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Date: 2010-05-11 11:39 pm (UTC)
OMG. That pic makes me SOOO HUNGRYYYY. *salivates*


Though I think it needs a bit of bread on the outside. It just doesn't look right without it. I know that's their gimmick, the breadless burger, but come on. I know this is a weird thing for me to focus on, but I just think the chicken would be greasy and my fingers would be all oily and meh. That's where my head goes. Why it matters, I don't know, 'coz I eat my Wicked Wings with my hands so I'm not averse to touching chicken itself, but in a burger... *shrugs* Call me old-fashioned, but that's how I like mine.

I do like the caption: Life is short, make it shorter. Bwahaha!

I hope that this invention will help me get a job as enormous numbers of Americans start dropping dead :D

You morbid thing! *still crosses fingers for you*

lmao. you as Wolverine. lovely thought

Ha, really? Maybe I should consider that outfit for my hypothetical costume party that I'm always thinking about. Though the female version would be hotter.


12 fracking books into the series and I just can't see it ending well for once

*ohnoes* I'm so sorry! *huggles* I hope it does improve, against all expectation. And would you let me know what series it is, so I don't read it? *rabidly anti-sad endings*

Did you buy these ones? That's even crummier, buying books for a series that you think is gonna be awesome, and then it disappoints you and you're left with these reminders of that disappointment. *sighs*

*pets the Snape* All he needs is understanding and a firm-but-loving hand

Lol! Very true! That describes his needs perfectly.

Oh, yeah, my aunt really let loose. I wasn't expecting it at all, and I still like her and all, but I'm more wary because if that's how she thinks of me, then....I don't know how to go back to the way it was before, y'know? She thinks all these awful things about me, and yet she's like, 'Don't take it personally', um, wtf? No, I'm going to be offended, duh! 'Don't get defensive', whatever.

can't see Snape tolerating it and it's not good for people in relationships to treat each other like that

Okay, so there are moments of affecting and caring, but after the way it began, I can't buy it at all. I hate fics where the writers change Snape so drastically to make the relationship work. Sign of a poor writer, to twist the characters around to get them where you need them.

Like JKR, for instance. People go on about how it's her world, her characters, it's not possible for her to write them OOC, but oh, I beg to freaking differ. *glares and burns her effigy*

Lol, that's my policy- ignore everyone but the great writers and nice reviewers. ^_^
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