked minors?’
I have a huge problem with the phrasing of the question. It suggests that the police are *choosing* to involve themselves in this situation, they’re kinda inviting themselves to the party to weigh in on the dude’s art. Bill Henson supporters are shrieking about censorship and how our rights are being infringed and acting like the police are uncultured bullies who just want to ruin everyone’s fun. PEOPLE, it is ILLEGAL. A crime was reported, the police investigated, charges may and *should* be laid. End of story. But nooo…
‘The NSW police should be kicking themselves for being stupid on this one. They are holding the law up to scrutiny as an art critic and trying to make Australia look like a nation of retarded wowsers to international eyes’- Darius West
Btw. Still not 100% up-to-date with my comprehension of Australian slang. ‘Wowsers’? Wtf? O.o
In response to the newspaper poll mentioned above:
 ‘Probably not. I haven’t seen the photographs but I understand they’re not what constitutes pornography because pornography has explicit intent to arouse’- Marina Vassiliouk
‘Insidious censorship is creeping through this country and through every aspect of life. Political correctness and currying of favor is rife. Unfortunately, ‘freedom of expression’ means having to get permission to actually express yourself’- Blair Edgar
 ‘In a society replete with sexual images in television shows, advertising and books, and the dividing line between childhood and adulthood decidedly and increasingly blurred, are these pictures likely to be seriously shocking or potentially damaging?’- Michelle Grattan, Age writer]
‘Maybe she should turn to fashion modeling instead, where trussed up in a miniskirt and stilettos in impersonation of a 21 year old…she’d be lauded…’- Larissa Dubecki, Age writer. [May not be obvious from this snippet, but in context, she’s actually supporting Henson, and using sarcasm here to suggest that the girl would be in an analogous situation in modeling as she would posing for his art]
‘It’s not the picture of the person in her natural state that is the problem, it’s the sick mind of the deviate who cannot separate nudity from sex’- M. Rickard

On my mind

May. 22nd, 2008 02:50 am
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1. Channel Ten is pissing me off. They were advertising a new House ep all week, the one where he's stalking his favorite actor- and KIDNAPS him, wtf?! I was looking forward to seeing him be a fanboy and all cute and obsessed...then suddenly they pull the shiny new ep and replace it with two frakking REPEATS. 

Apparently the reasoning is that the other channels were airing sports and old movies whereas next week, the new seasons of Criminal Minds and Cold Case begin so they wanted to hold back the House ep to air when there was worthy competition. I know that the industry is all about winning in the ratings and making a profit, but this is so disrespectful to the audience. They're not even pretending to care about us anymore. 

2. And Australia's Next Top Model is disgraceful. 

Alamela gets bullied- what was aired was bad enough, but she and Bel both said in later interviews that it was so much worse than what was shown. The girls taunt her for being 'different', they throw water bombs at her and put condoms in her bed and spicy crap in her cereal. I know Top Model contestants tend to cry at the drop of a hat, but Alamela is a composed elegant person, she's very refined and restrained, not all giggly and hyper like the other girls- making her lose control is a big thing

The judges yell at them- but none of the culprits are sent home because they all took pretty pictures. Lesson here is- if you look good, the rules don't apply to you.

The following week, in the 'previously on' flashbacks, the voice-over goes 'Alamela spat the dummy'. OMFG. The insinuation is that she was overreacting, that she was being childish, having a hissy fit over nothing serious when in reality, she was having a perfectly natural breakdown in reaction to the constant harassment by the other girls! I hate that they're trying to reconstruct history to make this controversy go away by painting it as something of little importance that was blown out of proportion, just because all the negative publicity hurts their show. Talk about making her a victim twice. That makes me sick- the girls behaved appallingly, but they're shallow and immature, and even if it's not an excuse, I can understand that. I don't, however, accept TPTB trying to act like nothing bad happened and subtly pinning it all on Alamela.

Then Jodhi turns up in her 'I'm not a judge, I'm your sister, I'm your best friend' guise and tells the girls that since they had a rough week, she was going to spoil them because they deserved a treat. *headdesk* YES, teach the bullying bitches that viciously ganging up on one girl and doing their best to break her will be REWARDED. Care packages from home. Pfft. Usually I'm all 'aww, how sweet- let's wait and see who starts snivelling first' but I was fuming that she acted like THEY'D been traumatized by some tragedy that cruel life had visited upon them, rather than the reality that most of the girls had behaved in a disgusting and unjustifiable manner.

I have the feeling the judges booted Alamela because her presence would continue to fan the flames of controversy. Sure, she sucked at the challenge, but so did others- and she pulled off great shots in the previous challenges. It's such a set-up.

I am...

May. 19th, 2008 01:47 pm
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I was in the underground computer labs five minutes ago. The alarm goes off. *WAIL WAIL WAIL* And there's like, hundreds of us kids madly hacking away at our keyboards...alarms going...a few lights flashing...

NOBODY MOVES. It's the most frakking hilarious thing ever. Unless there was a fire raging away right in front of our faces, none of us were going to relinquish our lifelines, lol. It took a teacher walking in and telling us all to move our butts that finally convinced everyone to take the alarm seriously. I still have no idea what it was for- although the floors above are the chem/bio-hazard areas, so...hmm...

When did GateWorld turn into a social networking site like myspace and all? I had an email telling me about friend requests and when I log into GW, suddenly there's like photo albums and social groups I already feel so guilty about all these people I'm neglecting from bebo to myspace to here, and now GW can join the list, lol. I WILL NOT EVEN LOOK AT FACEBOOK. *stamps foot* No more responsibilities, damn it.

Staying with Ma this week, as the American relatives have taken my room. [With my new Mary + A/R wall-decorating theme, heh- wonder what they'll make of THAT?!] Boarding with the grandmother offers all types of perks, including Foxtel and unlimited internet hours, which combined to keep me up til 6am this morning. My head feels like it's stuffed full of cotton wool and about to explode bits of fluff everywhere any moment now.

But it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. I plan to make the most of the free internet access, hee...

I've finished reading pretty much every fic on Survival Instinct. NOW what am I supposed to do? It feels like the end of an era. I’m at a loss now. SI was the only major A/R fic site, right? I mean, Sparky had a few different websites devoted to it, not including which I trawled if I was really desperate [as a member, I am totally within my rights to pay out fellow lousy authors, although I am still a step above producing Mary-Sue!fics, kthxbai].

LJ has an A/R comm but I’m lazy when it comes to searching through all the other posts with icons, wps, ep discussion, random flailing…don’t get me wrong, all of that is fun fun fun, but when I’m searching for fic, I like it neatly set out for me, you know? Trotting to the local store to buy nicely packaged goods as opposed to stalking my prey and hunting-and-killing. Hmm, maybe staying up all hours of the night exhausting my fic resources isn't the best plan...

I crossed over the 60kg threshold. [132 pounds] *EPIC FLAILING* I know it's shallow and all, but...*whimpers*

I was always like, 'yeah, screw healthy eating and exercise, if I can keep my weight below 60 -even if it's 59.9, it's all good...' and now I'm thinking I might have to make like icarus_abides and go *shudders* running. I know, I know, you're only supposed to go running for your HEALTH and to be FIT, but the only way I'm doing this is to get thin, damn it.

Thing is, I am way better at moral support and motivating people to do things that I wouldn't do in a million years. Like, I am the best cheerleader to have in your corner when you need some morale boosting, but DOING things myself? Nuh-uh.

HEE! Fandom collision!

[I adore the Mary McDonnell fan site, seriously, it is awesomeness to an infinite degree]
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I LOVE PayPal.
And the latter helps mitigate the former.
The former who are complete bastards. They jerked me around by calling me in TWICE to pick up my CSI:NY dvd and then telling me, whoops, the call was made early, I can't pick it up just yet. 
And then they go and advertise Passion Fish ON SALE NO LESS but when I call up to order it...
'Sorry, that dvd has been discontinued'.
*head explodes*
Just in this state, because they're stupid. So so stupid. Why do I live here again?
Anyway, the only reason I'm still capable of coherent thought rather than sobbing ceaselessly is due to the wonderful invention that is PayPal. I don't have a credit card, so online ordering isn't really an option, except when I played out my fantasy by registering with EzyDVD, clicking on Passion Fish and heading to the asked if I would like to do so with PayPal. And OH, the unbelievable squeefulness of that moment...
So, today in my inbox:

Hi Annie,
Thanks again for ordering with EzyDVD.
Your parcel was shipped today (12/05/2008) by Australia Post Surface Mail
1 x  Passion Fish @ 9.92

*cackles insanely*
It better be worth all this see-sawing emotion. I don't think my heart can take much more strain.  >_<
Oh, and I ordered Mumford as well, though it won't be out til, like, June. Exam time. This should be interesting...I'm totally *not* ripping off your dvd list, Sapph! It's coincidence we have the exact same list of Mary ;P They should so pay you for every new fan you recruit, lol. I'm head over heels now and I have no idea how I lived life before this state. ;)

OMG, I totally just ordered E/R through iOffer. *headdesk* Yes, I am bankrupting myself over Mary...and who was the one who mentioned this 'iOffer' site in the first place? *glares*
I will not feel guilt over the spending of money, nooo. After all, according to the hallowed list of rules by own_the_sky:
2.Mary addiction is a perfectly natural state of being. 
*nods firmly*
I'm going to go freak out now.


Apr. 13th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I'm on a short fuse these days, it's like I'm turning into my father. If I see something that pisses me off, I start spouting my opinions, regardless of whether it's the right forum for it or whether the audience is going to care or if it even really matters. It might be a little thing that isn't important but OMFG, does it irritate me. Like this gem on the Gateworld site

SGAforever: "Torri Higginson was asked back and she quit. I guess her fans don't mean anything to her. Well the show is doing fine without her. This is just proof of that..."

I was so angry and just boiled over. I hate narrow-minded, judgmental, obnoxious people like this. Firstly, how can she realistically make this claim about Torri? Based on the facts? Does she know NOTHING at all about what happened, or does she just ignore facts in favor of making ignorant and biased statements? Secondly, I thought Gateworld policed anti-actor sentiments, I've gotten in trouble for saying stuff about Amanda [which was how I met alyssa22, lol], yet this kind of thing is acceptable? Thirdly, our definition of 'doing fine' is wildly different. Keller as a main, embroiled in love triangles and multiple abduction cliffhangers, as opposed to Elizabeth, she who has risked her life for the city and sacrificed herself to save others on more than one occasion. Denigrating Zelenka and quadri-boobaging the blandified, dummy!Carter, as opposed to witty Zelenka/McKay banter and intelligent character development. Kirk!Shep as opposed to Mensa!Shep. Splitting the team as opposed to building team dynamics. Yeahhh, the quality of the show has improved majorly.

Anyway, I'm not sure if my comment will get deleted for being off-topic or whatever, but I had to reply. All these stupid people with their prejudiced, delusional views. At least one of them needs to be set straight.

And a more on-topic reply...this was in response to the all-new all-female team. Lara Croft wannabes, I suppose? Plus Nicole deBoer of Star Trek: DS9 fame. I'm sensing a theme here- Amanda takes over Torri's place, Jewel takes over Paul's, now Nicole enters the is so obvious that they're replacing well-loved characters with 'name' actors, and it's such a sell-out for them to compromise the quality of the show just to try and boost the ratings for a few eps, while harming the show's quality and reputation in the long run. 

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Random things in the news
1. Holy crap. I don’t know how far I’d go for a loved one but I hope I never have to find out, because I’m afraid I might turn out to be a wimp and leave them to their fate. 

2. Poor Kevin Rudd. Everyone’s paying him out for selling out and submitting to Bush [it’s funny when I see him mentioned in the news- with all the commotion over Clinton and Obama, I forget he’s still around]. 

3. This was in the papers a few weeks back and it’s been preying on my mind ever since. I’m the type of person that feels guilty about everything, whether or not it’s my fault, whether or not it’s something worthy of feeling guilt over or not.* My parents raised me to be conscientious, unhealthily so. Which means I don’t understand it when people won’t admit responsibility for their own actions.
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Which Mensa candidate decided that pushing Sarah Connor Chronicles back an hour was a good idea? After the frakking 'Ladettes to Ladies' program, for crying out loud. I had to sit through ten minutes of this rubbish before I realized the tv guide was screwing with me as usual.

I realize that sci-fi isn't the best treated of genres when it comes to commercial tv, but that it would be delayed in favor of reality tv trash where women of dubious virtue are taught proper etiquette and how to attend a party without getting drunk, stripping off and making out with the nearest dude?! Seriously? I thought all one needed was common sense, but no, one of the 'ladies' said that her performance on the show was the first time she was proud of herself in her entire life because she was able to behave with restraint and modesty. And refrain from embarrassing public displays and sleeping around. *bashes head against wall*

If they win money for such amazing revelations, I will throw up. Because I've never behaved with as little self-respect and dignity as they have and I think I deserve recognition for it. How did we end up in a society where mentally stunted are rewarded for acting up on-screen and then developing a bit of 'maturity'? There are *children* with more intelligence than these idiots. How sad.

Anyway, I ended up watching Women's Murder Club, which was fortuitous, because in the promos for *next* week, it showed Joe Flanigan! Special Agent! OMGYAY!
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I know this isn't exactly an original thought, but something struck me anew this week- there are inexcusably stupid people in this world who use religion to justify them doing insensitive, boorish things that they do for their own sick amusement and not out of respect for their chosen deity. 

Terrorism is one thing, it is on too huge a scale for me to comprehend and way beyond my ability to address, but the despicable, petty acts like inviting people to protest at Heath Ledger's funeral, trying to round up volunteers to dance on a dead man's grave? It's the small things like that I really don't get. There are so many more important things in this world, why waste your time deliberately trying to distress the family and friends of a fallen celebrity?

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So, it's going on 7am and I never did make it to bed. Damn GW. I ended up spending an hour trying to draft a response in the Stargate Beauties thread [ended up with a near essay].

I thought this thread was a great chance to share photos and see who scores the best. Weir's second in place, miles ahead of other candidates, just behind Carter. And yet I'm not really that happy. Because instead of just accepting the results, people have been saying crap like 'No honest person would ever say that Torri Higginson looks better than Morena Baccarin. I'm not calling her ugly - I'm just saying that's an undeniable fact.' [Shan Bruce Lee] and 'Do you honestly think that the majority of posts for Weir are sincere? (and Carter to a lesser extent). No chance, it's just different factions in competition...' [Jenks].

All the other people saying their choices are prettier and more deserving than Weir sound like sore losers. Just because their favorite isn't near the top, they need to drag her down. Just because more people voted for Weir than the person they picked, there is something wrong with the poll, they challenge the *integrity* of the poll. It just gets me that they think there has to be a mass conspiracy for Weir to have so many votes, no one can believe she justly earned them because she is a beautiful woman.

If Keller were winning, no one would care less, but because it's Weir, there is obviously a conspiracy. I was just so furious that they're all saying Weir isn't that pretty, that people shouldn't be voting for her, that it's just her personality or the Pro-Weir faction helping her win [and you know what? Who cares if it is? What kind of stupid poll is this where people who love and support Weir are apparently not allowed to vote for her because of 'collusion' or something against the regs? How freakin' STUPID does that sound?!]s

Why have a poll if people aren't prepared to stand by its results? We could have ten different polls, with each rigged to provide a certain result so the people who post there know that their favorite will win and then they won't feel like losers and pick on other people's favorites to feel better about themselves. I understand if they don't think Weir is pretty but to make sweeping statements that the majority of people wouldn't notice her against all the other women like Larrin [9 votes], Adria [35 vote], etc. etc. is just utter crap when she received 80 votes. Obviously more people thought she was pretty than those other women, yet still these people make comments that most people don't think she's attractive and there's no way she should have placed second and the poll is rigged and OH, of course THEIR choice is so much prettier and more deserving than Weir and their pick is obviously the correct one and we're all dumb-asses for not recognizing their wisdom and bettering ourselves by rejecting Weir.

I want to bash their heads against the wall for being so stupid.


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