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Date: 2010-03-24 10:49 pm (UTC)
*squishes you* It's crazy, isn't it? I always thought we were on the same spectrum of thought and here we are, in two different camps.

HP, well, I'm resigned to being in conflict with 80"% of fandom on the issue of Snape, though I still don't see how Harry in any way qualifies as a hero, considering the way he bumbles around without ever bothering to engage his brain and succeeds purely by chance. I liked him more in the first book, I gotta say, I was re-reading it so I could beta Liz's fic and was surprised at how endearing he was there! I suppose as a kid, I didn't expect too much of him, but once he grew up, it was just frustrating, I wanted to smack him so many times. Actually...I need to find an icon of Hermione thwacking him on the head, lol.

But re: Mentalist...Jane's just such a JERK this season. He's way too House-like for my taste. That was just a cruel, heartless thing he did to Lisbon in that ep, I can't forgive him for it and I'm feeling a little lost and alone with that, 'coz nobody else seems really upset by it. Even LISBON gets over it in two seconds, which bothers me. I'm not saying she needs to develop a lifelong grudge, but come on.

we both agree on Emma being awesome

Definitely! There aren't enough words to describe how amazing she is. I wish there were more girls like her, as talented and successful while still remaining sensible and mature about the whole thing. A lot of actors let it go to their heads and act like they've been replaced by pod people, but she's just so cool!
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