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I didn’t want to do this on LJ. I left myspace because all I was doing was this angsty emo shit and I thought if I just focused on happy shiny fandom things, I could ignore it. But it’s like the elephant in the room. And I’m doing this a lot lately but denial isn’t working too well, so catharsis it is.


'I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard, a handful of complaints but I can't help the fact that everyone can see these scars...' )


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Ugh. I’m currently occupied by nasty thoughts about the blonde that blocked my way onto the bus, standing in front of the door while she hunted for change, then took my favorite seat. I hate people that do that, I don’t know how hard it is to have your money ready before you line up for the bus- if you’re going to hold other people up, then go to the back of the frakking line. And don’t take their favorite seats after being so rude! >:[

But that's nothing compared to my laptop problems. I've been trying to save some of my crap on dvds so I can delete them off the laptop in the hopes that it will operate better. Since my screensaver folder is about 5 or 6 GB, I figured I could sacrifice that for the greater good. Except my laptop refuses to burn dvds all of a sudden. It was working fine on Monday, but now, all of a sudden, it spits out the dvd halfway through the burning process and announces that it doesn't have enough space. I shove the dvd back in and all of a sudden, it's apparently only got 700 mb of space instead of the 4.4 GB I KNOW it has. Still, I figure that's better than nothing and try again- only the laptop has another hissy fit and rejects it and the next few discs I try. WTF IS WRONG WITH IT? WHY DOES IT HATE ME? *FLAILS*


However, this post on the 10 Ways that Laura Roslin is Thoroughly Badass makes me feel better. My pet hate in BSG is the way that show never lets her win anything, it's always gotta come back and bite her in the ass somehow and she doesn't get a single victory that isn't a Pyrrhic victory. Yet, in spite of every single writer dedicating themselves to destroying her soul, she rebounds and increases her awesome with each trial. This picspam reminds me how much she pwns everyone on that show.


I've been watching season 6 of Buffy. And um...Willow's kind of an asshole. Actually, so's Buffy. Why do I find myself liking SPIKE more than the girls? Both these chicks are so awful with relationships. They both have someone that cares about them so much and they screw it all up. I actually blame Willow more because she's supposed to care about Tara and yet she violates her, apologizes and says it won't happen again, then promptly repeats her actions the second Tara leaves the house. WTF? With Spike and Buffy...well, that was always going to be messed up.

Whoa, actually, I'm getting Gossip Girl vibes again- Buffy/Spike=Chuck/Blair? O.o

The bad boy in love, the girl that refuses to admit the sex meant anything...yes, I'm getting very weird with these parallels, I know...and to compound the crackiness, I have to say, the first thought that popped into my head when I saw this pic of Chuck and Blair was 'OMG TWILIGHT?!' He'd make an awesome vampire, and Blair is a hell of a lot cooler than Bella, any day. I'd love to see Blair take Bella down, actually. *daydreams*


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I am the biggest fucking moron alive.

Turned up to exams today and forgot my Transfer of Land Act. Considering it's a LAND LAW EXAM, you'd think that'd be kinda up there on my 'exam essentials' list but no.

Panicking so hard I was completely frozen and emotionless, I trot off to the bookstore and spent $30 on another copy. Only to endure the horrible miserable exam and not even reference it once.

So I wasted money on something I should've needed but didn't actually use which means:

Note my priorities. That kinda sums it up. Ugh.

Edit: Also pissing me off? As a post-exam de-stress ritual, I was all set to picspam CM to make up for last week except of course I brought the wrong usb which doesn't have the pictures which totally invalidates the whole idea behind a PICSPAM, doesn't it?

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So I just go through my junk mail and find a newsletter on the Supanova event this year- and I find out that Teryl's going to be here which is just so cool because Janet rules and is the coolest doctor that SG-1 ever had and the writers were so stupid for ditching her when they could never find anyone with a fraction of her warmth and compassion and chemistry with the others. 

And then I find out it's being held this coming weekend. And there's NO way I can organize my way up there this quickly. I have permission to do the Chris Judge evening *next* month, and I had to organize it *last* month to make sure my parents were on board with it, if that gives an indication as to how much planning goes into these things to get the green light from them. So the proposal of a last-minute dash up to see Teryl is not going to go down well. Not to mention we have a family thing over the weekend anyway. There's just not enough time to call people and find out which day Teryl's going to be there [it's a three day event], to get times and info on whether she's just talking or doing photos and autographs or whatever, to organize transport up there, to get someone to go with me because I get lost after two seconds in the city, to beg and compromise and make deals with my parents to let me *go*...

Janet. *whimpers* So not fair.
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I find the season 5 casting announcements to be...rather funny, really. I half thought it was an April Fool's Day joke and then I realized it was the wrong month. [I'm on holiday, I forget what day of week it is all the time] Which wouldn't stop JM and co, who seem to live in an alternate universe than the rest of us most of the time, but seriously, if I couldn't make fun of them right now, I'd be crying.

It got so bad that when the check-out chick at KFC asked me if my day had been good so far, I was tempted to answer, 'Well, it was going well until I discovered that my dreams of Weir, my favorite character in the history of tv, returning to lead Atlantis were trashed by sexist, egotistical male writers who are intimidated by a quietly gorgeous woman with maturity and wisdom and a three-dimensional personality rather than operating on default 1: bimbo, brainless and sex-mad. Sure, she's supposed to return for an 'arc' but considering how Teyla, their former favorite female, has been treated this season- barely a word in all her eps combined...interesting, it was after her pregnancy too, more proof that the male writers only care about their weird stereotype of sexy women- it's unlikely they'd pay any attention to her now. And it's such a useless waste of Weir's departure because she was booted out to make way for Carter, this blond military scientist who saved the world on numerous occasions, yet was strangely absent for many of the critical decision-making scenes in season 4, when Weir used to be an integral part of the briefing in her seasons. And to end up with some short, balding, old guy who will probably get a radical character overhaul to justify him being appointed the leader of Atlantis. They just want to stick in someone that no one will notice so that they can be lazy and hardly give him any scenes and ignore him without fans calling for character depth and group interaction'. 

Of course, I refrained from venting at the poor girl and merely made a general comment on the weather. Rainy. Uncomfortable. Hmm.

So, my ideas on who should've been leader, and why the one chosen is rubbish.


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