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Marguerite: A gentleman’s duty is to believe what a lady tells him.

Roxton: Don’t let the title fool you. I’m as far from being a gentleman as you are from being a lady.


On the 8th of January, I began my insidious campaign to lure [ profile] odakota_rose  down the rabbit hole into the Abyss of Brain-Eating Addiction that is The Lost World. I swamped her with LOTR-epic-length comments extolling its virtues [and excusing its faults under the rationalization commonly known as 'it's part of its charm'], links to youtube clips featuring the awesomeness that is the above ship, made pointed comments in memes#1 and #2 [mentioning no names was pretty obvious, lol] and getting her to watch a music vid, knowing that Lenka would be a strong temptation to ditch this caution about not wanting to lose grip on reality by losing oneself to fandom obsession.

On the 20th of Febuary, my campaign was won. Now, my dear, since I love random fandom comments, and anything vaguely related to TLW is never unwelcome [perish the thought! Now!], I thought I'd try out a sticky post for randomness. Part of this is so you feel welcome and not worried about spamminess. So you know, feel free to just incoherently babble or analytically ponder or flat out FLAIL here any time. But of course, being devious, this is also out of my own self-interests. I like the idea of a TLW page where I can bolster myself on the peppiness and squee of ep discussion, lol. *g* >:D


do Marguerite and Roxton always follow each other around making eyes at each other and quippy little remarks interspersed with not so quippy and slightly cute ones? It's kinda awesome of them

It's something they can't help. There's this magnetic pull between them and they can't resist, lol. Marguerite's response is to get snippy and sarcastic but he appreciates her humor, even the morbid humor about getting eaten by cannibals and t-rexes and all that everyone else gets haughty about. God knows why, I mean, I find her hilarious but they're kinda uptight around her. *shrugs* And he's the only one that would risk being around her- 'anything that isn't worth shedding a little blood over isn't worth the getting', hee! [and OMG, how much do I love the fact that while they kissed in the first ep, it wasn't romantic and mushy?!]- while the others try to find reasons to stay away mostly, lol, so they end up together a lot.

Though Summerlee appoints himself chaperson. *frowns* God, the man even pushed himself to the cave with them, that's dedication! :D Heh, I love when they're in the cave and Roxton's all commanding, '100 yards, then we meet back here, got it?' and she just gives him this LOOK like, 'Ohh, you think you're the boss of me, that's so cuuute.' I mean, her expression is all kinds of resigned patience and amusement, lol. That archness of hers in response is just...GUH. And he totally wants to grab her by the shoulders and shake her silly.

Um, where was I? Uh...yeah, she gives into the 'must banter playfully' instinct which wrestles with 'must protect self' instinct so Roxton's faced with these different Marguerites and in the first season, he steps in it a lot when he can't distinguish which moments to pursue his campaign for her. I mean, in this ep, after the whole breaking down in his arms thing, Roxton goes after her to try and help soothe her, be all, 'if you ever want to talk about it', because he doesn't know her well enough yet to realize that she's going to slam down her walls and freeze him out, 'I won't.' I feel so bad for him because it must be bewildering not to know what's going on with her and why she'll seek him out for comfort one moment and repel him the next. [I'm thinking of doing 'Bitch' for a music video, it fits her, lol... 'you're so good to me, I know but I can't change, tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneath...yesterday I cried, you must've been relieved to see the softer side...' Damn, I really want to do it now- must hunt down that song]

After Blood Lust, there are quite a few eps where they aren't together, which is irritating- have you seen that ep, btw? I'm torn between YaY and GRR- but it gets back on track with a few more M + R exploring/getting into mischief eps which I adore. I don't mind Ned and Veronica and the others but I like them in the background. Just to know they're around, you know? Have a few 'family bonding' moments, and then back to my ship, lol. I'm so greedy, but this show, it keeps providing.
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