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I had a fantastic week over the past week, riding on a wave of euphoria and giddiness. Then I got knocked off and dragged under by the usual unpleasant vagaries of life. Because my joy never lasts long before it gets tainted with some misery. But I use my journal to complain about trivial things too often- now I shall celebrate some of the small but happymaking things:

> Isn't Twitter a grand device?


I SHIP IT. *gigglefit*

> And OMG! Someone finally posted a Castle/Mentalist crossover fic! So excited! Double the Cops, Double the Consultants.


Robin Tunney makes me happy. ^_^ How stunning and elegant is this woman?
@carolune04- LEGS! :D

> A week of beta work


YES, this makes me happy! )


> The best things in life are free. ^_^

Behold my shiny new bookmark!

Of bookmarks and other gifts )


 > Watched CM ep 11. I’m seeing this season out of order, so I don’t understand a lot of what’s going on, but Emily!whump FTW! Considering it was Minimal Loss that hooked me into the fandom, it’s a safe bet any ep where she gets to be center of attention and the whumpage will attract my interest, lol. [No woobie!Reid for a change!]

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One of speckleberry's many awesome LotS vids!

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Title: Always Worth It
Fandom: The Mentalist
Characters: Jane, Lisbon
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor, friendship
Spoilers: Very very vague hint of a reference to 2 x 05, Black Gold and Red Blood
Summary: "Jane is perennially the magician, armed with his bottomless bag of tricks; every day of his life is a show, with the world his stage." Lisbon watches Jane amuse himself, as she puzzles out the intricacies of their relationship. Jello oneshot.
I wrote this fic all in one go on Sunday- I've read over it carefully but forgive me any silly errors or typos, would you?
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Mentalist or its wonderful characters.

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Title: The Strangest of Inventions
Fandom: The Mentalist
Pairing: Jane/Lisbon
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, friendship
Spoilers: specific references to Bloodshot, Carnelian, Inc. and Red John’s Footsteps
Summary: future!fic. A late night conversation takes a surprising turn to cover some sensitive, emotional ground. Jello undertones, because I love UST.
Warning: I wrote this over the long weekend. Yes, that merits a warning, it's not uber-polished, but with exams [starting in an hour! *flails*], this is the best I can do.
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Mentalist or its wonderful characters.

A/N: First Mentalist fic, so judge tenderly of me, please. I’d like to encourage low expectations so I can exceed them. ;P Also, I have no practical knowledge of hospitals or medicine in general, if anything seems odd, just go with it, ’mmkay? Thanks. :D


The Strangest of Inventions )
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I just found Robin McKinley is here on LJ. God bless technology. You can find just about anyone online these days. I love her book Sunshine [which is my favorite horror/romance] and now I really adore her as a person. I mean, the humor just kills me! And she described exactly how I, as a lowly fanfic writer, feel:

"When I was first writing stories, when I was a kid and through my teens, my great problem (the one that I knew of anyway) was that I could think of terrific beginnings and terrific endings (I believed) but never any middles to stick them together. I found that if I just kept writing the fragments I knew about eventually they got longer and began to bump together in the middle (sometimes with a nasty grinding noise)..."

I was just commiserating with alternate ego the other day about our mutually stalled fics- although once mine stalled, I was the one that just stopped writing altogether, and maybe that was the problem, the longer I left writing alone, the more I doubted my ability to contribute anything worthy of my ship. 


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