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Just randomly?
I have the Pussycat Dolls' song, Buttons, running through my head...
...accompanied by thoughts of Severus Snape.
'I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons, babe...'
Dear god. Why is that the subject of intense fantasy right now?
Then I found this icon.

AHAHA! Nothing I would love to do more... >:P
Suddenly Shakira's Underneath Your Clothes is playing in my head. *facepalm*
This is reminding me of that scene in Transformers where one of the robots masquerading as a car's trying to help Sam score with Mikaela by playing romantic songs suited to the moment...Drive,Sexual healing, I feel good, Baby come back...hee!

AAAAAAAAAANGST. Vampire Academy Book 4. *clutches chest dramatically* Just KILL ME, why don't you?
*wibbles* Sapphs, you got your hands on it yet? Anyone? I need sympathy and understanding liek whoa. I actually cheated and snuck a peek at the ending because it was so heartbreaking and OMG. Just- *head!splodes*

I'm giving up on the spoiler cuts for the rest of this entry. I am so sorry for the spammage but if I get something right in one spot, it goes nuts on another. So...I'm not touching it anymore. Bloody LJ. *grumbles*

Speaking of heads exploding, Dakota Fanning's apparently signed up to play Dorothy's grand-daughter in a sequel to Wizard of Oz. O.o I'm sure some fans of the original are going to be blowing up at the idea of messing with the movie, wrecking a classic and all that...especially considering inflammatory remarks about Dakota's character being way more capable and kickass than Dorothy, not a 'helpless little girl', lmao. I'm in favor of it!

I love remakes of movies.  )
I wouldn't watch the originals [or most movies from before I was born] because,
a) they're outdated [I have a problem with shoddy special effects, okay? I can forgive it with TLW, just as I forgive every lapse in logic and thwarting of common sense because it is utter fantastic crack]
b) I don't really know or care about the actors from back then- being a fangirl means I like to follow my favorites around, seeing them is a pleasure in itself, even if the movie's not so hot, and
c) with some of the really old ones, I'm just not from the appropriate generation to enjoy that style, you know, the tonal inflections, the pacing of speech, the particular way they act, it just pains me. Argh.
The exception to the 'no-old-school movie' style )

My point is, remakes/sequels open up great movie concepts to a new generation, even if it pisses off a lot of faithful fans in the process. But it's not really for them, not the die-hards that can't stand the idea of their addiction being tampered with, it's for those with an interest in the modern product and for us newbies. I couldn't get through ten minutes of Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz without gritting my teeth and wanting to kick something, so I, for one, am looking forward to this modernization.

Especially since I loved Zooey Deschanel's DG in Tin Man.
How can you resist the wonder and thrill of it all?! )


Quiz time.

Which HP Kid Are You?

My Result: hermione granger
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About damn time!

Bloody hell! I had to go through about a million quizzes before I finally scored as Snape! I identify with him more than Hermione- I love her to bits, but I'm not as nice as she is. I'm always being told how sarcastic and moody I am. 'tis a character flaw I cannot be bothered trying to correct. *shrugs*


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Things that make me laugh:

Item #2385469029353 on the list of snicker-worthy ship name smushes. GRAPE.
As in Hermione Granger/Severus Snape =  Granger/Snape =Grape. *cracks up laughing*
I know I shouldn't talk, given I've submitted Jello as the Jane/Lisbon alternative ship name, but seriously, Grape?!

I was re-reading this convo that odakota_rose and I had a while back about a TLW/Sound of Music crossover and her crack!dialogue still sends me into gigglefits. ^_^
Can you imagine Marguerite meeting all these randomly happy singing people? 
{Marguerite: Roxton, they're just going around singing! Obviously they're delusional.
Roxton: I imagine it's because they're happy.
Marguerite: I told you- delusional. And I haven't ever seen them need a reason to start singing. Yesterday Maria burst into song after a t-rex chased them- going on about her favorite things as if it would keep the dinosaurs away!}

I finished watching the Sanctuary finale yesterday. [OMG! *WIBBLES*] Which totally influenced my dream, in which I was at some sorta safe house with John Druitt and we had this whole Hannibal/Clarice [ship!] vibe going on, like, there was the 'I don't know whether I want to hit on you or kill you now' thing happening. *shivers* At least cannibalism wasn't on the menu. :P Forgive my terrible punning...

Things that make me rant:

Incompetent staff and terrible fast food service + annoying Australian habits )


I want to like Primeval. It’s kinda hard ‘coz:

List of fail )

*quivers with loathing and hostility*

I've only seen the first few eps of season 4 [Psychic Friend and Electric Kiss stick in my memory as well as my craw] and wow, did TATB screw up this show but good. I was upset when I found out about its cancellation but at this point, it's a mercy killing. *nodnod*

Kyle/Amanda v Kyle/Jessi )


Things that make me bounce off the walls:

I was worried about the timing before, 'coz my parents wrangled numerous concessions to allow me to go to the convention last year, when it was a month before exam period. But due to the tortuous new trimester system- which necessitates the loss of our holidays plus study week *glares*- exams finish the week before the con! Oh, joy! *twirls giddily*

Does anyone know why the hell Channel Ten is suddenly screening So You Think You Can Dance at 11pm now? What happened to the family-friendly 7:30pm slot? They'd never do this shocking time-frame for the Australian version, so what gives? I much prefer the American show, with the hilarious judges and wonderful Cat and far more entertaining and humorous contestants, and it deserves better than to be relegated to last place behind Simpsons and movie repeats. *frowns*

I’m stuck in limbo hell, waiting for the next installments in all my favorite series. Currently making me nearly leap out of my skin with eager anticipation and hopeless desperation:

My wishlist ^_^ )




Your result for The Sorting Hat Test...


You scored 42% Order/Chaos, and 35% Moral/Rational

Chaotic Rationality. You don't think much of rules and restrictions; you look at things from an analytical perspective and probably think morality is relative to some extent. Your strength lies in being able to make your own judgments and form your own strategies uninhibited by others; your weakness lies in the wariness other people may have of you, perceiving you as dangerous.

You join people like Theodore Nott, Severus Snape, and Horace Slughorn.

The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:

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Cute little vid featuring former Australian Idol contestant, Lisa Mitchell. She was all whiny-ass on the show, didn't make a very impressive showing of herself, but this? Redeems her completely. It's adorkable and quirky and wistful, and omg, that little dance she does...actually, calling it a dance is being generous, lol, but I love it 'coz that's totally what I do! Just jerk awkwardly to the beat, with the most minimal movement possible, looking kinda odd but she's so cute she carries it off well.

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Finally, I have defeated her. Today's tennis session- thrashed mother, 6-3. HA. And HA again, I say. *preens* Who will fetch me my muffins and bagels, eh? :P


I recently finished reading Jim Butcher’s Princeps Fury, the fifth in his Codex Alera series, and it’s one of the best books ever.  Epic without being bogged down in clunky exposition and confusing detail, way more accessible than classics like Lord of the Rings, featuring a variety of characters with their own distinct personalities and stories, and most importantly, it has both a sense of humor and a bit of romance. I’m not a big fan of the trend for fantasies to turn into doom-and-gloom tragedies, so this series lifts my spirits.


*generalities* )


*more specifically* )


Unfortunately, this wonderful book has raised an appetite for fantasy. I say unfortunately, because I am so picky about what I expect that I am rarely pleased and more often disappointed. I've tried a few different fantasies in the past fortnight and I've enjoyed none of them so far.

In the first, the girl gets raped by the second chapter. To be fair, the rape wasn't gratuitous in the sense that it served no purpose, because it did shape her character and inform her actions, which started a series of events that had consequences throughout the rest of the book. But I don't care how brilliantly it's executed, I stop reading once it happens.

In another, it was going so well. Powerful magic dude rescues an urchin with powers of her own, and they work together to overthrow the corrupt system. I have a soft spot for these kinds of ships, ever since Daine/Numair in Tamora Pierce's The Immortals. [Call me deviant, I don't care. Although she was really young, but I'm ignoring that, lalala]. The book was so good that when I saw the second in Borders, I thought about buying it so I didn't have to wait for the library- except I read the blurb, everything came crashing down around my ears. The dude dies and she gets with some other guy. Ouch.

The third was part of a series. Absolutely adored the first book, again had plans to purchase them. But in the second, the chick finds out she's bonded to this vampire- who she has feeling for, I might add- and wants to get rid of the spell so she has sex with another guy. Wtf?! NO. I looked up the plot for the third book, and it's still about her relationship with the vampire and the UST and epic romance of it all, and I'm thinking, 'What's romantic about sleeping with another guy to try and sever the connection between her and the first guy?' So...yah. Down the drain.

The problem I have is that there are, for some reason, a lot of love triangles in fantasy novels. What is up with that? I'm a fan of the OTP so it hurts me deeply. What's so wrong with having the one couple and sticking to that, instead of trying to ratchet up the chick's number of sexual partners?

Please, gods, I have suffered enough. Send me more worthy fantasy novels, I beseech you.
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Damn it. Burnt by yet another fantasy book. 




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I’m going to make a shocking declaration.


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