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Yesterday, I was hard at work as usual *cough* when Katherine waltzes into the library and tells me that she has a few hours to kill and I'm just the person to help her do that. So, we end up walking to the nearest mall- twenty or thirty minutes via the highway, a route fraught with peril, on a barely visible dirt path just inches away from the cars and many large trucks, as well as with construction happening, we had to dodge bulldozers and such- where I brightly suggested we see a movie in the half-serious, half-joking tone of one who secretly wants to do just that but is worried the other person might shoot them down. It puts the ball in their caught without leaving one vulnerable to mockery or rejection.

Katherine, of course, is always up for random acts of spontaneity, 'Why not?' she replies and we walk into the theater to find that Angels & Demons is on in...ten minutes. Timing, we haz it! [Plus I had a free ticket that's been sitting in my purse for just such an occasion- preparation, I haz that, too!]

After loading up on snacks- by which I mean that she bought water and menthols and I got myself coke, popcorn and chocolate, we headed in as the previews were on. Just missed seeing Terminator: Salvation, damn it! I love previews, I love the sense of anticipation, you know?

So, Angels & Demons... )


Criminal Minds- episode 23:

Roadkill- my thoughts )

Lie to Me- episode 12.

Blinded- mini picspam )


sunkrux spammed me with 58 seconds of pure win! Teensy snippet of an interview between the two main actresses of TLW- the blonde's Jennifer O'Dell and the brunette's Rachel Blakely, aka She Who Owns My Heart Forevermore. It's hilarious watching them pretend to hate each other- for instance:
Rachel: I've asked the writers to keep our storylines as separate as they possibly can...
Jen: She tends to upstage me constantly .
Rachel: It's not hard.

If for no other reason, see that cleavage on display? Click play for that. I totally watch TLW for the plot.

Speaking of cleavage... )


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Mother is awesome. She's so hooked on Lenka that she played Dangerous and Sweet to her class under the guise of an educational exercise. *nodnod* They were studying poetry and she got them to listen to it and analyzes themes and metaphors and such. *iz proud* I want her to set an assignment based on Lenka but that's going a bit too far, lol.


I am bemused at all these animals that are suddenly being represented by agents who negotiate deals on their behalf. First there was Sam the koala, whose main claim to fame was drinking water while recovering from the fires. *cue for everyone to go 'awww'*

Then there's Sophie Tucker, a real hero who triumphed against the odds to survive in the wild before being reunited with her family.

Swimming several miles, living off baby goats on a deserted island for six months before rescue...I love this story, it's just so unbelievable I almost expect to hear it's a hoax. It's Castaway meets Survivor and apparently studios are considering movie scripts based on her story, lol. The bit about hunting baby goats may not be so kid-friendly, though. O.o This dog is so deceptively innocent and happy lookin', but there is a fierce hunter lurking within.


The most romantic proposal I've ever heard on a tv show. It aired like, last year, but in case someone's just starting this show, I don't want to spoil anyone.

cut in case of spoiler )

If someone ever said something like this to me, I'd combust with happiness and glee. I just want to matter that much to another person, you know? I know it sounds selfish, but I want to be the meaning of someone's life. So that the world literally revolves around meeee. :D


Lie to Me.

Thoughts on 'Better Half' )


[Drama queen pose, lol]

The funeral was...well. You know. People were asking how it was and it's like, 'Oh, good. It was GREAT, I HAD A SWELL TIME'.

RL stuff )


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*flails* Sanctuary's coming to Sci-Fi! After putting up with months of squeeing from other flisters about how awesome this show is and how fantastic Amanda is, I'm FINALLY getting the chance to see what the fuss is all about! *dances like a crazy*


Lie To Me

I don't hate this show. I mean, I pay it out but that's a sign of affection from me. But seriously, this show is wack. The main characters don't have a method except for pissing people off and assessing the fallout, I just cannot get behind that. I know it's what House does every week, but it's different because the show is about him being an ass and not giving a damn and being brutal to get results. Everyone acknowledges that he is an ass and despises his methods and would never emulate him ever because he sets a bad example and epitomizes everything a doctor should not be [apart from his phenomenal success rate]. But in Lie to Me, we're supposed to believe that the good guys are totally justified in what they do and support them without having any problems with the way they run their investigations? No. It's good fun to watch but I want to tear my hair out at how unbelievable they can be sometimes.

*Life is Priceless* )


Gossip Girl

I disappointed with this show. I know it's the nature of soapies to feature relationships that break down and restart and fail catastrophically, then rewind and begin all over again...that characters will have multiple partners, possibly at the same time, even...that there is no such thing as true love that cannot be tainted and ruined, that no romance can ever run smoothly...but GODDAMN, this show is pissing me off now.

*Remains of the J* )

So, the relationships are a total mess and it's not a proper GG episode if someone doesn't frak up their life in some catastrophic way, but hey! Underage drinking, infidelity, promiscuity, reckless endangerment of property, and fleeing the country aside, there wasn't much drama. Nobody nearly got raped or murdered this week! And the pretty people were pretty!


I don't want to seem ungrateful- I love the library, I'd get on my knees and praise whoever first came up with the idea for this marvellous institution because I'm too cheap to go out and buy books and I'd die of boredom if I couldn't borrow them for free. Gratitude acknowledged.

But I want to kick whoever does the ordering because they have this exasperating habit of buying bits and pieces of a series. Usually the latest books, instead of the first. WTF? I don't usually have a problem reading things out of order, but some fantasies are pretty complex and it hurts my head trying to figure out what I've missed out on. And now I'm trying out Anne Bishop's  Black Jewels series but for some inexplicable reason, they've got the first two books, skipped the third that concludes the trilogy, that book that RESOLVES IT ALL, and then merrily continued with books four, five and six which are set in the same universe but have separate storylines. *head!splodes*ARGH.


BWAHAHA. This will probably amuse nobody but me, but you know how when you get super obsessed with a character, just seeing their NAME thrills you immensely? I have this thing in winter where I write my ship's names on the condensation on my window because THAT is how obsessive I am. *nodnod*

Anyway, the point of this little anecdote: I was just looking up some romances on the library website when I find this synopsis:

'Marguerite, the daughter of a courtesan and a lord and a spy for the French king, forges a new passionate alliance with her former enemy, Nicolai, as she navigates the court of King Henry VIII of England.'

Okay, there are comma issues happening there, unless the human race suddenly needs three individuals to reproduce all of a sudden...but the name! The career as a spy! And...okay, the rest of it doesn't fit at all, but damn, still! *geeky!glee* I love my romances. :D


Vid spam.

'k, we've all heard of Susan Boyle by now. But then [profile] spence_reid  tipped me off about Hollie Steele. Super talented little kid with a phenomenal voice. I am officially enchanted.

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I was catching up on some recent and not-so-recent eps of my various favorite shows and was a little surprised and taken aback that they all shared the same theme.

The Week of Suicides

Random thoughts:



*Simple Explanation* )


Lie To Me

*Depraved Heart* )


The Closer

*Cherry Bomb* )


Thanks to the lovely [personal profile] odakota_rose  , I have figured out how to save a clip from youtube. I tried which worked a couple times for me in the past, then crapped up and refused to play nice again. But now we have: [If y'all knew about this already, don't rub it in my face, 'k? I'm not a very modern kinda person *facepalm*] I was dying to have that clip of Marguerite shooting Roxton in case it got deleted, and now I have a copy of the file that I can glee over to my heart's content whenever I damn well please. *dances* Ecstatic doesn't begin to cover it. ^_^

Vid spam.


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The BSG finale.

Omg, that ending.

*brain!splody time* )


Lie to Me.

Why do I watch this show? WHYYY? I don't like ships where the partners are already in other relationships! And this isn't just some random guy that turns up for one ep and disappears again, though when even that little hurts my soul, you can imagine how much it kills me that Gillian is MARRIED. And her tool of a husband doesn't even appreciate her, the prick. Gotta say I love [ profile] chibi_tenshi24 's plan:

we need to bury her husband's body get the husband out of the picture

*rubs hands gleefully* I mean, even if it seems like overkill just for a guy who threatens my ship [although I wrote a fic killing off Seven of Nine for that very reason], the fact that he is obviously cheating on her makes him more than worthy of literal 'character assassination'. *smirks*

'You know, you were very good back there, with Mrs. Burch. Very nurturing. Maybe you should get a puppy. I could talk to Obama's people...' )

I think Dido's White Flag describes me perfectly.
'I will go down with this ship
and I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag upon my door
I'm in love and always will be...'



Is it weird that Spike is now my favorite character? In season six, all the 'Scoobies' are acting like total retards, and he's like, the one decent guy around. How wack is that?
'I wish you felt the pain of a thousand searing pokers boiling your heart in its own juices...!' )

Finally, I just started watching Privileged, and OMG, MICHAEL CASSIDY!

I loved him on 4400, and now he's back! Sweet and lovable as ever! *squishes* I admit, I watch this show for the hot guys. I hate the main girl but the guys, there are so many handsome, charming, witty guys! They inexplicably fail with their bad taste in love interests because Megan is the definition of airbrain, but I put up with her antics for the guys. Also, the show has the cute little sister from Bionic Woman!

You can't give me a show with two stars from sci-fi and expect me to turn it down, even if it is a frivolous fluffy soap. :D


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