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Date: 2010-05-30 01:32 pm (UTC)
Yes, he said their friendship was central....but this was in the same article when he said "Who knows if Prentiss is straight?" which made the het shippers cry foul and the femslashers feel vindicated so one thing I do know by now is one can never truly believe a word that comes from Ed Bernero's mouth. But the lack of development those two characters have in reference to each other, especially after glimpses of *something* over the past three years is a real shame for me.

I dont like Haley. I thought she was OK, if a little boring as Hotch's wife but they made her character do a 180 in early Season 3, she became this passive-aggressive nut who was clearly getting her jollies elsewhere but expecting her husband to change and do what she said to keep her around. Is that the writers fault? Yeah. But it still made me not like her. And after all those years together, damn near 30 if they had really been together since high school, she wanted him to sign for an uncontested divorce. It makes no sense, they had property and a child and God knows what else from all that time together....and she just wanted him to hit the bricks. Well, after that I wanted the same for her. So I dont feel the need to demonize her but she's not one of my favorite folks either. I hate when people totally demonize Strauss. I do it for shits and giggles sometimes but I feel like her character has lots more layers and potential then say a Haley. I hope we see her again soon.

I never found out who made the icon but I wanted it so bad I just had to upload it. Its the first time I've ever done something like that....people need to label stuff. But the icon is so made of win I just couldnt help it. I had to have it.

Oh, and I always imagined Emily was the richest....old money....but a lot less showy about it than Rossi and his Italian leather shoes. Of course though, I always Hotch was respectable Southern money, his mother went to a boarding school and a Seven Sisters college. Morgan, JJ, Garcia, and Reid are regular, maybe even varying shades of poor but Hotch, Prentiss, and Rossi are definitely monied. I though Rossi just came into his money through his books and stuff but Commack, Long Island, where he was born and raised, the average income is like $110,000 a year so he was upper middle class at least. Enclaves like that dont appeal to the people with money if they havent been people with money there for a long time.

Man, I just woke up and I am rambling. But I love talking with you because you get everything I'm rambling about.
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