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I'm calm. I'm calm. Serene as a still lake- NO, HOLY CRAP, I'M FREAKING THE FRAK OUT. ZOMG, THE SQUEE!

My lovely, beautiful, wonderful MARY!
In a SKIRT! Why oh WHY is that FRAKKING TABLE blocking my view of the Legs of Impossible Awesome?! Those legs break at least a dozen laws of nature, I swear, and I AM DENIED. *contorts in dismay*
But still. Just seeing her gorgeous smile makes me happy. I'll take my blessings where I can. :D I'm not completely ungrateful.

I've been wriggling with anticipation ever since I heard about her guest-star stint on The Closer [finally, a show I like! I nearly stabbed my eyes out when I watched her Grey's Anatomy episodes] and now I've found out the ep airs on the 22nd! Less than a week away!

Spoiler-y Mary info )



Either you need like, a black belt in yoga to achieve it or I'm just the biggest unco klutz in the world.
I'm leaning towards the latter theory. Speaking of leaning? Best not to try rearranging your limbs like this on the swivelly office chair. I found that out the hard way. *facepalm* Just missed bashing my head on a nasty sharp edge- OMG, imagine if I lost my memory! Who would I be? If you take the fangirl out of me, I'm...I'm...nothing. *horror*


Hilarious interview of hilarity. [love to luisa_f for the link]

I love Robin Tunney SO much. :D She just kill me with teh funny.

Giggleworthy moments )

How can you not fangirl her?! SERIOUSLY. <3333333


I've been ruminating about the season 2 Mentalist Lisbon-centric spoilers. After venting, A LOT, I've come to the conclusion that it's not necessarily gonna go all FUBAR. There's a fraction of a chance that the writers might not screw this up. I'm thinking one way they can redeem themselves with this plotline- and I doubt they'd go this route, but it's one way I'd accept- is if:

My speculation )



BWAHAHAAA. *wipes away tears*
Can- can someone make a parody of this trailer, starring Jane? Like, where she says he's super fast, we can see Jane trotting along and then tiring and slowing down, waving Cho and Rigsby to go on and catch the super, Jane pouring tea? And- no, I'll stop before I dig this hole any deeper. I blame mere_dil for putting the idea into my head, what with the whole 'Oh, imagine Jane- 'do I dazzle you'?!' *dies laughing* WITH HIS SHINY BRILLIANT WHITE TEETH, OH YES.
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1. I don’t like Roslin’s new hairdo. First time I saw her, I’m ashamed to say I thought it was Helena Cain and it was only when I wondered WTF she was doing sitting next to Adama like she belonged there that I realized her identity. 

2. Random icon with the caption: ‘Mary McDonnell- turning straight girls since 1952’ makes me lol.

Firstly, because I’ve been gushing about her so much my family probably does think I’m gay. No, really, idolizing a woman makes me gay. Huh. It's not that I'm offended, it's just I'm exasperated that they're so narrow-minded they can't juggle the duality of being completely in love with her yet not being like, sexually attracted to her and to females in general. So if I had posters of hot guys with no shirts on, that'd be a comforting confirmation of my non-gayness to them, but having posters of Mary/Roslin, Torri/Weir and so on is unsettling and disconcerting to them. To the extent that in conversation, I need to censor my hyper-gleefulness and adoring worship of Mary because I know it makes them feel uncomfortable. *sighs* II need to find this other icon I saw somewhere: I am straight and Marysexual. Put THAT on a poster. Mwahaha.

Secondly because- well, *since 1952*? Since she was a BABY? Seriously? I don’t know that an infant would be capable of wreaking such havoc on the heterosexual female population…then again, Mary can do anything. Dominating the female sex from the cradle isn’t too much of a stretch, no…

3. Mary McDonnell has the most [freakishly] uniformly straight teeth I’ve ever seen. When she smiles, my first thought- well, after ‘gods, who knew a smile really could light up the world?’- is ‘Wow, look how white and straight and perfect her teeth are!’ I’ve never had a problem with mine, but in comparison, I feel like I should get braces. XP

4. Season 4 Gaius Baltar is a dead ringer for Jordan Collier of 4400. It’s uncanny.

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I have been trying to customize my moodtheme FOR FRAKKING AGES. At first, the stupid thing wouldn't even save the images- when I hit 'save', it would truncate the URL, rendering it meaningless and the pretties would disappear, leaving an error message.

Then I realized that maybe it kept cutting the address because the file name was too long, so I've started re-uploading them on Photobucket into my main folder, rather than a sub, and so far, LJ is finally accepting the links and saving them properly...EXCEPT NOW *THAT* SITE IS SCREWING WITH ME. It'll only upload two or three images at a time and logs me out once it's done. *headdesk*

If only it weren't so damn gorgeous...I have to keep hacking away at it, even if I want to jump off a cliff right now from the frustration.

I am...

May. 19th, 2008 01:47 pm
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I was in the underground computer labs five minutes ago. The alarm goes off. *WAIL WAIL WAIL* And there's like, hundreds of us kids madly hacking away at our keyboards...alarms going...a few lights flashing...

NOBODY MOVES. It's the most frakking hilarious thing ever. Unless there was a fire raging away right in front of our faces, none of us were going to relinquish our lifelines, lol. It took a teacher walking in and telling us all to move our butts that finally convinced everyone to take the alarm seriously. I still have no idea what it was for- although the floors above are the chem/bio-hazard areas, so...hmm...

When did GateWorld turn into a social networking site like myspace and all? I had an email telling me about friend requests and when I log into GW, suddenly there's like photo albums and social groups I already feel so guilty about all these people I'm neglecting from bebo to myspace to here, and now GW can join the list, lol. I WILL NOT EVEN LOOK AT FACEBOOK. *stamps foot* No more responsibilities, damn it.

Staying with Ma this week, as the American relatives have taken my room. [With my new Mary + A/R wall-decorating theme, heh- wonder what they'll make of THAT?!] Boarding with the grandmother offers all types of perks, including Foxtel and unlimited internet hours, which combined to keep me up til 6am this morning. My head feels like it's stuffed full of cotton wool and about to explode bits of fluff everywhere any moment now.

But it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. I plan to make the most of the free internet access, hee...

I've finished reading pretty much every fic on Survival Instinct. NOW what am I supposed to do? It feels like the end of an era. I’m at a loss now. SI was the only major A/R fic site, right? I mean, Sparky had a few different websites devoted to it, not including which I trawled if I was really desperate [as a member, I am totally within my rights to pay out fellow lousy authors, although I am still a step above producing Mary-Sue!fics, kthxbai].

LJ has an A/R comm but I’m lazy when it comes to searching through all the other posts with icons, wps, ep discussion, random flailing…don’t get me wrong, all of that is fun fun fun, but when I’m searching for fic, I like it neatly set out for me, you know? Trotting to the local store to buy nicely packaged goods as opposed to stalking my prey and hunting-and-killing. Hmm, maybe staying up all hours of the night exhausting my fic resources isn't the best plan...

I crossed over the 60kg threshold. [132 pounds] *EPIC FLAILING* I know it's shallow and all, but...*whimpers*

I was always like, 'yeah, screw healthy eating and exercise, if I can keep my weight below 60 -even if it's 59.9, it's all good...' and now I'm thinking I might have to make like icarus_abides and go *shudders* running. I know, I know, you're only supposed to go running for your HEALTH and to be FIT, but the only way I'm doing this is to get thin, damn it.

Thing is, I am way better at moral support and motivating people to do things that I wouldn't do in a million years. Like, I am the best cheerleader to have in your corner when you need some morale boosting, but DOING things myself? Nuh-uh.

HEE! Fandom collision!

[I adore the Mary McDonnell fan site, seriously, it is awesomeness to an infinite degree]
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1. Saw Made of Honor last week. It exceeded my expectations, although that wasn’t hard to do, considering I went in there with none at all. I hated the set-up, cringed at the execution, wanted to stomp all over the predictable ending…but it was done with good grace and unexpected moments of real humor and the main characters were actually…not hard to like. They were quite charming and sympathetic figures, surprisingly, considering that McDreamy’s playing a total manwhore [he’s stereotyped now- DOOM].

2. The greatest thing is that I was trying to recruit everyone to see Iron Man, but it was for Amu’s birthday and he wanted to see it Gold Class with his girlfriend, hence Made of Honor [Miss Pettigrew’s not exactly a dude’s movie]. I was dejected at the time, but the next night, at Katherine’s birthday dinner, Jacob was all, ‘Yeah, I’m going to the movies afterwards…’ *pointed look* ‘…I’m going to look like a loser sitting there all by myself…’ HEE! So it worked out in the end. Though my stomach nearly exploded with my second jumbo popcorn in a 24 hour period, lol. We only got through half, but I always say it’s better to have too much than too little. Seriously, if I run out of snacks, I go NUTS and can’t concentrate on the rest of the movie because of cravings.

3. Passion Fish turned up in my mail today! Who knew the post could be so efficient?! *glees* Damn it, why is my laptop not fixed yet so I can cap the prettiness? But still, NEW MARY FIX TRUMPS ALL CONCERNS.
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I LOVE PayPal.
And the latter helps mitigate the former.
The former who are complete bastards. They jerked me around by calling me in TWICE to pick up my CSI:NY dvd and then telling me, whoops, the call was made early, I can't pick it up just yet. 
And then they go and advertise Passion Fish ON SALE NO LESS but when I call up to order it...
'Sorry, that dvd has been discontinued'.
*head explodes*
Just in this state, because they're stupid. So so stupid. Why do I live here again?
Anyway, the only reason I'm still capable of coherent thought rather than sobbing ceaselessly is due to the wonderful invention that is PayPal. I don't have a credit card, so online ordering isn't really an option, except when I played out my fantasy by registering with EzyDVD, clicking on Passion Fish and heading to the asked if I would like to do so with PayPal. And OH, the unbelievable squeefulness of that moment...
So, today in my inbox:

Hi Annie,
Thanks again for ordering with EzyDVD.
Your parcel was shipped today (12/05/2008) by Australia Post Surface Mail
1 x  Passion Fish @ 9.92

*cackles insanely*
It better be worth all this see-sawing emotion. I don't think my heart can take much more strain.  >_<
Oh, and I ordered Mumford as well, though it won't be out til, like, June. Exam time. This should be interesting...I'm totally *not* ripping off your dvd list, Sapph! It's coincidence we have the exact same list of Mary ;P They should so pay you for every new fan you recruit, lol. I'm head over heels now and I have no idea how I lived life before this state. ;)

OMG, I totally just ordered E/R through iOffer. *headdesk* Yes, I am bankrupting myself over Mary...and who was the one who mentioned this 'iOffer' site in the first place? *glares*
I will not feel guilt over the spending of money, nooo. After all, according to the hallowed list of rules by own_the_sky:
2.Mary addiction is a perfectly natural state of being. 
*nods firmly*
I'm going to go freak out now.

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Ha, I totally blame twentyplanes for my late essay. [Yes, I blame everyone but myself] 

After I read this intriguing post on Mary’s past characters, I hunted down a copy of Sneakers. And thoughts of study flew out the airlock.

Ah, Liz. How I hated this name as an abbreviation for SGA’s Elizabeth Weir. [And snickered at miera_c’s *brilliant response*]

But how wonderful it sounds for Mary’s character in Sneakers. I must buy a legal copy of this movie! Yes, it’s cheesy, plus it’s from the 90s so it’s dated but it’s so light-hearted and she’s so wonderful that I have now watched each of her scenes about fifty times in two days. And my feet still haven’t touched the ground, I’m all bouncy and giggly and just…blissful. It’s that good, yes. Or maybe I should say, I am that obsessed, yes. I don’t care!

I am not ashamed to say that I fast-forwarded through the parts Mary wasn’t in. It meant I lost track of the storyline and looked really blank because I had no clue what they were babbling on, but let’s face it, no one else has anywhere near her level of charisma. Not my fault they can’t hold my attention, is it? Although you can't say it's entirely their fault...probably helps if you look like this...

*twirls* ;-P

You know, this was actually meant to be like, my *thoughts* on the movie, just a few paragraphs and that's over and done with...then I realized that while my dvd drive may be out of action, moviemaker can also take caps and that's when it turned into an hours-long production, lol. It's pretty much all pics now...and incoherent glee... >;D

OH, OH, OH! The best scene in the entire movie, Liz dancing! 

 I don’t dance, but damn, this makes me want to embarrass myself on the dance floor, lol. 

Moving on..there is actually a movie happening before and after this scene, lol.

And now a change of pace. Less pseudo-angsting, and more lol!humor, some seduction and mad spy skillz. And gratuitous leg shots, heh.

And now for the ending...home stretch, yay! Not that I'm not enjoying this but I've been hunched over this laptop for hours and I'm not at my sharpest at 4 in the morning, sadly. Ye gods, I still have a way to go...


May. 6th, 2008 04:05 pm
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My library rules.

Where the local video stores and shops have failed me, the good old library gives up the goods. I have no idea whether these movies are any good, but there has been a lot of flailing and romanticizing over them, and seriously? $2.20 each? For the Mary love? Not too much to ask!

Dances with Wolves



Of course, my laptop is frakked up at the moment, so I don't know if I'll be able to get through them tonight, when the parents are around. Damn my reflexes. I managed to trip on the cord and drop my precious laptop at such an angle that the DVD drive kinda...just...broke off. Um. It was very traumatic at the time, but at least it wasn't worse. It's been a week and I'm having withdrawal pangs from missing my late night movie/tv marathons. And just when I get a new source of's almost worse having the dvd and knowing I can't see it til later. >:[

True, there is the small matter of two essays due on Thursday, so maybe it's a good thing I can't indulge in a dvd session. Lol.
Anyway, Ezydvd failed me on these two movies, but when I searched for Mary, it came up with three possibilities: Mumford, Passion Fish and...You Can Thank Me Later. I know nothing of the first two...and *clear throat* interesting things about a certain scene in the latter. Funnily enough, it is twice as expensive as the first two. Hmm.
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My third convention experience would have to rank at the bottom of the list so far. I was expecting it to be awesome- and you know, it kinda was, just because it’s not everyday you meet Chris Judge- but there is just one recommendation I hope the organizers will implement to make the next con a million times better.


Because seriously. Chris Judge was smashed. He was so drunk it wasn’t funny. Well, no, it started off funny and then it was just taxing. Every word he spoke was punctuated by a gulp of Scotch. Ask him a question? More Scotch before, during and after his answer. I had a serious question to ask him about the show but I shelved it because the atmosphere of the evening was decidedly…seedy.

It was bodily functions here, sexual innuendo, strike that, sexual explicitness there, and the lowest point was when this woman ran up to the stage and pulled up his shirt to stroke his interestingly tattooed stomach. Oookay. I wonder if she’ll watch the dvd of it later and cringe at her actions. I swear, everyone else in the audience was cringing for her.

Scotty, who runs these events, is still being irritatingly close-mouthed about the huge actor they’re negotiating with for the next con- all bets are still on RDA, but I’m hoping it’s not next month like they hinted because GODS, I won’t be allowed for sure and it will kill me if I can’t see him. Disgusting on-set competitions or not, dude, I can’t miss RDA! The only concrete info I have is that the next Armageddon expo will be at the end of the year with David Hewlett and Andee, the wraith queen! *dances*

My old wish list of actors I most want to meet had Torri at the top…and of course, she’s still up there, I’m not that fickle with my heart. But she’s tied with Mary McDonnell now! Scotty’s a BSG fan, so my fingers are crossed that maybe he’ll make it happen. *flails* I would just DIE of fangirly glee if I ever had the chance to meet the two of them!

Okay, that covers the important things, I guess…


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