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Just for laughs:

On JKR’s annoyingly unbelievable dialogue with people developing a penchant for announcing themselves thusly, ‘It is I, Character X’, gehayi composed the following poem:

Snape turned to them and said, 'Yes. Snape: it is I! I, am Snape! Snape I am!'

"Would you like green eggs and ham?"

"I would not like them in a boat
"Sailed by a proud and pompous goat
"Who goes by name of Dumbledore--
"I'd find it all a crashing bore.
"I would not like them in a lake
"Or with Dark Lord and his pet snake,
"And Animagi leave me cold--
"I loathe those stupid, and yet bold.
"Both Phoenix-folk and dense Death Eaters
"Impress me not a milliliter.
"And I would hate them with prediction
"That turned out to be mostly fiction.
"I flee, I fly, I shoo, I scram,
"I hate this tale!" said Snape-I-Am.

I came across an intriguing convo while reading the DH sporkings on deadlyhollows . Instead of being a plain ol' dumbass, could Harry simply be mentally challenged, through no fault of his own? How did I never consider this before? Check out the following medical explanation for all the idiocy and logic-fail of the Boy-Who-Lived-through-no-Merit-of-his-own.

The trauma probably could have been minimized if someone--like, say, the so-called "wisest wizard in the world"--had done something sane and gotten him to a doctor or Healer in time. Anyone, in other words, who realized that a baby suffering any kind of injury to the head was not a good thing thing. But no, instead Harry got a twenty-four-hour ride on a flying motorcycle, followed by perhaps eight more hours lying out on a doorstep in a basket at the beginning of November, followed by...well, more of the same, when it came to lack of medical care.

And clearly the damage must have been extensive. Look at this:

"One of the specific behavior deficits following frontal lobe damage is attention disorder, patients showing distractibility and poor attention. They present with poor memory, sometimes referred to as "forgetting to remember." The thinking of patients with frontal lobe injury tends to be concrete, and they may show perseveration and stereotypy of their responses. The perseveration, with inability to switch from one line of thinking to another, leads to difficulties with arithmetic calculations, such as serial sevens or carryover subtraction.


"Other features of frontal lobe syndromes include reduced activity, particularly a diminution of spontaneous activity, lack of drive, inability to plan ahead, and lack of concern. Sometimes associated with this are bouts of restless, aimless uncoordinated behavior. Affect may be disturbed, with apathy, emotional blunting, and the patient showing an indifference to the world around him. Clinically, this picture can resemble a major affective disorder with psychomotor retardation, while the indifference bears occasional similarity to the "belle indifference" noted sometimes with hysteria.

"In contrast, on other occasions, euphoria and disinhibition are described. The euphoria is not that of a manic condition, having an empty quality to it. The disinhibition can lead to marked abnormalities of behavior, sometimes associated with outbursts of irritability and aggression."


And to be totally random:
Erotic Baked Goods. Click it! You know you want to... >;P


Opinions in Brief:



Jane is officially on my hit list. W. T. F. He plays his nasty games on people all the time, ‘mean irresponsible sadist’ that he is, but I thought Lisbon was off-limits. I did not think that he would be as cruel to her as he was in this episode. I ship these two, I loved them so much in season one when it seemed everyone was lighter and more innocent, not as dark and corrupted and bitter as they are this season. It’s HARD WORK seeing the romantic potential between Jane and Lisbon, when I expect at least some common courtesy and mutual respect between them. Instead, it’s like his regard for her has slipped massively, the fact that he would toy with her mental state by making her believe she was going to die…of all people, I didn’t believe he would pull that stunt on Lisbon. How naïve of me.  Obviously nothing is sacred, including their relationship, which is the foundation of my love for the show- or was, I should say. Because now…I’ve lost so much enjoyment in this show, honestly.

I managed to stick with Huddy for so long because House was always a thoughtless, arrogant jerk when it came to her. He always made cruel and cutting remarks, it was expected and she dealt with it and dished it back. But that hasn’t always been the dynamic between Jane and Lisbon, and I resent that it’s becoming that way, down the slippery slope to disdain and contempt. Ugh.




Okay, WTF?! I was so happy with the way this season was going- the old team is back! Hurray! The newbies have been banished or downgraded in terms of screen-time, woohoo! House is actually displaying some character growth, OMGSQUEE!

I was never one of the people that demanded he change, nor was I one of those who said I’d give up on the show if he DID change. I was easy either way- as an irascible, sardonic jerk or…well, pretty much the same except with improved mental health and a new POV on life and the decisions he should be making. I respected the new direction the show was taking, that his stint in the mental institution wasn’t just a throwaway episode, that it informed his character’s actions and responses to others, that he really was taking the idea of ‘recovery’ seriously, that it wasn’t going to be dismissed an ep or two later.

 I mean, House quits for real, it was only after trying out other methods and speaking with his therapist that he decided to return. He really was willing to give it up if it would help his condition. And later on, when things have gotten tough or he’s been mixed up, he’s gone and sought advice from that therapist dude. That’s progress.

So it just sucks immensely for me to see House trying to change and make a difference in his life and reach out to others…and get slapped down. First by that woman who figured it was okay to have an affair with a mental ward patient and then ditch him afterwards with absolutely NO regard for how it would affect him, and then with Cuddy. I mean, COME ON. Who ever saw this coming? That House would make himself vulnerable, soften up and lay his heart on the line and that she would be the one to reject him. SERIOUSLY, WTF?



How could they kill Rita?! HOW?! She was like, the heart and soul of this show! I appreciated her as a character, someone who cares for Dexter and is proof that he can connect with another human being and form meaningful relationships, and also as a plot device- she gives him a good cover, the 'family man' is much less suspicious than a loner, right? Plus, she looked after the kids. What the hell is Dexter gonna do now? How can he kill people when he's got three kids- one of whom is an INFANT- to look after?!

Worst. Decision. EVER. I can't deal with this show now. *sniffles*

What adds salt to the wound is that this never would've happened if Dexter had just killed Arthur- or let him frakking jump off the roof- in the first place. ;_;

Vampire Diaries.



*stabs/skewers/draws-and-quarters/hangs/shoots her*

And that’s before I start thinking creative ideas about how to off this waste of screentime. She does not deserve to draw oxygen any longer, my GOD.

So, Damon goes off to seek answers and kidnaps her along for the ride. After pretending at being indignant about the abrogation of her civil liberties and privileges, Elena decides hitching a ride with the psychotic serial killer is a better bet than ANSWERING THE CALL OF HER ONE TWU WUV. She figures absence will make the heart grow fonder, I believe- no matter how cruel it is to leave him hanging, angstily calculating the likelihood of her survival.

Anyway, the bit that has me frothing at the mouth with the violent urge to snap a few bones of hers before breaking her neck- some random attacks Damon, gets the drop on him pretty good, Damon’s at his mercy and not likely to see another sunrise. But ELENA INTERFERES. The last time, she was whimpering pitifully about the toll killing his brother would take on Stefan- never mind his suffering when his brother kills everyone within a hundred-mile radius, just for kicks- and how she wanted to help heal his wounded soul and couldn’t stand by and let him destroy himself, blah blah blah.

But now some total stranger is there, eager to end Damon once and for all, and she decides to stop him! The dude goes on about his heartbreak at how Damon killed his girlfriend, who was also Elena’s new friend, btw, but does that touch her compassionate heart? OH HELL NO.

‘Please don’t hurt him. Lexi loved you and she was good and that means you’re good, too.’ [LOGIC FAIL] ‘Be better than him. Don’t do this, I’m begging you!’

And that miraculously stops the would-be killer in his tracks. Guess it can’t have been a love for the ages, if he was willing to drop his vendetta that easily. Or maybe the power of Elena’s all-consuming kindness and generosity of spirit touched his soul and soothed his pain or something.

So anyway, end result: Damon lives to see another day. AGAIN. Because of her. AGAIN.


And you know what he does with his new lease on life? Goes back to the woman he travelled to meet, the one who set him up because he killed one person too many and that was the last straw for her- and kills her. THAT’S ON YOU, ELENA, THAT BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS.

But she’ll still sleep at night, that black-hearted skank. God, I wish I had the vocab to cuss her out properly but I’m at a loss. EPIC HATE. >:[



Check out my pretty new bookmark!


I'm reading a few fantasy novels atm, and since they're 'serious books with plotty content and some literary merit', rather than my usual trashy romances, I went in search of an appropriate bookmark, and I am so giddy to have found Hermione! It was so cool- this was the last one of the shelf, I lucked out! And lol, there was only ONE Hermione left, but like, 10-15 each of Ron and Harry still sitting there. Guess we know who's more popular!

The rest of the range can be viewed here. I'm more than a little miffed that they have frakking UMBRIDGE, and like, SHACKLEBOLT who is pretty much irrelevant in the big picture, but not Snape! Gah! *sulks* I want a Snape bookmark, damn it.

But still. *strokes pretty Hermione bookmark* Whee! ^_^

If I could be anyone in the whole wide world, I would so want to be Emma Watson. Not only is she funny, gorgeous and talented, but look at this:

“Two Harry Potter stars were the highest paid actors last year, according to a Top 40 list in Vanity Fair magazine’s latest edition. Emma Watson topped the list of actresses for 2009 with earnings of about $35 million for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, parts I and II. She was placed 14th overall behind film producers and directors, and beat older and more experienced actresses including Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Heigl.

Her co-star Daniel Radcliffe was the highest paid actor for 2009, at No. 6 on the male list, with earnings of about $47 million.”

HOT DAMN. Life must be pretty awesome when you're Emma Watson. *sighs wistfully*

This calls for a picspam!


*sighs* Isn't she just gorgeous? I envy her so much!


New ship:

*clings to luxuria_oceanus* I know you’ll be the only one to understand me- but I’ve managed to find yet another oh-so-wrong-but-so-damn-compelling ship…

...from Push, Nick/Cassie.
I feel like such a pervert...*wibbles* I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME. The age difference is not the issue so much as that she’s a kid. But jeez, I defy anyone to watch the movie and come away without feeling that Nick and Cassie have more chemistry than him and Kira.

[Btw, to anyone who’s watched it- how much is Kira’s power like Kahlan’s Confessor powers? Except Kira is stronger and can take over heaps of people at a time without much effort. She also have more fine-tuned control over them; Kahlan will tell a Confessed to do what she says, but I haven't seen her literally control their movements like a machine the way Kira does *iz in awe*]

This wonderful essay by profshallowness delves into my brain and explains everything neatly and concisely and kinda makes me feel less scummy about the whole thing. Especially this:

"Its the dynamic where the girl is special (different to her peers, perhaps even aged by her experiences) and worms her way into an older gruff protector-type's affections, with lots of extreme danger being lobbed at them."

That is so my type- is it my fault that the writers decided to replicate that dynamic between an inappropriate pair of characters? NO. *nods and runs*


Anyway, the vidder of the following had this to say: Oh the sickness of this ship, it kills me. But they're awesome.’ *snickersnort*

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Date: 2010-03-24 01:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes, I have thought about that Harry Potter being a little brain damaged to certain areas a bit. But mostly I just blame JK for not making him as likable as possible. :P

Pretty bookmark!
Prettay Emma pictures! ♥

And that movie ship. *guh* I think I love it just from that picture! *sighs*
I'm not sure if I want to watch the vid and ruin it (for i have not seen the movie). ;)

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Date: 2010-03-24 01:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

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Date: 2010-03-24 01:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I LOVE Jane but I did think he was def off limits.He totally deserved that incredibly super awesome punch Lisbon gave him...though I wanted to hug him later *is ashamed* Still ship them with all my heart and soul.You know what I've noticed? I'm laughing more with this season and I'm even willing to watch the Rigsby/Van Pelt "relationship" though I can't stand her!

btw, awesome Emma picspam!! She's so pretty.Which I could be like her *iz jealous*

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Date: 2010-03-24 02:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, ok I'm extremely tired & need to go to bed but wanted to pop in & say Hi...HI!! *HUGS*

Ok please don't think little of me..but I have only seen the first Harry Potter movie...and that was like a few yrs ago a saw it for th first time. I feel like I'm a bad person/letting you down by telling you this lol
But I just wanted to say that I think Emma Watson is GORGEOUS!! My middle name is Emma..well 1 of them anyway ;)
Alright I have a wicked headache & need to go to bed early..hope this commen makes sense..sorry if it doesn't lol

Oh Castle..have you gotten discs from me?

Ok I so I meant to comment on Push & got distracted..duh anyways I have wanted to see this movie since I saw preview for it, when it first came out..and now you post makes me want to see it even more, is intrigued byt this ship ;)
Edited Date: 2010-03-24 02:26 am (UTC)

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Date: 2010-03-24 02:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My sister's fav movie is Push. I've never seen it the whole way through tbh, but I might now, partly cos I'm curious over this ship of yours and partly because I've been obsessing over The Runaways and Dakota is in that.

Emma is so gorgeous, jesus. I'm jealous of her life :( Well, except for that boyfriend she has who looks like a poor man's Prince William.

Have you seen the newest Castle yet? It's VERY good.

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Date: 2010-03-24 02:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOVED the Erotic Baked Goods link. That was made of WIN!

Castle from this week. OMGWTF!!FLAIL!!! So good. :D We do not know what happened to Beckett yet.
Edited Date: 2010-03-24 02:20 pm (UTC)

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Date: 2010-03-24 04:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm thinking we're on opposite sides of the spectrum, I love Harry and hate Snape and I still love Jane and ship J/L like crazy and for me the second season is better than the first.

But we both agree on Emma being awesome, I love this girl, Hermione has always been my favorite and Emma has always been my favorite member of the cast. She's beautiful, talented, smart and down to earth, what's not to love?

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Date: 2010-03-24 04:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, somebody likes Emma Watson :-P and for the record, I like Damon, then again, I usually love psycho killers as characters XD


Of course I understand you, my dear! I'll join you in any of these pairings, surely. Remind me to see the video some other time -_- in a bit of a rush right now *hugs* long live the Special Hell pairings! XD

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Date: 2010-03-25 06:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOOOOVE the HP sporkage. the poem was hysterical and I seriously have no clue how i missed all the indicators of frontal lobe damage *face!palms* ... also, hawt bookmark. she's just gorgeous on it

totally agreement on House and Mentalist *hug*

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Date: 2010-03-25 07:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Also, just saw the video, and this is what I think:


See? Further proof, people, it is just THERE.

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Date: 2010-03-25 10:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
regarding the mentalist, this is Bruno's episode so expect Jane to cross lines, to manipulate, to be the absolute definition of craziness.. Lisbon was deep in grief that she needed to feel something again and I def. agree with you about the wrongness of the method he used but at the end, it was obvious that she wasn't bothered about it. On the contrary, she smiled to him a happy/genuine smile eventhough her saying "it was all 'coz of the punch" was a total mask for inner satisfaction.. On Jane's part, I find that stunt VERY in character for Jane 'coz no matter how sweet he looked he's still a jerk (the same way House is ... or was idk) so, I won't say he doesn't care about Lisbon.. 'coz I know he does but he's so reckless and doesn't have any regard for the others' feelings and it happened that he made use of the situation to heal her (was about to say "open her eyes" and it made my stomach ache as those were Rebecca's words *swallows a lump*) and as he said in E15 "all is well what ends well" so inside his conscious (if he has one) he's done nothing wrong!

on a side note, this episode also made me question his mental stability .. 'coz he acted like a crazy person would act while Lisbon was talking to the team on the phone and he kept talking while she didn't even listened. This also brings back Kristina's "you're more than a little unstable". I think he manip. Sophie to let him out before he got fully recovered! which makes me wanna see a mental relapse sometime in the upcoming season(s)..

give it another chance as we're nearing the finale so u can decided to follow or not.. next Thurs. is the new boss arriving .. looks promising ;)

about House, they don't want him to end with someone 'coz they want more seasons and now that he changed, they're complicating his social/love life so I guess this is how they're getting more stories about them.. and now with this "biological father" thing it's getting too exciting for me.. my POV is, Huddy isn't essential to this series.. it's just something to draw the attention to show with the "sexual tension" and all.. every show needs that factor! but speaking about her rejecting him was good thing for me (I'd do the same if I was her) she is seeing a possibility for a settlement and normalcy and she can't risk that for a person that could still break her heart at any time.. that's what I think at least!

House and Jane are alike in this relationship thing.. it's hard to imagine each with whom we wanted them to be with 'coz they're all messed up to be in a relationship!

gotta looooooooove your Emma Watson picspam .. she's gorgeous though I've never watched HP tbh! but I like the girl <3

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Date: 2010-03-26 08:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, you know, I don't read Harry Potter, but this:

Instead of being a plain ol' dumbass, could Harry simply be mentally challenged, through no fault of his own?

Has made me ROFL.

Instead, it’s like his regard for her has slipped massively, the fact that he would toy with her mental state by making her believe she was going to die…of all people, I didn’t believe he would pull that stunt on Lisbon.

Wow, what the fuck is going on with that show? Glad I don't watch it.

How could they kill Rita?! HOW?! She was like, the heart and soul of this show!

One of my friends was absolutely devastated by that - and yes, again, it's a show I don't watch. LOL

What the hell is Dexter gonna do now? How can he kill people when he's got three kids- one of whom is an INFANT- to look after?!


I know he's like a sympathetic serial killer, but read that sentence... "how can he kill people when he's got three kids"! How indeed. LOL

Elena decides hitching a ride with the psychotic serial killer is a better bet than ANSWERING THE CALL OF HER ONE TWU WUV.

As you do.

The dude goes on about his heartbreak at how Damon killed his girlfriend, who was also Elena’s new friend, btw, but does that touch her compassionate heart? OH HELL NO.

Wow. That's full of fail right there.


He's gorgeous? :P

HOT DAMN. Life must be pretty awesome when you're Emma Watson. *sighs wistfully*

I reckon! Talented, rich and seems like she's really nice. Here's hoping she doesn't screw it up.

Hope you're feeling better lovely! xoxoxoxoxo


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