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Oh, hell. I have a job interview. *flails* 

Kill me now... )-

Before I could apply for this job, I needed referees for my resume and…none of my lecturers/tutors from uni would be able to vouch for me. I basically just wagged classes or I never spoke up, so yeah, uni was a bust. Which meant...I had to go back further in time, to when I actually attended classes and got on well iwth my teachers...

A morning back at high school )-

OMG! As usual, I’m the last to know, but thanks to weird_fin, I learnt about LJ’s new a la carte userpics deal! Damn Paypal takes a week to add funds to my account, but I am going icon crazy once I get my gazillion new userpic spaces! *eyes icon collection greedily* Ohh, all the pretties that I liked but never had space for! Their time has come!

But I am confuzzled. Can anyone explain this to me in simple English?

“The number of packages you select in the Shop defines how many packages you wish to have, rather than how many additional packages you wish to purchase. So, if you already have one package of userpics and then you choose ‘1 package’ in the Shop, only the time of your 1 package of userpics will be extended, rather than the quantity of userpics. If you’d like to have 2 or 3 packages in total, then you need to select either '2 packages' or '3 packages' plus the duration of time. Please note that the total amount of time purchased for all userpic packages will be redistributed so all packages expire at the same time.”
So, the userpics I already have- do they count as a package? As in, if I pay for one package, am I only paying to extend the time during which they are valid? And if I actually want extra userpic space, must I pay for two packages? I’d be pretty bummed if I thought I was going to have a few hundred icons but it turned out I’d just renewed their duration.

Also, I only got a paid account for the extra userpics. Now that you can have tons of icons without being a paid member, if I let my paid account lapse- do I still get to keep the icons I paid for? Or do I have to pay for them again?

There is very little on at the movies that appeals to me...

...but I'm cautiously optimistic about Prince of Persia. ^_^ )

'Brief' fandom thoughts:

Holy awesomeness! woodchoc_magnum, I am completely on board the Parvati Appreciation ship now! 

She's totally the best player that has ever competed on 'Survivor'! )-

10 Things I Hate About You.

People are not scared of me/Sure they are, that's why I find you interesting... )
ETA: It's been cancelled. OMG. *sighs* Well, at least I know now, before I got in too deep. Thanks for warning me, luxuria_oceanus. *eyes you darkly* Letting me babble about finding a new fandom when it's been nipped in the bud. *pouts*


“…the show burnt off its most interesting plot developments within the first month, racing ahead like a series afraid of imminent cancellation…”

'Now that we're sort of dating, I have to work so much harder to pretend to be listening to her...' )-

Dollhouse epicness!

Season 2 in general, The Attic in particular. *squees* )

Btw. Does anyone know where I could d/l Anna Turnheim's 'No, I don't Remember'? I think that was the song used in The Attic and I really want it. *peers hopefully* A very cool song, but I can't find it anywhere...

Legend of the Seeker.

I admit, the first time I saw Sister Verna, I wasn't too impressed. I was prepared to be bored, rather, although slightly gleeful at the opportunity for Cara/Kahlan bonding with Richard interrupting all the time. [That paid off all right, beyond my expectations!]

But Verna won me over with the way she didn't fawn over Richard like so many others have, none of this 'oh, the wisdom of the Seeker' this and 'praise the Seeker' that. She was matter-of-fact and very realistic about his capabilities and wisdom- or lack thereof. Brutally honest with him about her opinion of him, and I grew to love her more and more as she turned out to be my on-screen proxy. Seriously, every dark thought I've had about Richard's stupidity, she's voiced to his face, it's been awesome!

So, in her honor:

2 x 08- Light: Verna!centric picspam )



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Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled 

*whimpers* I'm still hoping against hope that it can be saved. *wibbles* 

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Tell me you love me and I will...
01. Respond with something random about you.
02. Tell you which color you remind me of.
03. Tell you my first memory of you.
04. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
05. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
06. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
07. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
08. Challenge you to post this on your journal. 


Just because I like the song and the cool visual effects. It makes me wish I had a super video editing program, the things I could do with those awesome special effects...*envies*

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Things fall apart. In case you guys were wondering where I was [*squishes woodchoc_magnum*], I've been trying to put the pieces of my life back together. It's been emotionally exhausting but creepily okay in the end. The worst happened and it didn't. I'm ten kinds of confused right now.

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense... )


New ship: Sylar/Claire. *headdesk* How is it that my ships become more and more- er, dubious as time passes on? And the chicks remain relatively pure and moralistic and straight-forward [okay, so Hermione scarred a girl for life, that's terrible but I blame it on JKR's shoddy characterization], while the guys are...hmm. From Snape's 'technically a good guy but quite cruel and nasty' to Jareth's 'I steal children and make you go on perilous quests to retrieve them' to Sylar's, um...'I kill people. For fun'. Yeahhh...

Plus, with the first two ships, if you were so inclined, the characters could get together without too much dilemma [what's the stigma of a former teacher/student relationship or centuries-long age difference compared with dating a serial killer?] But with Sylar and Claire, you can't really see these two hooking up without either serious character tweaking or dub-con. Which really rules this pairing, like, 90% of the fics I've come across involve dub-con. So wrong...but I can't help it, these two fascinate me too much. Taking the kink of characters who hate each other a little too far, methinks...*eyeroll*

LotS spoiler woe


I am enraged! *snarls* )

PS. How old is Kahlan? I’ve been wondering. All this talk lately of how I enjoy don’t mind a good age difference…but it only works with younger female/older male couples. I’m not a fan of older women with younger men. Not that I have anything against it [I like Demi and Ashton] but I don’t ship it.

So, Richard’s about 20-23...‘What have you been doing the last 20 years?’ Kahlan asks despairingly of Zedd. And Darken Rahl is all, ‘For 23 years, I’ve slept peacefully…’ before his blissful dreams were rent by the resurfacing of the Seeker. Do we know how old Kahlan is?

Alice in Wonderland!

The reviews have been lukewarm at best, but I was psyched up for it.

'Have I gone mad?/I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are...' )


I watched a few of Mia Wasikowska’s eps from In Treatment this week. She’s a really talented actress [sooo much better in this than Alice, I gotta say]. The whole ep is structured around two characters sitting in a room...just talking. No special effects, not even that much music, no real action...and it’s still utterly compelling. She gripped my attention from the first moment she stalked into the room and flung herself down on the couch, and I couldn’t stop watching her. She’s just so expressive and really something amazing to watch in action.

Oh, and you come across fandom in the most random places! In one of her sessions, Sophie brought in her diary to shed light on herself as a kid. ‘Dear Hermione,’ she reads, explaining, ‘I pretended that I was writing to Hermione Granger...’ :D Just like me with Xena! Oh, yeah, I totally used to make-believe that Xena was my friend...

Sesson Snippet )


Who’s giving the new Doctor Who a chance? I gotta say, I’m less than impressed. I fell for Nine, in all his angsty neurotic glory...

I know Ten was a ball and just so much fun, but what can I say, the broody, damaged types do it for me. :P *luffs Nine*

And now we have Eleven…who looks like a schoolboy, I mean, really? Barely looks like he's out of his teens, he so cannot carry off that suit without looking like a kid playing dress-up. Still, his side-kick’s gorgeous. I’m so tempted just for the eye-candy, but…I have this ridiculous tendency to get emotionally invested without my say-so and I’ve danced this number too often to risk my heart when I know it ain’t gonna have a happy ending. I hate the 'revolving door' cast for this series and I don't know if it's worth it to watch in case I get attached and then weep buckets when they get swapped out for a new pair.

Oh, I don’t knoooow. *vacillates*

Pretty People )

Make my mind up for me?


30 Day meme: snurched from labrt2004
Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy

Ugh, I'm so bitter about not getting to go to the most recent con, but this pic with Christopher Heyerdahl was the highlight of last year.

Best moment of my life )

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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people

The Iron King

'That he caved to your demands suggests he may be spending too much time with mortals, learning their ways and capricious emotions. It is time he remembers how to be fey.'

I swallowed, 'But what about Ethan?'

'I know not.'

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

Darkness was behind. In the sunlight ahead, out on the rocks, a figure reached toward her in anguish.

“No.” She shook her head. “Don’t take me just yet; give me one more hour…”

“Your time has come, love,” said the eerie man and his cold hand seized her shoulder to lead her into the darkness.



So funny! This dude's impersonation of Alan Rickman is just spot on and hilarious. *gigglefit* ^_^

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RL whinge:

I’m not suicidally depressed this week, it’s all good. Just wishing I wasn’t so invisible to people that matter to me. )


Fandom yayness:

Surprisingly, I'm reading a Harry Potter fic that isn't SSHG. Quelle surprise! I just devoured 44 chapters of Arsinoe de Blassenville's The Best Revenge. It's a Snape-mentors-Harry story and by god, it sunk its claws into me and would not let me wrest free.

This fic? Is what I wish CANON was like. It's infinitely SUPERIOR to canon and not in a fanfic way, but literally like it could've been published. I would've paid money for this fic, seriously. It fixes everything that I had a problem with in the books and surpasses them in terms of making Harry more likable and sympathetic. The boy actually studies and tries to achieve things and learn spells! Who'da thunk it? Also, Harry genuinely cares about other people and tries to help- canon!Harry is stunningly lacking in empathy or compassion.

And there is character development! *gasps* The amazing thing is that Harry and Draco are friends in this fic but Draco isn't  whitewashed til he's unrecognizable- given his upbringing, he has the same inevitable prejudices and flaws as in canon, but we get to see the positive effect Harry has on him in such a believable way. There is compromise and 'agreeing to disagree' instead of Draco miraculously converting to Muggle-lover in a heartbeat.

The best thing about the fic is the way that kids from all four Houses form friendships, and we have the core quartet that includes Draco and Hermione and Neville and makes it seem realistic that these very different kids would hang out with each other and actually grow to like each other over time, going from distant tolerance to real friendship.

And I won't babble about how much I love Snape in this. *bounces* Just take it as read, yo. ^_^

If anyone knows any epic-length mentor!Snape fics, rec me? Preferably gen!fic with no major ships [especially not involving Hermione, as I doubt there exists a perfect fic that has 'Severitus' plus SSHG]. I don't want to go looking because I'd have to wade through the Snarry fics and my brain does not need to deal with that.


You know how I love to compare and contrast Castle/Mentalist. We’ve had the female cop/male consultant post and the Patrick Jane/Kate Beckett post…now there’s a different theme.

The shout-out! Watch me reach…and make the randomest connections! )


There are a few moronic clichés that make me laugh myself silly or shriek til I’m hoarse every single time.

One of them is the ol’ ‘noble character throws themselves between another character and object of impending death’. Why why WHY, for the love of fandom, do these people hurl themselves through the air? How can they POSSIBLY calculate the correct angle and trajectory and factor in the wind and velocity of the weapon and all that within microseconds?

It just defies belief that this seemingly futile maneuver actually works, time and again! One of these days, I want to see someone pull that stunt, only to have miscalculated and wind up passing before or after the bullet/sword/alternative weapon and land roughly on the ground, winded, only to look up and find that not only did they make a fool of themselves, but the object of their concern got killed anyway. BECAUSE IT’S SO STUPID.

Why not at least launch yourself in the direction of the person you’re trying to protect? That way, even if you judged the distance and speed of the weapon incorrectly, your body will absorb the hit anyway- but in the best case scenario, you knock them out of the way and actually survive in the process!

Of course, the whole point of this maneuver is that the Character Dies Heroically. Which I get and if their number is up, that’s it. But couldn’t they die with a little dignity? Because that just makes me giggle and eyeroll like mad, it doesn’t make me respect them or mourn them to a greater degree.


LotS 2 x 10- Perdition.

I have major issues with the penultimate scene.
Major WTF!ery )

Btw. You know what’s sad? I only just realized the pun from Heroes- Elle, who was able to wield electricity? Elle/electricity=Elle-ctricity? God, I can’t believe that only just hit me. *facepalm*



30 Day meme: snurched from labrt2004
Day 05 → Whatever tickles your fancy.

Whee! My OTP, of course. Especially art featuring them- I love doing the weekly SSHG quizzes because I score shiny banners, woohoo!

Okay, so realistically, what’s the point, what am I ever going to do with them, right? But it’s the mystery and anticipation of which banner will come next- will it be a repeat, a dud…or spectacularly cool!

Other banners )
[While I’m on the topic of SS/HG, Kathryn has updated her awesome fic, The Professor’s Discretion. She wrote it while in the grip of a terrible fever, and edited while high on meds. And still she rolls out another amazing chapter, I don’t know how she does it. *pouts enviously*]

Aaaaand the best picture meme ever:


My Interests Collage! )


I recently discovered A Very Potter Musical. I'm not in love with it- I have issues with comedy, it can be mean and I'm too protective of my favorites to be able to cope- but it's a very clever parody and I do enjoy how it mocks canon and how ridiculous the plot is. The following clip contains my favorite song of the whole show: Granger Danger! It's so catchy and I've been singing it over and over...

'I'm falling in love, falling in love, falling in love, I could be falling in love,  falling in love, falling in love with Hermione Granger...'

Draco and Ron are hysterical.

Ron: God, why don't you just give her a break for once, okay, Malfoy?
Draco: Why defending her, Weasley? Have a crush?
Ron: NO, no...why all the insults, Malfoy? Covering up a crush?

And the lyrics!
Ron: Strange how a dress can take a mess and make her nothing less than beautiful to me...
Draco: What? What the hell is this, you expect me to sing about her? Don't care about her. It's just a little make-up, Draco, wake up, you're mistaken...


[I d/l the soundtrack but most of the songs are Voldemort or Voldy/Quirrel. I'm not sure if there are other songs besides the ones on the soundtrack, let me know if there are?]

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Happymaking List of Win.

#1. OMG OMG OMG. I renewed my account for another year and just found out I got five userpic spaces! I totally forgot about the bonus userpics, this is so awesome! Just in time for me to express my love for my new fandom, too! *giddybounces*

#2. Ha, I think I've come across a term that near-accurately describes my taste in ships: Foe Yay. *gigglesnort*
Foe Yay implies that there are certain sexual emotions that have been sublimated by the characters, in this case, two nemeses. The idea being that because of their defined roles, the two characters must fight, but would subconsciously rather be doing something else that starts with an "F".
Okay, so that's more applicable to anime and comic books where the hero/villain battle it out for ten million seasons, but it does address my OTPs' initial interactions very well- I do adore shipping two people that seem to absolutely loathe each other at first. :D Every single ship of mine has started off snapping and snarling at each other before ultimately deciding they do kinda have a thing for one another.

Just a brief snapshot )

#3. Saw Up in the Air the other day.

It was supposed to be just the adult women, but I guess mother took pity on me and let me tag along with her, Ma and my aunt. Aren't I special? *preens*

My thoughts )

#4. Sense and Sensibility. Pretty decent movie, though I admit I'd never pay attention to it were it not for Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon. I always thought his relationship with Marianne got shortchanged- one minute, she's mooning over the dastardly Willoughby, the next she's with Brandon. Imagine my delight at stumbling across Colonel Brandon’s Diary by Amanda Grange.

I have to say, my first reaction was ‘who is the dude on the cover and why is it not Alan Rickman?!’

Because I am utterly lacking in bias when it comes to my choice of cover model, lol.

'To your sister I wish all imaginable happiness; to Willoughby that he may endeavour to deserve her...' )

#5. How do you disable author alerts on I think I should, before I get into more trouble. *facepalm*

Apart from the annoyance of getting messages for fics you're not interested in, there's the threat of being taken over by a new fandom if one isn't careful- and I am so weak that way. I kept getting random emails about some author posting Labyrinth fics- I deleted each one, but the name imprinted on my brain, and now and then I'd wonder what the big deal was about this Sarah and Jareth [it was his name that caught my eye, since it reminded me of Pretender's Jarod] and why the hell that author wasn't writing for the fandom I put them on alert for, right?

The other day, I wiki'd it, figured 'oh, teenage girl takes on Goblin King in epic fantasy quest to save her brother from his evil clutches'. Hmm, it has potential, why not? I was intrigued, since it's so rare for fantasy movies to be made these days starring girls, let alone letting them be the sole protagonist instead of sharing the limelight with an undeserving, less capable and immature guy. *coughHARRYPOTTERcough*

And now...I am hopelessly enchanted. I haven't seen the movie yet, but dear god, the fanfic is incredible. I am so in love!

'Everything that you wanted, I have done. You asked that the child be taken; I took him. You cowered before me; I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you!' )

But yes, I fully realize that my ships have officially become creepy. woodchoc_magnum and I were talking a while back about 'appropriate age-differences'; she was for them, I do I put it so that I don't sound like a perverted sicko? Um...more open-minded, shall we say?

And on the bright side, doesn't this make Hermione/Snape look more normal in comparison? :P No? I'm just twisted, end of story? Righty then...

30 Day Meme: snurched from labrt2004.

Day 03 → Your favourite television programme

I'm gonna go with Castle. I love having a show-approved ship, instead of fighting against TPTB, it's such a relief when they agree that my couple is meant to be. I would have said Mentalist just a few months ago, but I love that the whole team gets to shine here, with Beckett actually cracking cases along with Castle instead of standing back and admiring his genius the way Lisbon's forced to, plus as mother says, 'There's a lot more blatant UST'. *g* I love it when my mother talks like a fangirl!


This was the first Labyrinth vid I saw, and convinced me that I definitely needed to join in the fandom. It's so very well constructed, especially considering the limited amount of material to work with, and it's so full of emotion and thrills and excitement, I love it!

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First order of business. My shiny new Hermione/Snape header! All hail the artistic awesomeness of ed_84! Much love and my eternal gratitude, darling! *hugglesquish*
Which brings me to this: The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

Albino heroine? Odd, I think. Hmm, this has potential.

The fated seventh member of the Guard that’s charged with saving the world from supernatural threats? Nothing out of the ordinary there. There’s always a group of misfits with powers responsible for safeguarding humanity on some epic quest.

Love interest is her Professor- whoa, hold it, WHAT?! Kudos to you, book, you have my undivided attention. I want to read this just so I can figure out how it got by the censors. I didn’t think YA novels promoting student/teacher relationships had a chance in hell. [Official book trailer]

My curiosity piqued, I hunted down an excerpt from the book- and nearly died from fandom flail…

Excerpt bits and pieces )


I know that when I’m in the thrall of a fandom, anything and everything in my life relates back to it in some way. I’ll seize on the most tenuous connection just for the fandom related squee.

Like this old teacher of mine who had hair the exact style and shade as Scully’s. ‘Out of a bottle’, Jacob noted unkindly. [The teacher, as well as Scully] But who cares what’s needed to maintain the illusion? I stared at the back of her head for an hour on the bus trip, anyway. [Because I’m scary like that]

Like when this quiz show host asked ‘What’s heavier, a raptor or the two Veronicas combined?’ [The latter being the Australian pop duo, FYI] I immediately shrieked, ‘Raptors! Veronica! It’s The Lost World!’ Clearly, that is just me being a freak.

But people, read the excerpt. A stern ruthless teacher who intimidates students, whose appearance is described as being a tall figure in black robes over a vest, with intense dark eyes, shoulder length black hair and a prominent nose.

It’s like a ‘Snape: Physical Characteristics’ checklist! Except without the Harry!filter to ugly him up, no greasy hair or beaky nose here, oh no, his hair is ‘lustrous’ and his features are ‘noble’, likening him to a ‘Grecian sculpture’.

And his voice! Utterly mesmerizing, it ‘took hold of his audience, a richly resonant, unparalleled baritone’. I love it. Totally like the author was fed up with JKR mistreating the most awesome character ever and decided to appropriate him for her own story, lmao, after being suitably romanticized.

Also? His name’s Professor Rychman. As in, Alan Rickman? The author’s not even attempting to be subtle here!

Legend of the Seeker.

This is highly irreverent. My love for the show has been revitalized and I'm fangirling it hardcore once more.

But I must ask this: so, the main impediment to Richard and Kahlan enjoying some well-deserved sexytiems is the fact that if she experiences the delights of orgasmic bliss, she will lose control of her powers and confess Richard, y/y?

So, technically, if the sex is bad, [blasphemy!] and she doesn't 'burn with an incandescent glory'...get swept away in the 'waves of tactile pleasure'...caught in the 'glorious, rippling cascade of sublime release' [don't mind me, I'm just quoting from romance novels]- then she won't lose control and won't confess him? Right? Is my logic undeniable?

Thus, Richard can still father the new line of Confessors, etc. etc. Just it wouldn't be much fun in the baby-making process as everyone would assume. Where's IVF when you need it?

LOTS: 2 x 01- Marked

Cara!centric picspam )



30 Day Meme:
Day 02- favorite movie: 

Atm? My new loves- I'm hesitating between The Proposal and Star Trek. I watched them both again recently and they're made of so much win. Totally buying them when they're cheaper. [I refuse to pay $20-$30, kthxbai]

Classic favorite? Dogma. SO MUCH LOVE. I've seen it about a million times by now. ['I'm pissed off, is what I am! Do you go around drenching everybody that comes into your room with flame-retardant chemicals? No wonder you're single!' LMAO]

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FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

SECOND: Tag eight sexy people. Don't refuse to do it like a pansy.

I don’t know who else has done this, feel free to disregard if so:

kat_rowe, labrt2004, luisa_f, mcgarrygirl78, sapph, spence_reid, sunkrux, woodchoc_magnum.

Questions and Answers )


Thom Yorke's Hearing Damage is my favorite song of the moment. I've been listening to it on repeat for hours on end this past week. So amazing. *sighs happily* And it's the soundtrack for one of the coolest scenes in New Moon- Victoria pwning  the wolves and eluding them on her epic running scene through the woods. It makes running for your life from a pack of werewolves look sexy and glamorous! [Say what you will about the series- here's my movie review- but it has amazing music]

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This fic, The Headmaster’s Tale, by tearsofphoenix made me realize there’s another item I can add to the list of Why Snape is the Awesomest Ever. He’s reappointed as headmaster with this reasoning:

 “…and we acknowledge the recipient of this offer, Professor Severus Snape, to have been the best Headmaster Hogwarts ever had, at least in recent centuries, he being the only Headmaster all of whose students stayed safe and alive – and that during the most adverse of times - thus succeeding where even his highly honoured predecessors, Armando Dippett and Albus Dumbledore, failed.”

WIN. Death Eater occupation and still he manages to protect all the students, even when all the teachers and Dumbledore's Army defiantly acts against him. What a hero.


Okay, look, I completely agree that teacher/student relationships in RL just should not happen. Under any circumstances. Mitigating factors in fandom provide exceptions to this rule but the key word is FANDOM.

My love for Hermione/Snape in the Harry Potter!verse is one such exception and I refuse to justify it. But the thing is, this pairing mainly works for me because of the extraordinary circumstances they face, where all sorts of lines are blurred because of the situation they find themselves in. I would never ship a student and teacher in a show that’s more reflective of real life.  A show such as my recent guilty pleasure, Glee.

There is no magic, except what the kids create onstage. There is no war, except that which Sue wages on the rest of the world. It’s just ordinary, if talented, kids at an ordinary school with- okay, not exactly ordinary teachers, they’re all freaks in their own way, lol.

Still. Despite the chemistry I see between Rachel and Will, I refuse to ship them. REFUSE. They might go beyond the usual teacher/student dynamic- things get intensely personal between them, they have expectations of each other and engage on a different level than he does with any of the other Gleeks, but although I like both characters, that’s not reason enough to ship them.

That said, I feel kinda smug when I read that the original premise of the show? Totally had teacher/student sex. Because I so called it from the first moment I saw them together.


All right, I blame ed_84 who is the reason I’ve been tempted back to Legend of the Seeker.

I gave up on it halfway through the first season because it was all about Richard/Kahlan. I adore Kahlan, ‘k, mad love for that woman because she is the definition of awesome but I just don’t get her and Richard.  

Richard criticism )

But ed_84’s icon of a hot blonde chick with the caption- ‘there is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Cara has allowed to live’ intrigued me. You have to be a certain type of fierce to carry that attitude off. For instance, you’d never see a pic of Jennifer Keller with that caption- unless it was in mockery.

So I researched Cara and fell madly, deeply, intensely in love. Jetgirl78 picspammed her and Kahlen over here- lots of shiny pics, so go check the pretties!

[Warning: I’m perilously close to shipping Cara/Kahlen now. I’m not ordinarily into femslash, but god. For these two, I’d totally make an exception. This is the fault of jetgirl78’s amazing picspam, so just be aware it might convert you…]

Thoughts on Cara )

*wriggles with glee* So happy right now! ^_^


In honor of the season:


Snurched from labrt2004
Following the 30 Day meme like a sheep racing to rejoin its flock. But I don't promise not to break the rules.

Day 1- your favorite song:
At the moment? You might be able to tell from my journal entry titles that it's Florence and the Machine's Blinding. Such a powerful, moving song. I can't even describe how it overwhelms my soul and floods my brain with pretty imagery and heavy concepts about independence and breaking free and empowerment and all that.

Snurched from

The "Year in Review" meme: Go to your LJ calendar. Find the first entry for each month. Copy-paste the first line from each entry next to the corresponding month. That's the year in review, in a nutshell.


Including teacher/student sex scandals, teen suicide and natural disaster...what a year...  )

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vidspam.

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Legend of the Seeker, ep 5.

random thoughts )


I’m not a Buffy fan. It always seemed so ridiculous to me. One little cheerleader taking on all these vamps and big hulking monsters and nightmarish creatures. She doesn’t even really have special abilities- okay, super strength and fast healing, but it’s negligible. In any given fight, she gets whacked around and banged up so much that I’m not really impressed by any supposed gifts endowed by her Slayer-ness. Seriously, all the monsters need to do to beat her is get a few guns and pump her full of bullets. Heck, any half-decent gang member could do as much, it wouldn’t take a supernatural force to take her down.

...and then, after all that, I start liking this show. *facepalm* The lack of willpower, ugh! )

I think I’m going to watch this season now, despite myself, regardless of my bleeding heart. Masochism is back in fashion, I guess. And if the rumors of a Buffy movie are ever substantiated, I might even pay to watch it.


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