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Just for laughs:

On JKR’s annoyingly unbelievable dialogue with people developing a penchant for announcing themselves thusly, ‘It is I, Character X’, gehayi composed the following poem:

Snape turned to them and said, 'Yes. Snape: it is I! I, am Snape! Snape I am!' )

I came across an intriguing convo while reading the DH sporkings on deadlyhollows . Instead of being a plain ol' dumbass, could Harry simply be mentally challenged, through no fault of his own? How did I never consider this before? Check out the following medical explanation for all the idiocy and logic-fail of the Boy-Who-Lived-through-no-Merit-of-his-own.

Obviously, the Avada Kedavra that hit Harry in the head when he was a baby caused severe brain damage.  )


And to be totally random:
Erotic Baked Goods. Click it! You know you want to... >;P


Opinions in Brief:



Code Red )




Season 6 overview )



Season 4 finale )


Vampire Diaries.


Bloodlines )



Check out my pretty new bookmark!


I'm reading a few fantasy novels atm, and since they're 'serious books with plotty content and some literary merit', rather than my usual trashy romances, I went in search of an appropriate bookmark, and I am so giddy to have found Hermione! It was so cool- this was the last one of the shelf, I lucked out! And lol, there was only ONE Hermione left, but like, 10-15 each of Ron and Harry still sitting there. Guess we know who's more popular!

The rest of the range can be viewed here. I'm more than a little miffed that they have frakking UMBRIDGE, and like, SHACKLEBOLT who is pretty much irrelevant in the big picture, but not Snape! Gah! *sulks* I want a Snape bookmark, damn it.

But still. *strokes pretty Hermione bookmark* Whee! ^_^

If I could be anyone in the whole wide world, I would so want to be Emma Watson. Not only is she funny, gorgeous and talented, but look at this:

“Two Harry Potter stars were the highest paid actors last year, according to a Top 40 list in Vanity Fair magazine’s latest edition. Emma Watson topped the list of actresses for 2009 with earnings of about $35 million for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, parts I and II. She was placed 14th overall behind film producers and directors, and beat older and more experienced actresses including Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Heigl.

Her co-star Daniel Radcliffe was the highest paid actor for 2009, at No. 6 on the male list, with earnings of about $47 million.”

HOT DAMN. Life must be pretty awesome when you're Emma Watson. *sighs wistfully*

This calls for a picspam!

Check out the pretty! )


New ship:

*clings to luxuria_oceanus* I know you’ll be the only one to understand me- but I’ve managed to find yet another oh-so-wrong-but-so-damn-compelling ship…

...from Push, Nick/Cassie.
I feel like such a pervert...*wibbles* I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME. The age difference is not the issue so much as that she’s a kid. But jeez, I defy anyone to watch the movie and come away without feeling that Nick and Cassie have more chemistry than him and Kira.

[Btw, to anyone who’s watched it- how much is Kira’s power like Kahlan’s Confessor powers? Except Kira is stronger and can take over heaps of people at a time without much effort. She also have more fine-tuned control over them; Kahlan will tell a Confessed to do what she says, but I haven't seen her literally control their movements like a machine the way Kira does *iz in awe*]

This wonderful essay by profshallowness delves into my brain and explains everything neatly and concisely and kinda makes me feel less scummy about the whole thing. Especially this:

"Its the dynamic where the girl is special (different to her peers, perhaps even aged by her experiences) and worms her way into an older gruff protector-type's affections, with lots of extreme danger being lobbed at them."

That is so my type- is it my fault that the writers decided to replicate that dynamic between an inappropriate pair of characters? NO. *nods and runs*


Anyway, the vidder of the following had this to say: Oh the sickness of this ship, it kills me. But they're awesome.’ *snickersnort*

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The good.
I was just looking up the Armageddon line-up for this year and I might COLLAPSE FROM EXCITEMENT.

I'm just not sure if these guys are doing the Melbourne expo or just Sydney so I don't want to celebrate just yet in case my dreams are crushed like a fat squishy bug splatting underfoot, but oh, the hope. Please, if there is a god, make it so? *wistful*

I'm a little worried, though- two dudes from Twilight [Michael Welch and Kellan Lutz?] are also appearing which means that as crazy packed and lengthy-queue-waiting tiring as it's been in the past two years, it's probably gonna be more squished and exhausting by a factor of a gajillion. *sighs* Twilight fans are crazy, yo. [If anyone makes a crack about the pot calling the kettle black...I'm warning you]

The bad.
Leverage season 2 spoilers. >:[
Not happy  )

And the cracky.
GUYS, Peter Garrett looks like John Druitt. *flails*

Does anyone find this freaky at all? Our Arts Minister resembling Jack the Ripper, omg! :P

Peter Garrett/John Druitt comparison )

Also, the pretty.
Emma Watson to star in Marilyn Manson's creepy movie musical based on Cinderella. [Articles here and here]

Doesn't she look like a princess in the first one? *coos*
But then I remembered that this is a dark gothic fairytale, so she might end up looking more like the latter.

Fairytale!Emma picspam )

I love those whimsical outfits, she looks gorgeous!
I'm looking forward to seeing what she can accomplish outside of Harry Potter. I hope this movie's a success for her- it's annoying how articles keep saying it's her first time straying beyond HP territory when she made Ballet Shoes and voiced a character in Despereaux. I really want her to succeed on her own. *optimistic*

Not the best quality, but it's the only semi-decent one I could find. I WANT THIS ON DVD NAO, PLZ. Oh, the rib-busting hilarity.... *wipes away tears of laughter*


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