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Ugh. I’m currently occupied by nasty thoughts about the blonde that blocked my way onto the bus, standing in front of the door while she hunted for change, then took my favorite seat. I hate people that do that, I don’t know how hard it is to have your money ready before you line up for the bus- if you’re going to hold other people up, then go to the back of the frakking line. And don’t take their favorite seats after being so rude! >:[

But that's nothing compared to my laptop problems. I've been trying to save some of my crap on dvds so I can delete them off the laptop in the hopes that it will operate better. Since my screensaver folder is about 5 or 6 GB, I figured I could sacrifice that for the greater good. Except my laptop refuses to burn dvds all of a sudden. It was working fine on Monday, but now, all of a sudden, it spits out the dvd halfway through the burning process and announces that it doesn't have enough space. I shove the dvd back in and all of a sudden, it's apparently only got 700 mb of space instead of the 4.4 GB I KNOW it has. Still, I figure that's better than nothing and try again- only the laptop has another hissy fit and rejects it and the next few discs I try. WTF IS WRONG WITH IT? WHY DOES IT HATE ME? *FLAILS*


However, this post on the 10 Ways that Laura Roslin is Thoroughly Badass makes me feel better. My pet hate in BSG is the way that show never lets her win anything, it's always gotta come back and bite her in the ass somehow and she doesn't get a single victory that isn't a Pyrrhic victory. Yet, in spite of every single writer dedicating themselves to destroying her soul, she rebounds and increases her awesome with each trial. This picspam reminds me how much she pwns everyone on that show.


I've been watching season 6 of Buffy. And um...Willow's kind of an asshole. Actually, so's Buffy. Why do I find myself liking SPIKE more than the girls? Both these chicks are so awful with relationships. They both have someone that cares about them so much and they screw it all up. I actually blame Willow more because she's supposed to care about Tara and yet she violates her, apologizes and says it won't happen again, then promptly repeats her actions the second Tara leaves the house. WTF? With Spike and Buffy...well, that was always going to be messed up.

Whoa, actually, I'm getting Gossip Girl vibes again- Buffy/Spike=Chuck/Blair? O.o

The bad boy in love, the girl that refuses to admit the sex meant anything...yes, I'm getting very weird with these parallels, I know...and to compound the crackiness, I have to say, the first thought that popped into my head when I saw this pic of Chuck and Blair was 'OMG TWILIGHT?!' He'd make an awesome vampire, and Blair is a hell of a lot cooler than Bella, any day. I'd love to see Blair take Bella down, actually. *daydreams*


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Today, I celebrate...

Laura Roslin.

[caps snurched from sapphs site


' war, you only get killed once. In politics, it can happen over and over...' )---------------

RL thing that's made me card reached [ profile] sapphs before Christmas! Success! [Yeah, so ONE CARD made it on time...that's a minor victory in my eyes, 'k? Let me have this moment, please. *vows to do better next Christmas*]

Also, I finally got my hands on Jim Butcher's new book, Princeps Fury. *bounces* :D
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Sometimes there’s no right answer. What would you do if you had the power to grant a taxi license to a murderer? My gut reaction was, OH HELL NO, I don’t want to catch a lift from this dude, please, he killed someone. Okay, so it happened 18 years ago and because he was acquitted on grounds of insanity, he was locked up in a mental institution for eight years so maybe he got the treatment he needed and is all rehabilitated and ready to be a productive member of society.

So give him a chance. Give him the license. What else do you do, deny the guy the opportunity to make an honest living? Make the choice to re-offend not only easier but necessary because there’s no other way to get by? There’s something wrong with the system if it encourages criminals to commit more crimes because they have no opportunities to do the right thing. And yet...I’d be reluctant to get into his taxi if I knew his history.

Then I read that he’s trying to get money to put towards his son, who has leukaemia, and I think- wow, some people get all the bad luck. Poor boy, his father kills his mother, and now he’s got this condition to deal with. Keep punishing the father, and screw the son’s future in the process. Damn.


One thing that frustrates me about BSG is that Laura always ends up alone. I mean, the only real relationship she has is with Bill, but when those two clash- as they inevitably do- she’s left all by herself. Everyone else either betrays her or dies. It’s damn depressing, in a show that lives to chip away at her heart and soul every chance it gets, and my favorite President deserves much better than this.

I usually only read A/R fics but stumbled across this Caprica/Roslin BFF fic and it totally works! Beautiful, a little tragic and bittersweet, but ultimately hopeful. I wish we could have this on the show. Laura desperately needs a friend. And it’s so cute how they bond over their men, and their little manipulations, heh.

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Finally, I get to see the first ep of the new seasons of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I have to say, while I’m not obsessed with it, I certainly am a tiny bit hooked. Ok, it has a ton of plot holes, but I enjoy picking the eps to pieces. It's fun when they're imperfect and you get to nitpick every minor flaw. Heh. >:]

As usual, it’s the women that keep me interested in the show. Weird, that.


*The character recap of the surreally gorgeous cast looking all sexy-like reminds me of why I watch this show. For the PLOT.* )

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So cool and yet...why she not wearing skirt? *iz sad* Doll!Laura should be in a skirt. To maximize the pretty.

But still- awesome! :D


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