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* Connex fails yet again. Their brilliant idea to enhance public transport? The REMOVAL of seats to allow more people to cram on at peak hour. *headdesk* Way NOT to address the issue of over-crowding. Something like organizing more trains to more destinations operating on time would’ve been the key, but instead they deliberately make people’s lives more miserable. Thank god I don’t commute. ‘…we know our customers want to be able to sit down, but we also know they want to be able to catch a train at all…’ So the desperation of the passengers makes it all right for them to suck more and more, rather than attempt to fix the problem?


* Outrage at Home and Away lesbian storyline. You know, my problem isn't really with people being bigots. If you want to be prejudiced, well, I don't like it but I don't care. It's when they try to claim that they're justified for their irrational prejudices and attempt to act like their opinions are the norm and the only acceptable attitude that I get pissy. Have the guts to admit you're intolerant if you're going to act that way, 'k?

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* This is old news, but it was just in the paper this week and I felt sick reading this article.
Double-standards in sentencing Aboriginal offenders here and here. I've talked about how out of a sense of cultural guilt at what was done to the Aborigines, our community seems to overcompensate and give them privileges and special treatment that is unfair and unwarranted and downright stupid, actually. This is where it gets taken to the extreme, with tragic outcomes. You don't let people commit crimes without punishment because of their race, guys, I didn't know there were people who couldn't understand that. If they attacked someone related to a judge, I wonder how they'd want to sentence the offender then?

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Just randomly, this all reminds me of my favorite Foreman quote:
Cameron: Black defendants are 10 times more likely to get a death sentence than whites.
Foreman:  Doesn't mean we need to get rid of the death penalty. Just means we need to kill more white people.


And to finish on a lighter note...Dakota Fanning signs onto the next Twilight movie, New Moon. *headdesk* I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THIS. :[


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I am so angry with mother right now. And you know, if I look at it in a rational, objective manner, I can see it doesn’t really matter and I should just get past it, but I can’t help feeling betrayed on the most fundamental level.

If there’s anything you guys know about me, it’s that fandom is the most essential part of my life. It makes up 90% of my personality. I pretty much don’t exist outside it.

Another thing I may have mentioned is I hate being lied to, which I fully admit is hypocritical, considering what a liar I am. But that’s beside the point.

I returned home, after having a really good day. Played tennis with mother in the morning- I lost, but it was a good game; once I switched rackets, my skills improved miraculously; watched Criminal Minds with her afterwards, went to the movies and saw The International with Ma and TiLind, then spaced out in front of the Foxtel for a while. Apart from having LJ withdrawal pangs, it was a good day.

Then I got home and mother said to me, ‘I have a confession to make’. While I was out, she was doing the ironing and needed something to watch. She went into my room and looked through my things- yet another HUGE no-no, as far as I’m concerned, ‘And I saw The Lost World, and thought, ‘well, she’s always saying how good it is…’ so…’ I just stared at her and was like, ‘No. No, you didn’t.’ And then she went, ‘No, I didn’t. I couldn’t figure out how to work the dvd player so I just ended up watching something else’. And it seemed so pat. She was working up to something and then- that was it? Anti-climax. So I asked her, several times, if that was the truth, if that was what really happened. She denied watching it, she repeated that she couldn’t figure out how to play the dvds, okay.

Later on, I was still wondering. I asked her once more, ‘Did you lie to me earlier?’ and yet again she denied it. A few minutes later, she finally admitted it- she had lied. She was going to tell me, but my reaction made her change her mind. Like it was my fault. ‘I didn’t know if this was one of the things you preferred not to know’. I’ve only ever said that when it was something inconsequential, that didn’t matter at all, but THE LOST WORLD? That’s possibly the most important thing in my life. Of all the shows she had to lie about, it had to be TLW?


*cut for the rest of the rant in which I justify myself* )

Random thoughts:

The downside.

- it's kinda funny how I've swung from raptures of delight over odakota_rose being converted to TLW, to utter wretchedness over mother's actions with the show. Thanks, life, for not letting me enjoy the former for a little longer before inflicting the second. I'm doing a meme right now on 'Eight Ways to Win My Heart'- I admit, I was a little stumped but I can say right now that on a list of the opposite- betraying me over a show would be number 1. YES, I'M BEING A DRAMA QUEEN ATM, LET ME INDULGE.

-I can't get into my optus email account. The one all my lj notifications go to. So I'm going to sleep on it and hope it's all better tomorrow. If I don't get back to y'all, it won't be for lack of trying. For some reason, optus doesn't seem to have that 'can't login? Fix it here' option, which sucks. Yahoo at least has a failsafe question. I thought optus did too, but I can't find the page you go to when it's spitefully not frakking letting you log in.

The upside.

- bought the second season of 30 Rock. No, I haven't seen all of season 1, not even most of it, but JB Hi-Fi only had the second, so. *shrugs* I vowed to myself ages ago that I wasn't going to put myself through this, but SOMONE told me I had to, and here I am. I figured using a gift-card to buy it made it okay. :P

-finally decided to try watching season six of TWW. I wasn't planning on it, since everything I've heard indicates it's not the show I know and love, but...Mary McCormack! I fell in love with her on In Plain Sight [which has mysteriously vanished from sight, Channel 10. *scowls* Commercial tv is hell, I tells ya]. I watched A Good Day just before and...*wriggles* Kate!

'Ambassador, listen carefully. An hour ago, I reviewed the United States' contingency plan to invade your country. 1789, revised in 1815, the calligraphy is beautiful'/'This has gone too far! I just threatened the Canadian Ambassador!'

Plus, 'Do we even have a map of Canada?' Her expression, her tone... *g* her patent disgust throughout this entire episode at the farce she was reluctantly embroiled in... :D

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Some people say, ‘Why watch a show if you don’t like it? Don’t waste your time and ours by complaining afterwards’. 


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Damn it. Burnt by yet another fantasy book. 




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I’m going to make a shocking declaration.


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