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I AM SAD. :[
You guys know how I crave crackalicious cracky goodness like a drug, right?
[TLW- case in point]

I heard about this supposed Snow White remake with Natalie Portman as a reincarnation of Snow White and seven NINJAS, instead of dwarves, sent to protect her from her Evil Stepmother's schemes.
How insanely awesome sounding is this?
Snow White and NINJAS, yo. Kung fu + fairytale = *insanely bouncy glee*

But whether or not the movie is real, rather than the figment of some lunatic's imagination, Natalie Portman apparently turned down the role. *woes* I love Natalie Portman, she adds class to her projects. [I don't care how badly Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium was savaged by critics, I'm buying it on dvd, shut up] 


Question: What do Teresa Lisbon and Elizabeth Weir have in common?
[Apart from devastatingly handsome male colleagues- with *g* enviable high fashion hairstyles- who charm them into approving all sorts of insane plans?]

The Answer. [*facepalm* I have wayyy too much time on my hands...] )

Bonus pic of Torri:

Sedge wearing a Wraith wig! Hee! )



Meme! snurched from kat_rowe:

"Name your 15 absolute favorite couples [het/slash/canon/fanon] and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms."

'k, some of these I haven't dabbled in for ages but I've absolutely loved all of them at one stage or another, whether for a brief duration or with a never-ending, undying passion.

1. Marguerite Krux/Lord John Roxton [The Lost World]
2. Patrick Jane/Agent Teresa Lisbon [The Mentalist]
3. Prince Arthur Pendragon/Lady Morgana Le Fay [Merlin]
4. Admiral Bill Adama/President Laura Roslin [Battlestar Galactica]
5. Dr Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran [Stargate: SG-1]
6.  Dr Elizabeth Weir/Lt Col John Sheppard [Stargate: Atlantis]
7. Agent Emily Prentiss/Agent Aaron Hotchner [Criminal Minds]
8. Agent Fox Mulder/Agent Dana Scully [X-files]
9. Dr Gillian Foster/Dr Cal Lightman [Lie to Me]
10. Dr Gregory House/Dr Lisa Cuddy [House]
11. Jarod/Miss Parker [The Pretender]
12. Agent John Doggett/Agent Monica Reyes [X-files]
13. Agent Kate Daniels/Curran aka his Furry Arrogance- bwahaha. *gigglefit* Um. Yes, anyway... [the Kate Daniels novels]
14. Captain Kathryn Janeway/Commander Chakotay [Star Trek: Voyager]
15. Nathan Ford /Sophie Devereaux [Leverage]

*side note: word’s auto-correct suggests that Sophie’s last name ought to be spelt…’defraud’. Lmao*



Katy Perry- Hot 'n Cold

This makes me giggle so much. ^_^ If ever a couple gave off mixed signals [what with the kissing in other people's bodies and random 'accidental' groping and then marrying other guys], 'twould be these two.
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My third convention experience would have to rank at the bottom of the list so far. I was expecting it to be awesome- and you know, it kinda was, just because it’s not everyday you meet Chris Judge- but there is just one recommendation I hope the organizers will implement to make the next con a million times better.


Because seriously. Chris Judge was smashed. He was so drunk it wasn’t funny. Well, no, it started off funny and then it was just taxing. Every word he spoke was punctuated by a gulp of Scotch. Ask him a question? More Scotch before, during and after his answer. I had a serious question to ask him about the show but I shelved it because the atmosphere of the evening was decidedly…seedy.

It was bodily functions here, sexual innuendo, strike that, sexual explicitness there, and the lowest point was when this woman ran up to the stage and pulled up his shirt to stroke his interestingly tattooed stomach. Oookay. I wonder if she’ll watch the dvd of it later and cringe at her actions. I swear, everyone else in the audience was cringing for her.

Scotty, who runs these events, is still being irritatingly close-mouthed about the huge actor they’re negotiating with for the next con- all bets are still on RDA, but I’m hoping it’s not next month like they hinted because GODS, I won’t be allowed for sure and it will kill me if I can’t see him. Disgusting on-set competitions or not, dude, I can’t miss RDA! The only concrete info I have is that the next Armageddon expo will be at the end of the year with David Hewlett and Andee, the wraith queen! *dances*

My old wish list of actors I most want to meet had Torri at the top…and of course, she’s still up there, I’m not that fickle with my heart. But she’s tied with Mary McDonnell now! Scotty’s a BSG fan, so my fingers are crossed that maybe he’ll make it happen. *flails* I would just DIE of fangirly glee if I ever had the chance to meet the two of them!

Okay, that covers the important things, I guess…


Apr. 13th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I'm on a short fuse these days, it's like I'm turning into my father. If I see something that pisses me off, I start spouting my opinions, regardless of whether it's the right forum for it or whether the audience is going to care or if it even really matters. It might be a little thing that isn't important but OMFG, does it irritate me. Like this gem on the Gateworld site

SGAforever: "Torri Higginson was asked back and she quit. I guess her fans don't mean anything to her. Well the show is doing fine without her. This is just proof of that..."

I was so angry and just boiled over. I hate narrow-minded, judgmental, obnoxious people like this. Firstly, how can she realistically make this claim about Torri? Based on the facts? Does she know NOTHING at all about what happened, or does she just ignore facts in favor of making ignorant and biased statements? Secondly, I thought Gateworld policed anti-actor sentiments, I've gotten in trouble for saying stuff about Amanda [which was how I met alyssa22, lol], yet this kind of thing is acceptable? Thirdly, our definition of 'doing fine' is wildly different. Keller as a main, embroiled in love triangles and multiple abduction cliffhangers, as opposed to Elizabeth, she who has risked her life for the city and sacrificed herself to save others on more than one occasion. Denigrating Zelenka and quadri-boobaging the blandified, dummy!Carter, as opposed to witty Zelenka/McKay banter and intelligent character development. Kirk!Shep as opposed to Mensa!Shep. Splitting the team as opposed to building team dynamics. Yeahhh, the quality of the show has improved majorly.

Anyway, I'm not sure if my comment will get deleted for being off-topic or whatever, but I had to reply. All these stupid people with their prejudiced, delusional views. At least one of them needs to be set straight.

And a more on-topic reply...this was in response to the all-new all-female team. Lara Croft wannabes, I suppose? Plus Nicole deBoer of Star Trek: DS9 fame. I'm sensing a theme here- Amanda takes over Torri's place, Jewel takes over Paul's, now Nicole enters the is so obvious that they're replacing well-loved characters with 'name' actors, and it's such a sell-out for them to compromise the quality of the show just to try and boost the ratings for a few eps, while harming the show's quality and reputation in the long run. 

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I just found out that Torri's angel movie, Save My Soul, is out on the internet! It's a low-quality video that I can't download, but OMFG, she is so AWESOME and GORGEOUS! *squees*

She has attitude, she is FUNNY, her outfit is great! It all works! 

I am so emailing the girls to see if I can get the movie, on dvd or something, whatever, I WANT. *dances* Torri rules!

Life is unbelievably fantastic right now. ;)

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Bury it
I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it

Our time is running out
You can't push it underground
You can't stop it screaming out
How did it come to this?

No more Weir.

I respect Torri's decision, I really do. Who would want to stick around with The Asses That Be after the way they treated her? Sure, she could get one more ep, an appearance that maybe exceeds ten seconds and a line of dialogue this time, but at the expense of her dignity and integrity? Hell no. I totally get and support her decision.

And I hate the writers for giving her such a crappy offer. It's like they WANTED her to turn them down, make the fans blame Torri instead. Yeah right. I know where to put the blame- squarely at the feet of the idiots who decided to axe her in the first place. 

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This was supposed to be about the fact that I finally watched ‘When the Bullet Hits the Bone’. 

I somehow ended up rambling about a few different movies on the way, but then, who am I if not tangential?

Torri was awesome as usual [though does anyone seriously believe I have an unbiased opinion on her performance? No? Didn’t think so…], it was just the movie and the drivel it calls a plot that I had a problem with.

Disclaimer:You may wonder why I bothered to discuss this movie at all, since I'm tearing it apart. Well...I don't know, I have an analytical mind, and I can't ever come to a conclusion about something without debating every possible angle. It's fun. It cements my certainty in my position. So let me babble. XP

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Some people say, ‘Why watch a show if you don’t like it? Don’t waste your time and ours by complaining afterwards’. 


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The universe loves me.


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