Jan. 6th, 2010

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First order of business. My shiny new Hermione/Snape header! All hail the artistic awesomeness of ed_84! Much love and my eternal gratitude, darling! *hugglesquish*
Which brings me to this: The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

Albino heroine? Odd, I think. Hmm, this has potential.

The fated seventh member of the Guard that’s charged with saving the world from supernatural threats? Nothing out of the ordinary there. There’s always a group of misfits with powers responsible for safeguarding humanity on some epic quest.

Love interest is her Professor- whoa, hold it, WHAT?! Kudos to you, book, you have my undivided attention. I want to read this just so I can figure out how it got by the censors. I didn’t think YA novels promoting student/teacher relationships had a chance in hell. [Official book trailer]

My curiosity piqued, I hunted down an excerpt from the book- and nearly died from fandom flail…

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I know that when I’m in the thrall of a fandom, anything and everything in my life relates back to it in some way. I’ll seize on the most tenuous connection just for the fandom related squee.

Like this old teacher of mine who had hair the exact style and shade as Scully’s. ‘Out of a bottle’, Jacob noted unkindly. [The teacher, as well as Scully] But who cares what’s needed to maintain the illusion? I stared at the back of her head for an hour on the bus trip, anyway. [Because I’m scary like that]

Like when this quiz show host asked ‘What’s heavier, a raptor or the two Veronicas combined?’ [The latter being the Australian pop duo, FYI] I immediately shrieked, ‘Raptors! Veronica! It’s The Lost World!’ Clearly, that is just me being a freak.

But people, read the excerpt. A stern ruthless teacher who intimidates students, whose appearance is described as being a tall figure in black robes over a vest, with intense dark eyes, shoulder length black hair and a prominent nose.

It’s like a ‘Snape: Physical Characteristics’ checklist! Except without the Harry!filter to ugly him up, no greasy hair or beaky nose here, oh no, his hair is ‘lustrous’ and his features are ‘noble’, likening him to a ‘Grecian sculpture’.

And his voice! Utterly mesmerizing, it ‘took hold of his audience, a richly resonant, unparalleled baritone’. I love it. Totally like the author was fed up with JKR mistreating the most awesome character ever and decided to appropriate him for her own story, lmao, after being suitably romanticized.

Also? His name’s Professor Rychman. As in, Alan Rickman? The author’s not even attempting to be subtle here!

Legend of the Seeker.

This is highly irreverent. My love for the show has been revitalized and I'm fangirling it hardcore once more.

But I must ask this: so, the main impediment to Richard and Kahlan enjoying some well-deserved sexytiems is the fact that if she experiences the delights of orgasmic bliss, she will lose control of her powers and confess Richard, y/y?

So, technically, if the sex is bad, [blasphemy!] and she doesn't 'burn with an incandescent glory'...get swept away in the 'waves of tactile pleasure'...caught in the 'glorious, rippling cascade of sublime release' [don't mind me, I'm just quoting from romance novels]- then she won't lose control and won't confess him? Right? Is my logic undeniable?

Thus, Richard can still father the new line of Confessors, etc. etc. Just it wouldn't be much fun in the baby-making process as everyone would assume. Where's IVF when you need it?

LOTS: 2 x 01- Marked

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30 Day Meme:
Day 02- favorite movie: 

Atm? My new loves- I'm hesitating between The Proposal and Star Trek. I watched them both again recently and they're made of so much win. Totally buying them when they're cheaper. [I refuse to pay $20-$30, kthxbai]

Classic favorite? Dogma. SO MUCH LOVE. I've seen it about a million times by now. ['I'm pissed off, is what I am! Do you go around drenching everybody that comes into your room with flame-retardant chemicals? No wonder you're single!' LMAO]

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Thom Yorke's Hearing Damage is my favorite song of the moment. I've been listening to it on repeat for hours on end this past week. So amazing. *sighs happily* And it's the soundtrack for one of the coolest scenes in New Moon- Victoria pwning  the wolves and eluding them on her epic running scene through the woods. It makes running for your life from a pack of werewolves look sexy and glamorous! [Say what you will about the series- here's my movie review- but it has amazing music]


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