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Happymaking List of Win.

#1. Found Glee in the mail from odakota_rose. *squishes* Now I'm plotting to get the rest of my family into the show. *cackles evilly* I've just been stroking the pretty cover for the past week; I know it sounds creepy, but it's so shiny and new and squeeful! :D

*happydances* A whole week without him! I am so excited.  ^_^

Yes, it sounds cold, but as much as I appreciate what the man has done for me, he's not easy to live with- FFS, he'll seize on any excuse to get angry; too many pens on my table, the tap not aligned at the proper angle over the sink, the curtains not closed at some arbitrary's gonna be blissful without him around. *sighs happily*

#3. Guess what? I walked into the library foyer and a desk laden with odds-and-ends caught my eye, with the sign declaring 'Free to good home: be quick before they're binned'. I saw a whole pile of junk and was about to walk off when these stopped me in my tracks.

I read these books hundreds of times in high school, and now I have my own copies! *bounces* I just wish they hadn't put those stickers right over their faces, but what the hell. Free X-files books, omgyay!

#4. ‘k, so why is Alexis wearing a ring on her wedding finger?

Is she hiding something from us? Maybe I’m being dumb and she explained it somewhere along the way and I missed it but wow. Either that’s a promise ring from a boy she’s serious about or she’s disregarding the convention that a person can’t wear a ring on that finger without it meaning something. I occasionally wear one of my rings on my wedding finger- heck, I’m never getting married and I’m running out of fingers, so what the hell?

Craptastic List of Fail.

#1. Oh, dear god. I wasn't going to watch SYTYCD Australia, or at least, not the auditions- but mother had it on and called me, just as a contestant auditioned with a song from the Labyrinth soundtrack.

O.o Freaky, no? The week I fall in love with this movie, some crazy fan shows up with a routine to one of the songs...but holy crap, it sucked SO BAD. I was cringing, this chick just totally made me want to throttle her for giving people another reason to laugh at sci-fi/fantasy fans. *glares* Oh, tv gods, just ONE person I needed to rock the routine so that I could delight in the fandom squee, but no, she made me ashamed to admit to loving that song. Ugh.

#2. Mentalist!fail.

Robin Tunney on the new boss- "It's another woman who's going to flirt with Simon and have power over me...I don't know if that's going to go well. I think there's going to be some jealousy and some power struggles. We're all going to have difficulty with it..."

I have major issues with this )

Yes, I know I'm judging it before even seeing what they're going to do with this plot arc. But  after the way the writers resolved the R/vP UST and the Bosco thing...I've lost a lot of faith in them. It's getting way too desperate.

#3. Vampire Diaries- WHY IS THIS SHOW SO STUPID?


Convo of Epic Fail )

#4. The Border.

Does anyone watch it? 

Not me, after the season 1 finale. *wibbles* )


30 Day Meme: snurched from labrt2004.

Day 04 → Your favourite book.

Tough call, there are a lot of books I love. But for the one that combines all the elements that I most adore into one amazing book, I'll say Ilona Andrews- On the Edge. Seriously, all the things I love to see in my heroine, all the squeeful aspects I enjoy seeing in my has it all. *dances* You should all read this book, it's made of epic win.

I do love the Kate Daniels books, but this one's romance/fantasy, so I got to feel like I'm reading something more intellectual than my usual trashy romances but still with Rose rocking the feisty banter and reluctant UST and badassery and culminating in a happy fluffy ending. :D

Tagged by woodchoc_magnum.

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day award". If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own. So if your name was chosen... come on down! You're the next contestant on the make my day meme!

Applause, hugs and kisses!  )

Don't mean I have no love for the rest of you guys, but the meme only lets me pick ten... *points the finger of blame, then hastily retracts hand*


Will does Bollywood! Funniest scene ever! Oh, dude, never embarrass yourself like this ever again...

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Can I just say how happy I am that my watch has finally been fixed? I had major issues while it was out of action for the past month or so, the anxiety built up so much when I had to open my bag...dig out my phone...slip it out of the case in order to check the time. I'm always running for my bus and it helps to be able to glance at my wrist and reassure myself I still have time to catch it, you know? Not having that option made me so jittery, ack.


Overheard on the bus today: 'Dint is not a word! No such thing, I was like, 'it's dent', don't be silly'. *headdeskwallfloor*

It took all my powers of self-restraint not to butt in and correct her. Serious will-power, yo. I'm the girl that still beats herself up for claiming 'esteems' was not a word during a Scrabble adjudication- this was LAST YEAR and it haunts me still. Damn girl on the bus. I'm going to be mentally screeching at her, 'DINT IS SO A WORD' for the rest of the day. :s


Do you guys have odd little rituals? You know, things that aren't really important but you have to do them a certain way otherwise it's upsetting? Like, I have a packet of pills- ten pills arranged in two rows of two and three at the opposite ends of the 'sheet'.

At first I took one pill a day, so that was fine, I didn't need any particular order or such. But when I moved onto twice daily, I had problems. It really bothered me having to leave one pill on its own in that row of three, then popping it and moving onto one pill from the other side. Just seemed messy. So now whenever I start on a new lot, I take one pill from the row of three on either end and then that leaves me with nice rows of two to go on with.

Yes, I'm a little crazy, what of it? I also have a place-mat I'm fixated on, I will literally refuse to eat at the dining table if I can't have that place-mat. Fortunately my parents humor me when I yoink it out from under their plates if they're using it when I come to the table. For all our difficulties, they do indulge my idiosyncrasies.


Snurched, I think, from [ profile] sunkrux?
1. Go to
2. search for your first name
3. paste the results

Practically perfect in every way...? Not quite. )

Bonus vid spam:

I've seen tons of fanvids but this is the first one I've come across that's made about the fans, what a sweet idea!
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*snurched from [ profile] xfirefly9x *

1) Comment and I will give you three people for a fandom you are interested in.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of three people. or skip this if you're too lazy for pictures.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, or throw off a cliff.

She gave me:

-Laura Roslin
-John Sheppard
-Elizabeth Weir

EVIL. What about Baltar? *wibbles* I could easily throw HIM off a cliff...

*my answers* )


The Great Ship Meme


It's ridiculous how much time I spend on these things. But omg, it's so much fun. :D

Clicky clicky, you know you want to see what makes me tick...!


'I will go down with this ship, and I won't put my hands up in surrender...' )


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I’m not celebrating every single character I’ve ever loved, because there are only 8 days in this meme, so I’m selecting the ones with the most impact or greater prominence in my life.

After Xena, there was Maeve in The Adventures of Sinbad. All I can remember is their love-hate relationship [all my ships start off with the characters hating each other! LOL, what does that say about me?] and Maeve’s handy ability to throw fireballs. When I think about it, the show was similar to Xena and Legend of the Seeker, actually.

I became totally obsessed with Maria in The Sound of Music, watched that movie every day for months. My parents actually banned me from seeing it for a while because they were so disturbed at the level of my obsession. :O

But today’s much-loved character is a different redhead…

Dana Scully.



'Time passes in moments... moments which, rushing past, define the path of a life, just as surely as they lead towards its end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path, to see the reasons why all things happen, to consider whether the path we take in life is our own making, or simply one into which we drift with eyes closed. But what if we could stop, pause to take stock of each precious moment before it passes? Might we then see the endless forks in the road that have shaped a life? And, seeing those choices, choose another path?' )



Today’s non-fandom-related thing that I am happy for…money! Specifically, I received a cheques from my old high school’s parent association, which was completely unexpected, to say the least. I’ve been at uni for three years, so it’s safe to say I wasn’t anticipating mail from them, let alone $63! [It’s funny how my horoscopes never get it right- they’ll predict amazing things all year but on the rare occasion I actually go on a trip or score a windfall, there’s not a single hint] I think the money was for some old school clothes I gave for the second hand sale years ago, and it’s cool that they were so honest about compensating me for the sale after all this time.

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From own_the_sky

1. Comment on this post and ask for a letter.
2. I will give you one.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

 I was assigned 'D'...about a million years ago. Um. My tardiness has no good excuse. >_<

1. Dana Scully, The X-files


Lookit how young she is! *coos*

*The longest love of my life. I think it’s been about seven years now.* )

2. Vala Mal Doran, Stargate SG-1


*Vala is too wonderful to resist. How can you not worship her like the goddess she posed as?* )

3. Donna Moss, The West Wing


4. Jessica Devlin, Shark

*Hated her as Seven of Nine, fell for her HARD in this role* )

5. D’anna Biers, Battlestar: Galactica



*Blonde Lucy Lawless, GUH* )
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*headdesks* I'm at the library and Yvonne's holding 'story time'. It's a little noisy, but not even a story about a brave girl called 'Annie' [shout out!] can yank my attention away from the internet for long. Until she puts on some music...the HOKEY POKEY. :O It used to be a nice if dorky kinda song until the X-files RUINED IT FOR ME COMPLETELY. Chinga, anyone? Psychotic doll kills nasty vicious poor undeserving old lady as that music plays in the background. *shudders* I had chills down my spine the whole way through that song. Sooo not right.

I was just uploading some pics on photobucket when this random ad starts playing- usually I ignore them, but the chick from Dexter caught my eye. Dexter's sister, Deb, sliding down a fireman's pole, being all cute and giggly; well, THAT caught my eye, lol. It turned out to be a trailer for a horror movie called Quarantine, with themes reminiscent of X-files, I mean, 'the government denies all knowledge' blah blah 'contain the truth' etc etc. Everything leads back to X-files, heh. I think I'm in withdrawal- I want a second movie NOW. :D

Speaking of withdrawal, I thought I was over Threshold but chatting with sapphs about it has reawakened my sadness. I reread an old Threshold fic of mine and found it suprisingly...good. I'm not used to reading my own fics and liking them but I guess the interval of a few years has made me more forgiving of myself. [Sapphs! I didn't realize you'd reviewed me under your other name! Extra love to you in retrospect, lol]

And just for the nostalgia...[snurched from sunrunnersioned's picspam]

They are so damn cute together. But you know, I hunted down some spoilers about what the prospective season 2 would have been like doesn't sound like much fun. These articles here and here [at the very bottom of the page] suggest that Molly would have been REMOVED FROM HER OWN PROJECT and then teamed up with vigilante dude, Kyle, with focus on THEIR UST rather than the Molly/Cavennaugh flirtiness. I mean, omg, way to destroy my whole reason for watching the show. *stabs writers* I probably would've watched it anyway, hoping in vain, but seriously, ugh.
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Saw the X-files yesterday when it came out, and it was a little sad that there weren't that many people. I mean, we were in the smaller cinema 5, so they weren't expecting hundreds to turn up, but still, it'd've been nice to have *half* the room filled up. *pouts* Who abducted all the fans?

I really like the poster for the movie and it kills me that I can't get it from anywhere. Legal, anyway. Apparently it's illegal to sell them for some reason. O.o Violation of trademark thingy, maybe? Well, if they'd just get their act together and have a merchandise shop, we wouldn't have a problem, would we? It sucks that powerful sci-fi people are so stupid and won't manufacture posters and games and cool trinkets because I *want*.

I know there are going to be a thousand similar posts, but what the hell, I'll read those later and see how many of us picked up on the same things. For now, complete with spoilers and all:

*My opinion of the X-files movie* )
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1. I'M BACK ON LJ! I had a break from the internet during the holidays- except iOffer, I spent hundreds of bucks there during the holidays...Criminal Minds, Dexter, Bones, Shark etc. etc.
2.. Turning 20 on Wed. *cringes* Ye gods, how OLD I sound. I need to be mature and responsible in two days time! Impossible!

3. The X-files movie out the day AFTER my birthday! I'm making my official b'day celebration July 24th this year. *glees*

4. Forced to purchase the learners handbook to driving. Forced, I say. All I need to do right now is study it- 'I've...looked at it,' I tell my parents. Look I have, but *read*? I'm putting that off as long as possible. It's a slippery slope from passing my learner's test online to actual *flails* DRIVING. Katherine got me to hold the wheel while she was answering the phone the other day? I almost ran the car off the road. Not cool.

5. And the most major issue...good news, bad news, worse news. I passed three units from first semester- failed Biz Org. Yuck. But at least I passed Property which is a pre-req for Land Law this semester, and it would have been messy and ruined my law track if I couldn't move on down the chain of units.

I'm vowing to do better this semester. After a brief flirtation with skipping this morning, I ended up attending Land Law. This is the beginning of a new and better me. :0 My parents are kinda forcing the metamorphosis, though- I'm only allowed FOUR hours of tv a week, and I'm banned from going anywhere and doing anything other than uni from Mon-Thursday. I'm not even allowed to visit my grandmother, who is pretty much the only person I see, practically every day, I'm closer to her than anyone else in my life and I can now only visit her on Fri and the weekend- when my parents can monitor how long I spend there and make up chores to keep me at home. *grumps*

Regret and contrition for screwing up last semester aside, I am kinda impressed that with only a day's study- from 9am til half an hour before the exam commenced at 2pm- I managed to score 64% in Psychology and a 55 in Soc. Seriously, wow. Imagine what I could achieve with a semester full of study? Even *half* a semester's worth of attention?

6. I'm actually excited about a unit this semester- I'm starting PSYCHOPATHOLOGY on Wed! Is that not the most awesome unit imaginable?! :D
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(yes, multiple exclamation marks are obnoxious but I'm entitled to at this moment)

Oh dear god, I'm going to faint. So after all this time of no news and no spoilers or anything about the X-files movie, it all comes spilling out in one random column at the back of a newspaper I almost didn't buy because 1) I'm that cheap, sad, I know, and 2) I was at the counter and I hate being rude to the check-out chick and running off to grab something at the last minute. 

But I am so glad that I did, because I was skimming the back of the paper and I saw the most GORGEOUS picture of them and actual news on the progress of the movie and I almost CRIED with the depth of emotion the sight of these two beloved characters evoked.

How absolutely stunning does Gillian look? I mean, she looks so sophisticated and glamorous and all in one plain shirt and work pants, lol. I remember the days when she wore long-sleeved tops and heavy jackets, though, so this is pretty sexed up compared to what she *used* to wear. But I love that she makes something so simple and frill-less look so damn good. Her hair is all kinds of awesome as well, and it's just pulled back in an easy, fuss-free style and I have no idea why I am so in love with her apperance right now because a random person off the street would think it was nothing special but OMFG I'm hyperventilating right now.

Oh, yeah, David looks all right, too. XP Just as nerdy as ever. Far cry from his Californication character, heh.


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