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Jan. 30th, 2008 11:58 pm
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'Now that we know it's time
Can we walk this line together?
...this is the day we come to say
All of the pain has come and gone away
-Together, The Kin

Watched Moonlight earlier. Love, love, love that song. I *want*.

Ah, Mick. It's kinda embarrassing how often he gets his butt kicked. Like, EVERY episode. I understand if he's faced with a vamp his own age, but he's taken on newly converted vamps and still had his ass handed to him. Even chicks beat him up. How does his reputation not suffer from the relentless beatings he takes? Hmm, I wonder if it's maybe because he doesn't feed from the vein- maybe stored blood doesn't sustain him as well? But it's lame, no matter how you cut it. He's the *hero*, FCOL.

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Moonlight pisses me off.

What with the mess that SGA is at the moment, I desperately need all the comfort-viewing I can get, and this show? Provides just enough tantalizing scenes to get me into it, then ends up leaving me unfulfilled. Kinda like when Mick saw the tomato juice and, deluded as he is, thought they’d made a vending machine for vamps.

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'kay, I was just looking up Bones on tv.com and OMG, Brennan in a Wonder Woman outfit? *dies laughing* I need to see this! SOON! Why won't that stupid site let me save photos, damn it?!

And 'The Girl with the Curl' was just the awesomest.

And the previews for next week? Are killing me. I ADORE eps where the couple goes undercover as a 'couple' and they have to convince people of their couple-dom! *flails*

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All this time I was telling myself not to get into Shark, because that way led to despair and heartbreak and angst. Because it was cancelled and there was no point in putting my heart into it needlessly. I was going to be sensible for a change...

...and then I check out tv.com and it's renewed for a second season! Where the hell did I read it was cancelled?! YAY, no more misery, no holding back, I am free to love this show once more. *sighs* And hate Julie, but that's beside the point.

It's just so damn awesome though. Nothing could be as good as House, but Shark is a pleasant reminder of good times. 

We have the now-typical antagonist as the main character; the gruff, manipulative, scheming leading man that is taking over shows everywhere. [I love how Hugh Laurie assumed House was the standard token quirky supporting character and Wilson or Chase, the charming pleasant suave types were the main- he really broke the mold with this character, didn't he?] 

We have the female boss who, of course, has a difficult time reigning him in, tries to use her tenuous control over him to keep him in line but he plays the game his way, breaks the rules and wins in the end. 

It's rather frustrating, because for once, it would be nice to have a female authority figure who actually had *authority* but ah well. I'm just gleeful it's Jeri Ryan! I hated her as Seven in ST:Voy, but as a Star Trek actress, I'm so pleased that she's making it good outside the genre. It's always cool when a sci-fi person does well in something more mainstream. [You wouldn't believe how much mileage I've gotten out of the fact that I met Carmen Argenziano- no one cared when I said he was Carter's father, the dude from Stargate...but when I say he's Henry from the first five eps of House, or was the mean detective/Mack's brother on CSI:NY...well, then it impresses people, hee]

And then the UST. It's not as obvious as on House, but when we have lines like this, who can blame me for tentatively shipping?

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I’m confused.
House tonight was awesome as always, but the Huddy-ness is all over the map.
 PS. What did the hot tubs have to do with anything?


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