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I had a fantastic week over the past week, riding on a wave of euphoria and giddiness. Then I got knocked off and dragged under by the usual unpleasant vagaries of life. Because my joy never lasts long before it gets tainted with some misery. But I use my journal to complain about trivial things too often- now I shall celebrate some of the small but happymaking things:

> Isn't Twitter a grand device?


I SHIP IT. *gigglefit*

> And OMG! Someone finally posted a Castle/Mentalist crossover fic! So excited! Double the Cops, Double the Consultants.


Robin Tunney makes me happy. ^_^ How stunning and elegant is this woman?
@carolune04- LEGS! :D

> A week of beta work


YES, this makes me happy! )


> The best things in life are free. ^_^

Behold my shiny new bookmark!

Of bookmarks and other gifts )


 > Watched CM ep 11. I’m seeing this season out of order, so I don’t understand a lot of what’s going on, but Emily!whump FTW! Considering it was Minimal Loss that hooked me into the fandom, it’s a safe bet any ep where she gets to be center of attention and the whumpage will attract my interest, lol. [No woobie!Reid for a change!]

Brief thoughts )



One of speckleberry's many awesome LotS vids!

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I'm calm. I'm calm. Serene as a still lake- NO, HOLY CRAP, I'M FREAKING THE FRAK OUT. ZOMG, THE SQUEE!

My lovely, beautiful, wonderful MARY!
In a SKIRT! Why oh WHY is that FRAKKING TABLE blocking my view of the Legs of Impossible Awesome?! Those legs break at least a dozen laws of nature, I swear, and I AM DENIED. *contorts in dismay*
But still. Just seeing her gorgeous smile makes me happy. I'll take my blessings where I can. :D I'm not completely ungrateful.

I've been wriggling with anticipation ever since I heard about her guest-star stint on The Closer [finally, a show I like! I nearly stabbed my eyes out when I watched her Grey's Anatomy episodes] and now I've found out the ep airs on the 22nd! Less than a week away!

Spoiler-y Mary info )



Either you need like, a black belt in yoga to achieve it or I'm just the biggest unco klutz in the world.
I'm leaning towards the latter theory. Speaking of leaning? Best not to try rearranging your limbs like this on the swivelly office chair. I found that out the hard way. *facepalm* Just missed bashing my head on a nasty sharp edge- OMG, imagine if I lost my memory! Who would I be? If you take the fangirl out of me, I'm...I'm...nothing. *horror*


Hilarious interview of hilarity. [love to luisa_f for the link]

I love Robin Tunney SO much. :D She just kill me with teh funny.

Giggleworthy moments )

How can you not fangirl her?! SERIOUSLY. <3333333


I've been ruminating about the season 2 Mentalist Lisbon-centric spoilers. After venting, A LOT, I've come to the conclusion that it's not necessarily gonna go all FUBAR. There's a fraction of a chance that the writers might not screw this up. I'm thinking one way they can redeem themselves with this plotline- and I doubt they'd go this route, but it's one way I'd accept- is if:

My speculation )



BWAHAHAAA. *wipes away tears*
Can- can someone make a parody of this trailer, starring Jane? Like, where she says he's super fast, we can see Jane trotting along and then tiring and slowing down, waving Cho and Rigsby to go on and catch the super, Jane pouring tea? And- no, I'll stop before I dig this hole any deeper. I blame mere_dil for putting the idea into my head, what with the whole 'Oh, imagine Jane- 'do I dazzle you'?!' *dies laughing* WITH HIS SHINY BRILLIANT WHITE TEETH, OH YES.
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*bounces* I never got the point of these 'chat' things, I always thought LJ was sufficient for any conversations I wanted to have, but there I was, innocently checking my emails when a pop-up message from odakota_rose appears! Couple hours later, I am entirely convinced of the value, nay, the necessity of this IM feature. *nodnod* ^_^


Exams...oh, joy.

God forbid you should do anything tedious. )

Compelled by luxuria_oceanus
01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper in their livejournal. [Wow, demanding, much?!]
02. Explain in five sentences/points why you're using that wallpaper.

Not so much a wallpaper, me with my severe lack of artistic talent copy/pasting in paint. Yeah.

My reasons. And bonus hotness. :D )


Mentalist- Season 2 speculation

What might happen to Lisbon? )



Your result:

David Eddings (b. 1931)


*squees* Wonderful quiz! Even if it does call me low-brow, violent and cynical...*snorts* )

Take Which fantasy writer are you? at HelloQuizzy


He's one of my favorite authors! I know, I know, people call his books shallow and cliched, but I enjoy them and re-read them all the time! I don't give a damn the characters follow standard fantasy stereotypes, they are amazing and I love them so. *dances* This quiz is magic, how does it come up with such a perfect answer?



SHAKE IT! By Metro Station. I actually love the song more than the video, I've been blasting it at home while I'm doing embarrassing dance moves all around the house. [Mother busted me rocking out while doing the dishes...*facepalm*] Out of loyalty to my ship, I post the fandom-relevant vid, but if you want to check out the original music video, tis here.

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It's from a few months ago, and just about sent me into cardiac arrest.
PLEASE, somebody tell me Robin isn't leaving The Mentalist. I think I'll curl up and die if she is. I fangirl Lisbon like crazy and it'll ruin the show if Robin's gone.

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Guys! God, that three day weekend was torture, I hate being away from LJ, it's my home, damn it, and I missed you all so much. *glomps everyone*

Btw? If you're feeling ignored lately, it's not you, it's me. I'm smack bang in the middle of exam period hell, plus we're getting ready to move out of rental limbo into the first home we've owned in my nearly-21 years of life. Hectic would be an understatement. But be prepared to be spammed with my love once it's settled down, 'k?


So, I only caught like, ten minutes of Sanctuary, but OMG! *spazzes out* Amanda! Brunette! British accent! GUH! I am totally excited.

Random shallow thoughts )


Much love and eternal gratitude to muzzy_olorea for directing me to the pretties. *squishes* I googled in vain, and would’ve never come across this shrine to Robin Tunney and Simon Baker without assistance, so *mwah* ^_^

After endless squee, I collected a few of my favorites for a mini Robin!picspam. [luxuria_oceanus, my fellow gawker of beautiful women, you should appreciate this on that advanced, sophisticated mental level we operate on...*g*] It's...probably not work-friendly. I don't know, it's fairly tame but I probably would make sure your boss isn't lurking behind you anywhere.


Um…so it took me a moment to realize she was probably pointing at the trophy. *coughs* My gaze followed her finger to a totally different destination… :P

Can I just say- HOT DAMN!  )

I’m so used to seeing her as the sensible, practical Lisbon that my eyes about dropped out of my head to see the sexy, sultry side of her. *fans self* My brain's pretty much mush right now. Don't expect anything intelligent out of me for a while. [Do you ever?]



OMG! I never realized this before but- are Lisbon and Jane actually HOLDING HANDS when they make a break for the car as it’s raining?!

Revenge is for fools and madmen )




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