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Date: 2010-05-16 08:46 am (UTC)
Yeesh! That guy in the library has got to learn some basic social skills. I never start up conversations with people I don't know - and man, I hate it when you're looking up a TV show and someone leans over your shoulder and asks who it is. None of your damn business, looky lou!

Maybe that was the source of the unbearable stench you made me endure for an hour or so at the library.

Bleeeuuuuuurgggh. You poor thing. *snuggles*

I know some people fiercely guard their identities in case their journals are exposed and it undermines their credibility in their everyday lives

*raises hand sheepishly*

I'd be mortified if anyone I worked with knew my secret internet life.

As for that columnist.... I'm with you, she just wanted to provoke a reaction. And it worked. Negatively. But seriously, she said that about Bindi? Bindi may be incredibly annoying, but she's still a kid. Sheesh.

the taxi driver that had a 'brain snap' that resulting in him chasing a car of teens, ramming it once it blew a tire and then getting out to smash it to bits with a change dispenser and tyre lever.


What now?

He did that? For reals? Seriously?

That guy has a screw loose. Teenagers can be obnoxious and terrifying on the roads (in my hometown a couple of weeks ago, a 70 year old man was killed by a group of teenagers doing 130 KILOMETRES in a 60 zone. And the kid who was driving actually had the audacity to say the old guy was at fault on Facebook. *loads shotgun*), but that doesn't excuse the fact this guy chased them and caused them to blow out a tyre. FFS, call the cops, don't take the law into your own hands.

So, a bunch of kids throw eggs at his taxi- that's annoying, I get someone being pissed off about that.

That's it? That's all they did? Major overreaction alert.

Would anyone have the slightest sympathy for this guy if he'd accidentally mowed over a granny or a mother with her pram or a bunch of school-kids?

No, of course they wouldn't.

What a jackass.

Do it now before someone uses the burqua to conceal a bomb and people get hurt or killed.

My response to that is are they going to ban helmets or hats or balaclavas as well? Because if they're going to ban the burqua, you have to ban everything else that conceals your face as well.

whereas thugs in trackies and hoodies seem to make a weekly appearance on Crime Stoppers- should we ban those, too?

Yeah exactly thank you level headed people.

The burquas are better at Hungry Jack's.


but banning people from wearing an item of clothing is way too drastic for my tastes.


they're for it because they see the burqa as the symbol of female oppression and want to liberate them from the attitude of male subjation that rules their culture.

Yeah but if you ban women from wearing the burqua in public, doesn't that mean the men won't let them leave the house? I mean, I can't say I'm a fan of the way women are treated in Islam, but it's their religion, their choice.

Next thing you know Islam will be banned in this country and all the Muslims will be forced into concentration camps. And it's sad that there are people who probably want that.

Probably that just means the women are going to be under virtual house arrest, either because the men won't let them shame their family or whatever by revealing their form outside, or because the women are uneasy with being forced to give up something that's defined their self-image their entire lives.

Yes, THIS. Thank you. You say everything so much more eloquently than I do!

That got me picked on by bullies, that had me singled out and humiliated by the other kids, and even the nice ones regarded me as this alien life-form.

Yeah, I can understand that. Kids are cruel, especially to people they don't understand.
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